Saturday, March 22, 2014

The First Rain after the Spring Equinox or Rain Water~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

I am planning to address the subject of Waters in greater depth at a later posting, but for now I want to let you know something that is very important.

I only just came across it from my Granny's notes, I had almost forgotten it because we are experiencing a drought where I'm at.

It is important to listen to weather reports espeically about when rain is coming,  certain rain waters have certain magikal uses or properties, rain water in general is good for making holy water, but rain waters gathered or collected at certain times or under certain conditions are exceptionally important.

Right now I'm just going to tell you what kinds of Rain Water.

Rain Water is concidered one of the types of "Living Waters" that is important for magikal workings, there are others such as River, Ocean, Bay, Spring water (at the source), natural glacial water, snow, stream, creek, Lake (but not pond).  Water from the Tap or made ice cubes are not "Living Water".

Rain water in general is good for making Holy Water and can be collected any time it rains, but these next 3 types of waters listed are very important and should be bottled and labeled separately---

The first rain water after the Spring Equinox....

Rain Water collected during a thunderstorm or (if possible) a hurricane...

Rain Water that falls at night during the full moon...

The last three are espeically important

Now where I'm at we've had the Spring Equinox but no rain although rain is predicted in the next few days, I will put out a large glass jar or ceramic bowl to collect the water, then over another glass jar I will strech a large piece of natural muslin over the mouth of a glass jar and tie it down with string, slowly pour the water onto the muslin to allow it to drip into the 2nd bowl while filtering out any debris, the
jar then will be sealed and labeled as to what it is and when it was collected and under what conditions.

If you are not sure how to lable it it can be like this ---Rain Water  1st Rain after Spring Equinox 03/22/14

Or Thunderstorm Rain Water 3/22/14   or Full Moon Rain Water 3/22/14    and then there's the plain Rain Water 3/22/14   This way you'll know what kind of water it is and under what conditions it was collected and When.

Now I was told some years ago if the water collected the previous year was not used to pour it into the ground after you've collected replacement water under the same conditions.   It is possible that it could lose its potency, but I've not had that happen as yet, but this year where I'm at it being unusually dry I may find out.  Which means I may have to use other Living waters in spell work.

Although this is a short post consider it an important one.

Blessings Ms. Q

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