Monday, March 31, 2014

Types of Waters for Magickal Uses INTRODUCTION~~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

So you've collected your first batch of rain water, and it happens to be that first rain after the Spring (or if you live down under) Fall Solstice.

Now you want to know what types of Rainwater there are and their magical uses as well as other types of water, how to collect it, how to filter it, how to store it and what are their individual purposes.

Well remember how I told you about all the different kinds of Graveyard Dirt and how to collect it, classify it, even how to do substitutions if going to a graveyard or cemetery was not easy?

Well it’s the same thing with WATER----there is all kinds of Waters and believe it or not there are sub-headings for a number of those waters.

The General Headings are these:

Rain Water

Spring Water

Well Water

Ocean or Sea Water

Lake Water

River Water

Holy Water or Consecrated Water (yes there are two different types)

Snow (yes Snow)

Hail (yes Hail)

And Made Waters--- I’ll explain that later

Trust me the types of Waters, their combinations, how to collect and store them, their uses would take a book.

So I will have to post it under separate headings, and also have to deal with different living conditions, such as City, Country, Desert, Forest, Ocean side, not Ocean side.

How you will collect each type of water will be covered in each section.

It’s what you’re going to do with each batch that’s important after you collect them.

And you are going to need bottles, bottles of different colors if possible, and this is where you become a repurposing practioner----Say you have a neighbor who LOVES Vodka, and he gets the Vodka that comes in dark Blue Bottles---ask him to set those bottles aside for you, Bombay Gin and some Saki comes in pale blue bottles and one brand of Sake comes in pale pink bottles, certain types of sparking waters (for drinking) come in blue and green bottles, also look for bottles that are black, red, purple, yellow, look for any unusual color bottle.  Brown beer bottles are also good as well but don’t overdo them.

Then you are going to need corks that will fit the open neck of the bottle, and this will mean different size corks, no you cannot use the metal twist on tops, metal takes away the energy.

Now after you have a supply of bottles Wash them with lemon dishwashing soap and if they have paper labels remove them, so it will mean soaking those bottles to remove the labels, if the label is permanent to the bottle cover it with an appropriate color paper and either glue it to the bottle or tape it, but leave a side edge open so you can see how much water you have in that bottle----it will tell you when to replenish your supply.

Eventually over time you can get fancy with your bottles in designs, as you do that it will make them more connected to you and the type of workings you will be doing with each type of water.

COLLECTING----as I said each type of water has their own way of being collected, no matter what  when you collect your waters use only either glass bottles or glass or ceramic bowls, or cups, those too need to be pre-washed with lemon dish soap, now in the case of transporting the bottles if they have plastic twist on tops that is fine, and if the area is dangerous to walk in then use plastic bottles for safety  to collect the water but then transfer to glass bottles as soon as possible.

All Waters that are collected should be filtered afterwards at your home,  use paper filters like for coffee making to remove debris and particles.  My Granny in her day use to use clean white cotton cloth or muslin or several layers of cheese cloth, if you have a plastic funnel that is a good holder for the filter.


So the supplies you will need are:

 bottles in both clear and color,

corks in different sizes,

 a collecting bottle,

 a collecting bowl,

filters and funnels (remember all this should NOT be metal),

color papers in case,

label papers,

water proof pens with water proof inks. 

A map to show where you can freely collect waters that is not rain water,

A list of locations where you can carefully collect specialized waters,

And a link to your local weather station to see what kind of conditions for rain.
Now in my next set of postings for Waters you will see how all of this comes into play.   And I will use the Key Tag word Water for your Searches

Blessings Ms. Q

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The First Rain after the Spring Equinox or Rain Water~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

I am planning to address the subject of Waters in greater depth at a later posting, but for now I want to let you know something that is very important.

I only just came across it from my Granny's notes, I had almost forgotten it because we are experiencing a drought where I'm at.

It is important to listen to weather reports espeically about when rain is coming,  certain rain waters have certain magikal uses or properties, rain water in general is good for making holy water, but rain waters gathered or collected at certain times or under certain conditions are exceptionally important.

Right now I'm just going to tell you what kinds of Rain Water.

Rain Water is concidered one of the types of "Living Waters" that is important for magikal workings, there are others such as River, Ocean, Bay, Spring water (at the source), natural glacial water, snow, stream, creek, Lake (but not pond).  Water from the Tap or made ice cubes are not "Living Water".

Rain water in general is good for making Holy Water and can be collected any time it rains, but these next 3 types of waters listed are very important and should be bottled and labeled separately---

The first rain water after the Spring Equinox....

Rain Water collected during a thunderstorm or (if possible) a hurricane...

