Thursday, March 20, 2014

The SPRING or FALL Equinox~~~~

Yes Ms. Q,

Today is one of two days in the year when everything is in balance, equal hours of day and night.

In the Northern Hemisphere its called the Spring Equinox, in the Southern Hemisphere anywhere past Mexico its the Fall Equinox.

Later in September it will be reversed for us Fall here and Spring there, but no matter what on these two days it is in balance.

Now for those that practice Wicca it is a day of spiritual celebration, or the preparing of certain oils or incense, if one is lucky to have rain on either of those two days, gathering the rain water is espeically powerful because by storing that collected rain water in blue colored bottles one can add a few drops to any speical water mixtures such as either Peace water, War Water, even Florida Water or Kanaga Water.

But it is espeically important in making Holy Water. 

For some practioners if it doesn't rain, then on this day they will go to a source that has "living" water, now what it "living" water?   This is water that has not been run through a pipe or treated and is from a free running source such as rain, a river, stream, creek, lake (not a pond),  ocean, or a free flowing spring.

Certain natural Holy Waters such as from Lourdes, Fatima or the River Jordan or those springs associated with saints or holy people have magical properties in protection.   However although the Ganges River is concidered Holy, it is also highly polluted,  so it would need to have natural flitration to fliter out impurities.

Even collecting water from any free flowing source, once the water is collected it needs to be filtered of debris, so having it drip through several layers of natural muslin or white cotton helps.

This water that is collected is not to be drunk but to be used in protection rituals, to bless a place, an item, a person.   I have known people to make speical trips to the River Jordan and bring home gallon jugs (carefully packed) of River Jordan water to be mixed with baptismal water for baptism.

Another type of Holy Water is that which is Priest blessed, that would include Catholic and Anglican churches,   This Holy Water cannot be purchased, you must go to the church and request it from the pastor of that church, you can purchase speicalized containers to hold the blessed water.

I will go more into the types of Waters in another specific post.

The phase of the moon is also important at this time in ritual work as well.  So that needs to be noted.

Getting up early in the morning on the Equinox and if you're lucky collecting the dew that has fallen that morning is also good.

But before the Equinox my Granny would ask me to take the day off from work, to not go in.  So knowing how many vacation days I would have I always set aside vacation days for the Equinoxes,  Halloween,  the day after Thanksgiving,  then I would know what amount of vacation time I had left over.

So what would we do on the Equinoxes?  Mostly gather herbs and the waters, then we'd relax, and try to be in balance and harmony with ourselves and be at peace.  It was a good day to work on re-alineing our energies, so utilizing the Balancing effect of the Equinox's to aline your Chakra Centers is important,  starting just a few minutes before the noon hour in what area you may live in, working from the lowest chakra to the top chakra to focus and elevate the energies to it's highest point and being in touch at the same time with the earth and the heavens.

Once that is achieved it is best to relax for the rest of the day, being in the garden or just walking in a nature area, but being in the herbal garden is best. 

In March in most places that maybe too cold, so relaxing, meditating and doing things that is good for your body is important to keep your personal energies in alinement and in balance.

Blessings Ms. Q

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