Monday, March 31, 2014

Types of Waters for Magickal Uses INTRODUCTION~~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

So you've collected your first batch of rain water, and it happens to be that first rain after the Spring (or if you live down under) Fall Solstice.

Now you want to know what types of Rainwater there are and their magical uses as well as other types of water, how to collect it, how to filter it, how to store it and what are their individual purposes.

Well remember how I told you about all the different kinds of Graveyard Dirt and how to collect it, classify it, even how to do substitutions if going to a graveyard or cemetery was not easy?

Well it’s the same thing with WATER----there is all kinds of Waters and believe it or not there are sub-headings for a number of those waters.

The General Headings are these:

Rain Water

Spring Water

Well Water

Ocean or Sea Water

Lake Water

River Water

Holy Water or Consecrated Water (yes there are two different types)

Snow (yes Snow)

Hail (yes Hail)

And Made Waters--- I’ll explain that later

Trust me the types of Waters, their combinations, how to collect and store them, their uses would take a book.

So I will have to post it under separate headings, and also have to deal with different living conditions, such as City, Country, Desert, Forest, Ocean side, not Ocean side.

How you will collect each type of water will be covered in each section.

It’s what you’re going to do with each batch that’s important after you collect them.

And you are going to need bottles, bottles of different colors if possible, and this is where you become a repurposing practioner----Say you have a neighbor who LOVES Vodka, and he gets the Vodka that comes in dark Blue Bottles---ask him to set those bottles aside for you, Bombay Gin and some Saki comes in pale blue bottles and one brand of Sake comes in pale pink bottles, certain types of sparking waters (for drinking) come in blue and green bottles, also look for bottles that are black, red, purple, yellow, look for any unusual color bottle.  Brown beer bottles are also good as well but don’t overdo them.

Then you are going to need corks that will fit the open neck of the bottle, and this will mean different size corks, no you cannot use the metal twist on tops, metal takes away the energy.

Now after you have a supply of bottles Wash them with lemon dishwashing soap and if they have paper labels remove them, so it will mean soaking those bottles to remove the labels, if the label is permanent to the bottle cover it with an appropriate color paper and either glue it to the bottle or tape it, but leave a side edge open so you can see how much water you have in that bottle----it will tell you when to replenish your supply.

Eventually over time you can get fancy with your bottles in designs, as you do that it will make them more connected to you and the type of workings you will be doing with each type of water.

COLLECTING----as I said each type of water has their own way of being collected, no matter what  when you collect your waters use only either glass bottles or glass or ceramic bowls, or cups, those too need to be pre-washed with lemon dish soap, now in the case of transporting the bottles if they have plastic twist on tops that is fine, and if the area is dangerous to walk in then use plastic bottles for safety  to collect the water but then transfer to glass bottles as soon as possible.

All Waters that are collected should be filtered afterwards at your home,  use paper filters like for coffee making to remove debris and particles.  My Granny in her day use to use clean white cotton cloth or muslin or several layers of cheese cloth, if you have a plastic funnel that is a good holder for the filter.


So the supplies you will need are:

 bottles in both clear and color,

corks in different sizes,

 a collecting bottle,

 a collecting bowl,

filters and funnels (remember all this should NOT be metal),

color papers in case,

label papers,

water proof pens with water proof inks. 

A map to show where you can freely collect waters that is not rain water,

A list of locations where you can carefully collect specialized waters,

And a link to your local weather station to see what kind of conditions for rain.
Now in my next set of postings for Waters you will see how all of this comes into play.   And I will use the Key Tag word Water for your Searches

Blessings Ms. Q


  1. Dear Ms. Q, offering a glass of water to the spirits seems to be a very common practice. Can the glass of water be read for signs like a candle? For example when lots of bubbles appeared on the wall of the glass or it's drying up faster than normal or getting cloudy? Thank you!

    1. Hello my Dear,

      Reading water or diving messages from water is called Hydromancy, but usually it is done with a bowl of water to gaze into much like crystal gazing. It is entirely subjective.

      Having a glass of water next to one’s bed was to appease the spirits so they would not invade one’s dreams, or to protect one from any negative energy. Mrs. Byrd was good at that but she would use two glasses of water, one put next to your bed on a nightstand on a small tray, and a 2nd glass of water on one’s bureau also on a tray.

      The 2nd glass of water was what one would call the “control” glass, if it evaporated a lot like the one next to your bed then it was a very hot night, the same thing with cloudiness etc.

      But if it appeared normal compared to the other one then something happened. A lot of bubbles meant worries were being taken away, evaporating faster than normal meant a spirit of a loved one had been nearby or the angels were working to keep your spirit from not departing your body.

      Cloudy meant that a negative entity had been trapped and should be poured out into the gutter or into a storm drain.

      Odd objects like threads meant that you should be warned of entrapment, or threats, insects meant illness of some sort.

      At least that is what Mrs. Byrd told me.

      But usually using a glass a water was to help read an egg that was used in a cleansing spell.

      I hope that has been of some use to you.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q