Rain Water that falls at night during the full moon...

The last three are espeically important

Now where I'm at we've had the Spring Equinox but no rain although rain is predicted in the next few days, I will put out a large glass jar or ceramic bowl to collect the water, then over another glass jar I will strech a large piece of natural muslin over the mouth of a glass jar and tie it down with string, slowly pour the water onto the muslin to allow it to drip into the 2nd bowl while filtering out any debris, the
jar then will be sealed and labeled as to what it is and when it was collected and under what conditions.

If you are not sure how to lable it it can be like this ---Rain Water  1st Rain after Spring Equinox 03/22/14

Or Thunderstorm Rain Water 3/22/14   or Full Moon Rain Water 3/22/14    and then there's the plain Rain Water 3/22/14   This way you'll know what kind of water it is and under what conditions it was collected and When.

Now I was told some years ago if the water collected the previous year was not used to pour it into the ground after you've collected replacement water under the same conditions.   It is possible that it could lose its potency, but I've not had that happen as yet, but this year where I'm at it being unusually dry I may find out.  Which means I may have to use other Living waters in spell work.

Although this is a short post consider it an important one.

Blessings Ms. Q

Friday, March 21, 2014

Can one use the candle color listings in other aspects of magikal workings?

Dear Ms. Q,

The simple answer is Yes.

If you are writing your spell on a color paper, tieing it with a color thread, writing it with a color ink, using a color cloth the answer holds true.

But I need to do a caveat to that,  I say it holds true and has worked for me and for others who have done the same thing.  Only by trying it out and having faith in it can it work for you. 

For some people having plain fresh white paper and just using a color ink and then anonting it with a specific oil works for them, or using brown paper that has never known a scissors, such as a brown paper bag and you simply tear the edges works for them, avoiding the use of metals, this I've seen work on love spells.

For some people using speicialized inks such as Dove's Blood, Dragon's Blood, Bat's Blood for the speicific spell, and then tying it with a colored thread, (embrodery thread works well) works for them.

It's like a cooking recipe or science experiment, your hypothosis could make the spell work, depending upon what you are feeling, or in some cases what you have on hand.

So the colors that I list can be applied to certain applications or spells or magikal workings.

Some people take it a step further, they have specific colored books for specific spells,  Green for fertility and posperity, Red for passion and lustful romance or bringing a particular person into your sphere, pink for soft romance and love,  Yellow for creativity, Blue for healing,  Black---well for the worst kinds of things.

But you get the idea. 

Later on I will cover other things like types of candles, how to dress a candle, reversing candles.

Blessings Ms. Q

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The SPRING or FALL Equinox~~~~

Yes Ms. Q,

Today is one of two days in the year when everything is in balance, equal hours of day and night.

In the Northern Hemisphere its called the Spring Equinox, in the Southern Hemisphere anywhere past Mexico its the Fall Equinox.

Later in September it will be reversed for us Fall here and Spring there, but no matter what on these two days it is in balance.

Now for those that practice Wicca it is a day of spiritual celebration, or the preparing of certain oils or incense, if one is lucky to have rain on either of those two days, gathering the rain water is espeically powerful because by storing that collected rain water in blue colored bottles one can add a few drops to any speical water mixtures such as either Peace water, War Water, even Florida Water or Kanaga Water.

But it is espeically important in making Holy Water. 

For some practioners if it doesn't rain, then on this day they will go to a source that has "living" water, now what it "living" water?   This is water that has not been run through a pipe or treated and is from a free running source such as rain, a river, stream, creek, lake (not a pond),  ocean, or a free flowing spring.

Certain natural Holy Waters such as from Lourdes, Fatima or the River Jordan or those springs associated with saints or holy people have magical properties in protection.   However although the Ganges River is concidered Holy, it is also highly polluted,  so it would need to have natural flitration to fliter out impurities.

Even collecting water from any free flowing source, once the water is collected it needs to be filtered of debris, so having it drip through several layers of natural muslin or white cotton helps.

This water that is collected is not to be drunk but to be used in protection rituals, to bless a place, an item, a person.   I have known people to make speical trips to the River Jordan and bring home gallon jugs (carefully packed) of River Jordan water to be mixed with baptismal water for baptism.

Another type of Holy Water is that which is Priest blessed, that would include Catholic and Anglican churches,   This Holy Water cannot be purchased, you must go to the church and request it from the pastor of that church, you can purchase speicalized containers to hold the blessed water.

I will go more into the types of Waters in another specific post.

The phase of the moon is also important at this time in ritual work as well.  So that needs to be noted.

