Friday, September 9, 2016

This is a 9-9-9 day, the first day of the rest of your life~~~

Hello Everyone,

This is Ms. Q,

For some reason I felt that today is a day of change, that is if one believes in numerology,  I was feeling that already and then  this morning a friend of mine reminded me that  today is unusual, for today is a 9-9-9 day September (9th month), 9th (day), 2016 (2+0+1+6=9,  9 year),  and 9 is the number of changes and endings, meaning we get rid of things, things we don’t want, bad habits, debts, house cleaning, job changing, getting rid of old outlooks.   It’s a spiritual house cleaning and it starts today.    It’s too long and complicated to explain but it’s something I do understand.

My Grandma and Mother said that two times a year we need to do a complete house cleaning, Spring and Fall, and a 9-9-9 day is a good day to start the Fall house cleaning as well as a mental, emotional and spiritual “house” cleaning.     This is so we get on the right path to look at things, and feel good especially as we go into the holidays.  

But more importantly as we consider working on a new phase of our lives.  Now I always knew that 2016 is a 9 year or a year of endings because next year, 2017 is a 1 year, a year for new beginnings,  (2+0+1+7= 10 –1+0 =1)  so 2016 is the year where we need to clear out all the old “debris of our lives” and be ready to start fresh on January 1, 2017  or 1-1-1  and that is a Major beginning for a lot of people.

Some people will be facing changes whether they want it or not,  but these changes need to come about and only you, the reader of this post, can make those changes otherwise Fate will make them for you and you may not like it.   So Starting today even if it’s late evening or the next day (depending where you are in the world reading this) get started in making changes and taking control of your life.

This is because our planet is going through an eclipse cycle recently we just had a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse fairly close together and we are going to have another lunar eclipse on September 16, even if we are in an area where we can’t see it,  on top of that we are currently in a  Mercury Retrograde, when that happens emotions run high and we can’t see things clearly.

Because of that we must change and this  9- 9-9  day can give us insight how we personally can make  changes in our lives and to step into control it and become torch bearers of joy and happiness, and one cannot deny it  We need more joy in our world and We need more faith.

My friend said that 9-9-9 a powerful date in this Year and offers a moment in time for each of us to gain wisdom as well as becoming positive beings to create more love on this Earth and we need to love this earth because it supports us, we need to support it.

My friend said to me “Number 9 is a powerful number in numerology that represents the Universal Spiritual Laws of higher wisdom, benevolence, altruism, non-conformity, leading life as a positive example for others, answering the call of your soul to express the dream that is dreaming through you and strength of character. Number 9 also denotes endings and completion. September 9th, 2016 holds a very powerful energy in this Year of Self Mastery, as this is a nine-year.   9 – 9 – 2016 equals 9-9-9."

So no matter where you are if you take 9 minutes a day to pause at 9am and 9pm and pray to heal this earth and the people in it, as well as to help yourself gain strength then you will see in time the spread of hope, courage, strength, healing, love and clarity throughout the world. 

And why should you do that?  That's because today is the first day of the rest of your life.  So start it off right.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q 


  1. Dear Ms. Q,

    I was really happy to read this post as I understand better what is happening in my life at the moment. It would be very long to explain so I try to summarize. This year has been very difficult for me. I am not happy and I had lot of problems in my personal life, debts, the guy that lives with me make me very unhappy....I have never be happy in the past, but I am a fighter and I do not want give up hope to have a better life. A few days ago, I felt the need to change lot of things and I started to organize my apartment that is very messy in order to clean it like you have explained in one of your previous posts. Finally I have choosen the good time. I was born in 1980 (so a year 9) on July 9th, I like a lot this number.
    Please forgive me for my english and the mistakes I have done in writing this comment...
    Blessings from France

    1. Dear Flavia,

      Your English is very good and I am glad that you are taking steps to get your life in order, it takes time, but it can be done.

      But remember this pertains not only to organizing things in your life but also getting rid of bad habits (including debts) and getting rid of "negative people" out of one's life.

      We have the right to be happy, and that which does not make us happy has to be tossed out like dirty wash water.

      You have now taken the first step towards making your life happy. And for the rest of your life.

      Do not stop. Keep going, better things are coming.

      Brightest of Blessings to you,
      Ms. Q

  2. Dear Ms Q.

    thank you for your reply.



    1. You are welcome my dear,

      Many blessings to you,