Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thoughts on the Fall Equinox~~~

Hello Everyone, This is Ms. Q,

I really don’t have anything of great wisdom to impart today except (depending upon where you live and in what hemisphere)  Today for where I live is the first Day of Autumn, or the Fall Equinox, where for a period of time things are in balance, the hours of day and night are the same (or at least close to the same).

For Wiccans it’s called Mabon and they will be doing their Harvest rituals to celebrate this day or for those of you who are 12 hours ahead of me, you may have already celebrated it.

But for me it is a day of Changes, the air changes, the seasons change and when that happens the “Wheel of Fortune” spins again.  

For those of you who are not familiar with Tarot the card, Wheel of Fortune, is part of the major arcana of the deck.

In terms of rituals I don’t do much except to call my family and ask when are they coming to pick the ripe apples off of my two trees,  and that is when we plan a family get together,  and this is the kind of day for get-togethers.

The children bring their friends and I tell “fortunes” with a kiddie tarot deck that has silly cats and ghosts and skeletons and witches --- yes it is a children’s tarot deck.

But for the adults I bring out the serious deck, my aging Rider-Waite deck.

But for now I wanted to see what this day and this reading is going to say for everyone, so I did a one card reading for the Fall Equinox and of all things I drew The Wheel of Fortune.

The Wheel of Fortune's Meaning is about Change · Destiny · Good luck · Life cycles · New direction: The path of destiny. Karma on a grand scale. An unexpected turn of good fortune. A link in the chain of events. Success, luck, and happiness. 

 Symbolic of life's cycles, the Wheel of Fortune speaks to good beginnings. Most likely, we will find the events foretold to be positive, but, being aspects of luck, they may also be beyond ones control and influence.  Because of that it would be best to tend those things you can control with care, and learn not to agonize over the ones you cannot.

The Wheel of Fortune stands for luck, changes, and a new direction in one’s life. While it also shows ups and downs, the overall feel of the card is a positive one indicating changes for the better and good fortune.  But do remember, we have to work at it.

This card is reflecting the changes of the seasons as well, for it to be drawn on the Fall Equinox.  

It means that Changes are coming, they can be good changes for us or life lessons.   And they are beneficial for us as well,   we just need to remember that we can only control those things that are within our ability to control and just be aware there are things outside our control, But even when outside our control we can go with the flow and work with it, adapt to it, adjust to it.

By doing that it makes us flexible to the changes that are happening, by doing that we can stay on top of things, and be aware of what can be done to make things better.

It’s like a game of Chess,  we make a move, our opponent makes a move, but when our opponent makes a move we must look ten steps or moves, ahead to see what our options are and be prepared for different contingencies, by doing that we will avoid most (but not all) problems.  Yes some problems will happen, but if we apply the same theory we can adapt around them.  

But the changes that are happening now and in the future 90 percent of the time will be good for us, even if we don’t see it right away.    And those that are difficult for us, that we feel is not good for us, they are life lessons that the Devine Presence says we must learn.   We need to go through that fire to make us stronger and more aware of the deviousness of other people, the heart-ache or to learn that all things change if we are to grow in mind, heart and spirit.  

 So for today let’s go and see what happens with the changes brought by The Wheel of Fortune.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q

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