Getting up early in the morning on the Equinox and if you're lucky collecting the dew that has fallen that morning is also good.

But before the Equinox my Granny would ask me to take the day off from work, to not go in.  So knowing how many vacation days I would have I always set aside vacation days for the Equinoxes,  Halloween,  the day after Thanksgiving,  then I would know what amount of vacation time I had left over.

So what would we do on the Equinoxes?  Mostly gather herbs and the waters, then we'd relax, and try to be in balance and harmony with ourselves and be at peace.  It was a good day to work on re-alineing our energies, so utilizing the Balancing effect of the Equinox's to aline your Chakra Centers is important,  starting just a few minutes before the noon hour in what area you may live in, working from the lowest chakra to the top chakra to focus and elevate the energies to it's highest point and being in touch at the same time with the earth and the heavens.

Once that is achieved it is best to relax for the rest of the day, being in the garden or just walking in a nature area, but being in the herbal garden is best. 

In March in most places that maybe too cold, so relaxing, meditating and doing things that is good for your body is important to keep your personal energies in alinement and in balance.

Blessings Ms. Q

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Of Reviewing, tweeking and updating previous posts~~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

You know you are right, I should make it easier to try and find things among my posts and I have been a bit inconsistent with my indentifaction tags to find the posts.

So what I'm going to do is go through all my posts on this blog and if I find that a number of them have the same type of subject matter then I will put in a  "tag" or "label" to make it easier to find them under one subject.

For example all my posts in regards to Graveyard dirt and all its variations now include the simple tag of "Graveyard Dirt",  anything dealing with Railroad spikes and other subjects will have the same simplicity of the one key word to help you find every post relating to that subject.

So I will go back to my old posts and include the "Key Word" to bring up all posts that is even remotely speaking of that key subject, but the other tags which would identify the post further will remain the same.

Now this will take some time so be paticent with me.  I'm not a young person with very nimble fingers for typing.

One or two other things that I need to also make clear is that I will be updating posts as well, with perhaps a secondary post or follow up post that will explain somethings further or add further information as I come across it in my notes or reviewing taped conversations that I've had with members of my Granny's group.

Some of these tapes were on originally reel to reel tape (very old school), and then later onto cassette tapes, some have deteriorated, so that I had to have a tech friend of mine do his best to retrieve it onto CD.  I was lucky that some of Granny's friends lived to be very old or were able to pass on some information to their daughters or in one case their son.

As I go over the printed transcriptions, I am struck at how simular the uses, formula's,  rituals are that appear in other sources, but I've also discovered that over the years substitutions were made if an herb or something could not be found, that worked just as well.   In some cases even better.

Certain prayers in the Catholic cannon I've found work very well, espeically if they are recited as they were written Pre-Vatican II style, the rhymth, cadence, or to use a musical term the beat of a prayer or chant is important to set up the mind energies to an elevated point.

Another thing that I'm doing bit by bit is adding links to pages that I will create so that certain reference things such as candle colors or colors in general and their meaning will be available for quick reference and those pages will be updated as well, so it will be important to check back from time to time.

This will be also for herbs, stones or crystals, uses of the moon phases, Waters, oils and other things as I think of them, in addition to improving searching using the tags.

Touching briefly on substituting things, such a thing is not unusual, certain herbs that are found in the middle East, or certain parts of Europe or Asia were not found locally grown here, so finding something simular would be incorporated.   Now a days many herbs have found their way here to the United States and are being grown but some are still speicific to their original growing region and cannot be grown here for some reason.

I remember how my Granny always wanted to grow plumeria which grew in the Hawaiian Islands and try as she might was never successful.  That's just one example, but thanks now to the internet we can obtain the essential oils, resins, or dried herbs that we need.  

But most of what we need can be found in major Supermarkets, espeically since most major Markets have increased their ethinic foods and spices selections, which can help many practioners.

And now because we are more aware of being enviormentally conscious it is important to us to use things that will bio-degrade into the earth, cotton cloth or muslin, cheese cloth or linen will eventually degrade into the earth, simple cardboard boxes or boxes made of wood, brown paper bags, cotton twine will all break down in time.  If you are using glass-enclosed candles, once they are done and burnt out completely, you can re-cycle them in your recycle bin, the heat from the blast furnace will purify the glass element.

And that is another thing that I will cover, what do you do with items from a spell or ritual when it has been completed, I'll cover that in another post or several posts.

Blessings Ms. Q

Monday, March 17, 2014

How to make "Firey Wall of Protection" Oil~~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

Yes I have been asked where does one buy the protection oil called “Fiery Wall of Protection” to seal and protect the areas of the windows and doors after one has finish with “cleansing” one’s home or sacred space.

