Friday, March 21, 2014

Can one use the candle color listings in other aspects of magikal workings?

Dear Ms. Q,

The simple answer is Yes.

If you are writing your spell on a color paper, tieing it with a color thread, writing it with a color ink, using a color cloth the answer holds true.

But I need to do a caveat to that,  I say it holds true and has worked for me and for others who have done the same thing.  Only by trying it out and having faith in it can it work for you. 

For some people having plain fresh white paper and just using a color ink and then anonting it with a specific oil works for them, or using brown paper that has never known a scissors, such as a brown paper bag and you simply tear the edges works for them, avoiding the use of metals, this I've seen work on love spells.

For some people using speicialized inks such as Dove's Blood, Dragon's Blood, Bat's Blood for the speicific spell, and then tying it with a colored thread, (embrodery thread works well) works for them.

It's like a cooking recipe or science experiment, your hypothosis could make the spell work, depending upon what you are feeling, or in some cases what you have on hand.

So the colors that I list can be applied to certain applications or spells or magikal workings.

Some people take it a step further, they have specific colored books for specific spells,  Green for fertility and posperity, Red for passion and lustful romance or bringing a particular person into your sphere, pink for soft romance and love,  Yellow for creativity, Blue for healing,  Black---well for the worst kinds of things.

But you get the idea. 

Later on I will cover other things like types of candles, how to dress a candle, reversing candles.

Blessings Ms. Q


  1. I Know it will be a few days until Ms. Q return but I do have a question. Last night I started my candle work for my love spell. Well adam and eve candle danced a little but had a steady flare but mine was totally different. My candle was all over the place. Flaring up , dancing and putting out puffs of black smoke.the wick turned to a this the energy I am giving off?


    1. Dear Child,

      Going by how I have interpreted candle readings, from what you’ve told me The knot in the wick indicates a stubborn situation you are facing but one with a lot of intensity.

      The clumped-up knot signifies resistance, but the question I have is why is your candle the one that represents you, showing resistance?

      This is not so much as energy as it is that you are not focusing properly on what you want.

      There is something within you, some sort of subconscious doubt that may question of you wanting him back even though the adam and eve candle at first danced and then settled in to work to start bringing results.

      You may have to give some very serious thought on this. It appears that you are not focusing enough or properly.

      However with the black smoke that tells me that your angels and spirit guides are doing their best to remove any negative energy, but the knot does show resistance there.

      It’s possible that you may have to repeat this ritual again.

      But do not give up, quite often a ritual needs to be repeated more than once, things do not happen overnight and once has to see the results of doing the ritual the first time.

      I had to do this with my husband, he came down sick and he was denied twice by Social Security for disability benefits because he could never work again. Each time I did the ritual I felt that I was wearing SS down, the third time we applied, I did the ritual again but adding more power to it and it worked and he got his full disability benefits.

      So it is not unusual to have to repeat a ritual, it helps to build up and focus the energy, the will.

      Blessings my Child