Most shops especially those on the internet that deal with what is called “Hoodoo” products (Not to be confused with voodoo or Vodou) will sell this oil, and many of them are very reputable, making and consecrating the oil to those positive and protective spirits or angels.

According to several sources this oil is indispensable to any practioner

But if you do buy the oil either on line or in a shop (aka brick and mortar store) once you get the bottle home, say the prayer to St. Michael the Arch Angel over it as well, to make that oil more personal to you. While you do not need to call upon St. Michael's aid when using this oil to reap the spiritual benefits of its protective capabilities, it is traditional to do so. My Granny swore by it.

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.

Be my protection against the wickedness and snares of

the devil.

May God rebuke him we humbly pray.

And do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host,

by the Power of God strike down Satan

and all evil spirits who roam about the world

seeking the ruin of souls.

(State your petition here.)


By doing this then you are very assured that it is charged to reflect any and all negative attacks towards you and your loved ones in your home.

Now this does not stop those events that need to happen for one’s karmic lessons, that has to happen, and when it does you can do rituals to help ease it and/or make it clear or solvable.

You can use it as a barrier against any unknown or known spiritual attacks, by sealing windows and doors with a dab or sign of the cross in each corner and in the center.

My Granny use to do this she would dress a vigil light with this oil and set it working to keep a guardian flame to warding her home at all times. What I do is get a white glass enclosed candle and dress it with the oil especially one with an image of St. Michael and put it in a safe location where no child or animal, especially a curious kitty could not knock it over, sometimes using earthquake putty to hold it in place is a good thing if you live in an area that is known to have earthquakes

But in the long run it’s almost best to make your own oil. Now if you are pressed for time or don’t have the ingredients that I’ve listed, then for the short term purchase it from a store, until you can bring together the supplies you’ll need to make your own.

My Granny made her own that is why in many respects her garden was her supplier except for those “esoteric” supplies, and since she was also Catholic she could always go to a Catholic supply store for that.

Way back when there use to be a number of Catholic supply stores, she’d call to find out if they had what she needed and would order it. Even earlier than that, at the turn of the century (19th to 20th) a number of things could be purchased from a pharmacy or drug store because many people believed in old folk remedies, or order them through a print catalogue, I remember one such catalogue called “World Supplies, Importers of the Exotic”, and they carried a lot of strange things, but it also included resins such as Frankincense and Myrrh, and Sandalwood and it’s where I learned of such things as Dragon’s blood, swallow tongue, Rose of Jericho and Chewing John or Low John.

Many of the things you’ll need can be found in your grocery store, but some will need to be purchased either on line or from a Metaphysical shop.

The ingredients you’ll need are

1 tablespoon Frankincense resin

1 tbls Myrrh resin

A dash of Cayenne Pepper

A pinch of Rue 

A dash of Sandalwood the red kind

Pinch of angelica root

1 tbls Cinnamon

1 tbls Sea or Kosher Salt or Rock Salt that has trace amounts of iron oxide in it or ordinary table salt any of them has to be blessed

A Dash of Ginger

1 Bay Laurel leaf or Bay leaf

1 Chunk tablespoon size of Dragon’s Blood resin

A Dash of Ground up red chili peppers

A Dash of Ground up black pepper

Add all of these dry ingredients to 1 to 1 and ½ cups of olive oil

The resins will be hard to grind up as a powder as it will get sticky but break them down to as small as possible, the peppers, grind up fine, the same with Rue and the Bay leaf, cinnamon can be purchased ground, if you have cinnamon sticks, use a grater to make it into fine bits, if you buy fresh ginger and angelica root, cut up a small amount to get it to dry and then grate them down finer.

To Bless the salt say the 23 psalm over it, in the Catholic bible it’s sometimes listed as the 22nd it’s the one that says “The Lord is my Shepard”. Then at the end say “I bless the salt in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen” make the sign of the cross over the salt each time you say Father, son, Holy Spirit.

You don’t need much of these ingredients to put into the olive oil in a bottle.

Do this on a Sunday, say the prayer of St. Michael as you first mix the dry ingredients together and repeat the prayer as you then slowly mix them into the olive oil.

Do this in a ceramic bowl with a wooden spoon, no metal at all.

This is your “master Oil” and should be put into a large enough bottle to hold all the contents, cap the bottle with a cork if possible, let it sit in the direct sun for several hours from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the hottest part of the day, so that everything will merge together, then after you take it out of the sun, shake the bottle of oil every couple of hours to mix everything together.

Seal the cork with melted wax if possible to make sure that it does not come loose, if you cannot use wax, the handyman’s helper Duct Tape will work just as well. Continue to shake the bottle every few hours or so, from Sunday to the following Saturday, while saying the St. Michael prayer.

Now some people will add a couple of drops of vitamin E oil or a bit of jojoba oil, some people will do ¾ olive oil and ¾ Castor Oil to help preserve it. I’ve never had to as I’ve found that keeping it in the refrigerator between uses helps, when I plan to use it I take it out put it in a sunny window for a few hours to warm it up and it seems to work.

Now since this is a large quantity of oil, you can pour off a small amount into a small 1 dram bottle for easy use and keep the “Master bottle of oil” set aside.

When the oil in the Master bottle is nearly used up then it’s time to make some more.

In Granny’s Day such things as Ginger Root, Angelica root and chili peppers had to be bought at grocery stores especially those that dealt with either Asian or Spanish populations, and where she lived there were a number of these smaller stores, including a Jewish Kosher Market for the very Orthodox members of the Jewish community.

Fortunately there are many larger chain Grocery stores that are carrying more of these exotic things like Rue sometimes in the Spanish Market called Ruda.

Eventually I’ll give you a list perhaps on my links pages a list of herbs you should have in your kitchen or to grow in your garden or patio in pots. No matter what you should have these herbs on hand, as well as olive oil to make into oils as needed.

Granny use to have a separate cabinet in her pantry that held these things and her garden herbs were clearly labeled to not mix the herbs up.  Sometimes it was too easy to mix up Marjoram with Oregano, so labling was important.

That is something you’re going to need to consider in the future Ms. Q.

But for now you can always by the herbs at the market.  Just remember do not mix them in a metal bowl or with metal untinsils.

Blessings to You.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Cleansing and Warding your home continued~~~

Dear Ms. Q,
To answer your question why use Pine-Sol with Lemon to clean walls, ceilings, floors, window and door frames, doors and thresholds and why use Lemon Pledge or even Old English wood oil with lemon to clean furniture the reasons are very simple especially in today’s busy world.

In old days like in my Granny’s time, it was not unusual to trim and wash fresh pine needles and having growing in one’s back yard a lemon tree, or any other plant that would give an antiseptic smell and have antiseptic actions.

Even the use of Eucalyptus leaves were also considered as a positive force as they could repel fleas, a carrier of disease.

In the old Days once the fresh pine needles were cleaned of debris and trimmed off the branches they would be boiled in water that never ran through a pipe, either Well water, spring, stream, creek, river water or rain water this was to get the oils trapped in the pine needles.

The same with lemons, the juice would be squeezed out, and set aside, the peel grated completely, and with the grated peel and the pulp from inside the lemon they would also be boiled in the same way and then the lemon juice added.

Both waters would be put into a bucket with more water added as well as soap a pure soap, usually it was Ivory soap because of the way it was made, and this would be in flake form.

With that the floors in the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom would be mopped, the ceilings, walls etc would be wiped down with a damp not wet, rag, the same damp rag would be tied to a broom and taken over the wooden floors to catch all the dust, but careful enough to not wet the floors and warp them.

With the rugs the broom ends (straw ends) would be dampened and the rugs thoroughly swept from the back to the front door of the house, windows and mirrors would be wiped first with the cleaning water and then again with clear water.

Then after the rest of the ritual was done as a final addition and you can do this too, a pinch of sea salt and pepper was put into each corner of each room with a pinch in the center of the room under the rug, and then under the rug layers of Eucalyptus leaves cleaned of debris and bugs.

I did not mention these last two steps because some people do them and some do not, but they along with blessing your house with holy water, railroad spikes, fung shui mirrors, crystals, witch bottles, hen and chick plants, jars with pebbles, Tibetan bells, wind chimes and other things are all means to keep negativity out and good energy in.

But over the years, many practioners discovered that regular Pine-Sol with lemon juice added and then later Pine-Sol with Lemon and Lemon furniture polish were excellent substitutes especially for those who lived in the city and in apartments and didn’t have the access to such natural products nor with many people holding down two sometimes 3 jobs to make ends meet do they have the time to make them from scratch.

The reason for the use of Pine or Pine oil and Lemon oil was this---

Pine Oil is a cleansing, purifying scent that can be put in bath or wash water to wash away one’s past mistakes and negative feelings or sins, permitting one to start afresh without wasting one’s energy on useless recriminations.

Lemon Oil has been used by mediums as an aid in calling in the spirits as it is a favorite of many spiritual beings, using the oil or an incenses or candle that smells of Lemon invites or entices protective spirits into the home.

The use of Black Pepper as a powder or an oil is for Protection, and Sea Salt or Kosher Salt is a barrier against negative influences.

I myself found a powder at a pet supply store Pet Co. that one can use to dust floors with to get rid of fleas, it has such a wonderful antiseptic smell that I started using it under my rugs as part of my ritual and have found it to work very well, the name escapes me, but I do know I need to get more, when I find it I will post the name of it.

Modern products and even organic spices, such as organic cinnamon, black pepper, etc can be substituted as one needs to. All you have to do is just look around your grocery store, even white plates for offerings I’ve found at large major grocery stores such as Nob Hill, Raley’s, and Safeway. Candles plain and with Saints pictures can also be found there, if it is impossible to get to a metaphysical supply store.

Olive oil virgin press of the best kind can be found at your grocery store and small amounts can be infused with those spices as needed for magikal workings, distilled water works well as holy water when you say prayers over it calling in the powers of Jesus, St. Michael, Mother Mary and of course God and making the sign of the cross over the water as you invoke their names.

You are never defenseless as long as you can get to a grocery store or even an all purpose drug store.

Once a month on the full moon, you should take the fiery wall of protection oil and re-do the cross marks on your window frames and door frames.

The prayer to St. Michael should be said as you do each window and door and then at the front door finish with not only the St. Michael prayer but also the 23 and 37 psalm, do this once a month to keep your wards up.

In the room where you do sacred magikal workings do the cleansing as often as needed, for sure at least twice a year, and then do your entire house once a year.

A friend of mine also takes it a step further, not only does she have a blessing fount with holy water at her front door but she also has one just inside her room where she has created sacred space.

Another friend of mine could not have a room but was able to set aside a corner of her living room to set up her altar, on a small table next to it she has a blessing fount and a vigil light dedicated to St. Michael for protection. She hides it from general view with a beautiful Japanese screen when she is going to have friends over who are of a more ‘mundane’ view point. When she is going to do magikal workings she then places the screen so it is behind her to form an area to help focus her energy and it aids in her concentration.

And an acquaintance of mine showed me her indoor sacred space in the basement of her home, she made a deal with her husband, he could have his man-cave next to the family garage, but she wanted her own space, just off the laundry room in the basement, so with sealing it against damp, doing earthquake retro-fitting, putting up walls and painting the walls white and laying down linoleum that looks like wood and installing a Franklin type stove she has her sacred space that is hers and only hers.

It can be done it just takes imagination.

Now Ms. Q I am going to look over my previous posts and see what else I need to talk about, I know you have given me a lot of questions but my fingers can only type so much and only so fast, and I also want to make clear to you not only what works but also any pitfalls you may encounter.

March 5, 2014 is going to be Ash Wednesday, a perfect time to start your spring cleaning and afterwards doing your spiritual cleansing of both your home and your sacred space.

You should have it all done by Holy Thursday which is the day before Good Friday, because there will be a Full Moon on April 15 and it needs to be done by then if you wish to do it during the season of Lent, because you will need the last few days leading to Easter Sunday to rest, meditate and draw in those positive energies to aid you.

If however you cannot do it at that time, but later, at least do a spring cleaning, get rid of clutter and organize your home it will be the first step that you will need to take

Blessings Ms. Q

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cleansing and Warding your home Major Action~~~~

Now Ms. Q,

I am also going to recommend that you read all the posts that have the labels "warding" or Protection in them.  Read them carefully as a matter of fact print them out.

Reason is I do not want to have to re-type all that information all over again, it would make my fingers hurt.

Each and every bit of information in those earlier posts are important for your warding your home,  but first you have to cleans your home before you ward it.

Now if you have a lot of stuff in your house, and wall to wall carpeting it's going to be very hard to clean,
that is why I prefer a house that has hardwood floors.  And some hardwood floors do not take to being washed very well, ruins the finish, so this is where it's going to be handzie-kneezie yup, you're going to have to get down on your hands and knees to do this.

If this is a new place you're moving into, see if you can keep your stuff in the moving truck for one day, or plan on being there the day before you move in to do this.  This is espeically true when you are renting an apartment or a house, do take those photos for your own personal records.  You may have to get permission from the landlord or the real Estate agent, make an excuse, say you want to take time-stamped pictures of the condition of the place before you move in for your personal records (that is really a good practice to do).  And that you want to measure for drapes and curtains espeically if the place doesn't have any.

If you are lucky to have the place empty then you can do this cleansing ritual and then follow it with the warding ritual before you move anything into it.

However if you have already moved in you must first un-clutter your home/apartment, you must get rid of what you are not using, don't need, never used, broken etc, donate it  or toss it.  This includes your closets, clothing, pantry, storage etc.  I mean why do you keep that old bike with the busted wheel and broken chain if you are never going to fix it, don't even think of the "well maybe I might"  that does not exist,  so the first part of your cleansing is CLEANING. 

Then put your home into order and have it organized.  If you have craft things in bits and pieces and You KNOW you are going to work with it, then put it all into a plastic bin with a lid and label what it is, etc. everything.

And if you haven't done that, espeically after I bloged about it in my previous post, then any spiritual work or protection will NOT work for you,  you have got to do the physical before you can do the spiritual, because once you do that physical cleaning you will begin to feel the energy improve, so everything will fall into place and begin working on the spiritual level as well.

So consider simplifying your life, so very important.

Now that is if you are already moved in.

The 2nd thing whether you've moved in or are going to move in is you need to get these supplies first for cleansing and 2nd for warding.


New Buckets at least 2,

new mop,

new broom that's the oldfashioned broomstraw type broom
(not the modern ones with plastic bristles),

new clean white cloths,

either white vinigar or Pine-Sol with lemon,

Lemon Pledge or a funiture cleaner with lemon in it,

Sea or Kosher Salt,

enough white tea lights for each room of the house,

one tall white candle for the front door that has been anoited with Van-Van or Firey Wall of Protection oil

holy water from a church,

a speical floor wash made of distilled water--Pine-sol----Van-Van oil--and the salt,

An oil called Firey Wall of Protection,

copies of the 23 and 37 pslam to read,

Sage smuge stick and a dish to catch the ashes or sparks,

a bic lighter to light the candles and Smuge stick,

a spray bottle to hold holy water,

and a bouquet of fresh flowers in a vase to purchase later.
The ritual is very time consuming and what I am describing is if the place is completely empty but it will also work if you've already moved in but everything has been physically cleaned and is in order.

It can be done by one person, but it will be a long process if possible have at least 2 people to help you, perhaps a 3rd person to keep an eye on the doors so no stranger will come in, because you will need to have the front door and back
door open, and all the windows so doing this in the winter or during a rain
storm is not a good thing to do. It must be done in daylight and sometimes it
can take up to two days to do RIGHT.

After you have physically done a complete physical house cleaning of your home
what you are going to do next will seem like you're repeating yourself but this time
will be spiritually protecting your home.

Open all the doors to the cabinets, closets, doors to other rooms, open drawers

and leave them open, anything closed---open it, expose it to the light and air.

Any storage space inside your home, and if you have a washer and dryer open

those doors or lids as well.

Put some sea or Kosher salt into a muslin bag. Then take a shower wash youself with a pure soap such as Ivory, rise and then take the muslin bag of sea salt as the water is flowing down on you allow it to wash over you,

Say as you are being rinsed by the water with sea salt "Cleanse me with Hyssop Oh Lord, so that I will be as clean as the whitest snow", after you have done that get out of the shower and air dry as much as possible or pat yourself dry if need be.

Put on clean clothes to do this next phase.
Into one bucket pour in a large amount of distilled water (you can buy this at

the grocery store), add to that the Lemon Pine-Sol or white vinigar, a table spoon of sea or kosher salt,

a table spoon of Van-Van oil, a few drops of Holy water. Say over this the 23 psalm.
Pour the holy water into your new spray bottle, say the 23 psalm over that as well.
The other items have in reserve to use after the spiritual washing is done.
Starting at the back of your home or back door if you have it, if not then the

room that is the farthest from the front door wash in a clock-wise direction with water

you have mixed in the

bucket and the clean white cloths,

start washing from the top of the room and that means the ceiling and light fixtures and work

all the way down the windows, doors, door frames, baseboards floors, walls, the insides

of closets, open drawers, cupboards,

window sills and window frames, door sills, the knobs on the

doors and handles on the drawers, base boards, open the shower door and wash the bath tube,
the inside of the shower, remove and replace the
shower curtains with new ones every year, and VERY CAREFULLY wipe down outlets,
and light switches, WARNING---DO NOT STICK THE DAMP CLOTH INSIDE THE LIGHT FIXTURE YOU WILL GET AN ELECTRIC SHOCK THAT WILL KILL YOU so when you clean around the area where the light bulbs screw in to the light fixture be very, Very Careful----NOW

As you are washing the rooms repeat the 23 and 37 psalm as you are cleaning the rooms you must continously do this, with each step of the spiritual cleansing.
That is why it is important to have a 2nd or 3rd person with you for safety,

now some people will use a spiritual cleansing wash made with Florida Water and that will work too, but there is something very antisptic about using Pine-Sol as a matter of fact many Hoodoo and Voodoo practioners in the U.S. will substitue that for a wash made of Pine needles.
Use your mop to mop the floors your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and finally your basement if it has a cement floor or linolium floor, if you have hardwood floors get on your hands and knees and wipe with a damp cloth but not so damp that it will  cause the floor to warp or take any hardwood floor finish off. If you have rugs or espeically wall to wall carpeting, take your new  broom dip the straw end into the water and gently sweep your rugs with it, be careful because this wash can cause a rug to be stained  so use good judgement, if your rugs are light colored then take the spray bottle with holy water and spray the rugs with that and then sweep in a clockwise movement sweeping the negative energy out of the house. Don't forget to pray.

You should end at the threshold of the front door, wipe down the entire molding of the door and the threshold, finish at the threshold of the door, wipe down the molding from the outside of the house and the threshold. As you pour some of the remaining salt/water mixture in a line in front of any doors leading in and out of the house be sure to recite the names of all who live in the house and all those whom you wish to pass freely in and out, including all pets that need to go in and out. This allows them to move with ease across the boundaries that you are setting up. Now this might be hard if you are living in an apartment so what you want to do is take a more wet clean cloth and wipe that line across the threshold, this would include any sliding doors. Continue to pray.

Now set the bucket(s) of water to one side and go back into each room, take your budle of sage carefully light it and then have  it smolder raising smoke, if you have smoke alarms turn them off temporaily, and in a clock-wise direction circle each room and smuge it reciting both the 23 and 37 psalm, at each widow and  each mirror move the sage-smuge stick in the clock-wise direction, also smuge the inside of the closets, inside drawers and cabinets (including  the medicine cabinet), do this from attic to basement, ending at the front door.
But before you leave each room light a tea light in a safe spot, have it in an enclosed glass jar to burn safely, now you do not have to do it in the attic  but if the attice has a light turn it on and leave it on for 48 hours and spray it with holy water, in the basement you can burn a tea light but also  turn on an electric light and leave it on for 48 hours, smuge it and spray it with holy water in both areas as in your rooms recite the 23 and 37 psalm, allow the tea lights to burn themselves out. Continue to pray.
Then as a final measure take your bucket of mop water and mop your front porch and steps if they are made of wood, then from the sidewalk inward toward your front door, subsitute an an outdoors straw broom dip it into the water and sweep from the sidewalk that leads to your front door, use that broom exclusively for this purpose. This is to bring in the desired influences (positivity, luck, money, protection, etc.) now if you live in an apartment building with an outside upper level walk way then sweep at least the lenght of your apartment on both sides   down the walk way, if you own or rent a house and you have a drive way, do the same with that broom all the way to the street. Continue to pray.

Now as I said work from the back of the house towards the front of the house, the last place to wash will be the bottom of your door sill or door

Threshold then on a table at your front door threshold, light the white pillar candle and say "I banish all negative energies from this place, this place will be a home of love, and peace, those who come in love and peace are welcomed, those who come in negativity are denied and banished from here." Let that candle burn itself out in a safe enclosed glass container, and if its night and you need to close the door do so.

Then go back into each room that has a door and a window, this includes Attic and basement and bathroom, at the top and bottom of each door frame, of each window frame, draw a cross with your finger tip with the oil and say "In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, All that is negative and harmful is banished from here in the name of the Holy Trinity I so will it."
Finally, take the bucket(s) of used mop water to a crossroads far from your home and throw it over your left shoulder into the center of the crossroads toward the rising sun and walk away without looking back.

But if you cannot do that without calling attention to yourself, then just before the sun rises, take that water far from your home where no one will see you and tossed it at the base of a very large and sturdy tree, as it will absorb into the earth the residual energy.

When you toss the water say "In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost I banish thee", walk away and don't look back.
Then follow up with putting a bouquet of fresh flowers in the center room of your home.

Now this is a major house cleansing, and should be done once a year, you can do minor spiritual house cleansings through out the year,but if you have one room that you do your major magikal workings you may have to do that at least 4 times a year, some people will do it at the equinoxes and  solisites, some on the holidays as celebrated by witches such as All Hallow's Oct 31, Candlemas Feb 2, Beltane May 1, and Lammas Aug 1.
I personally prefer to do it before major Catholic Holidays such as before Ash Wednesday, Before Advent, The ascension of Jesus, the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, But when you are going to do a Major House Cleansing do it before Easter, the time of Lent works very well to prepare for the Resurection of Jesus.

When I have a chance I'll post how to do a minor house cleansing.
Now if you are all ready living there and decided to take that step it's a bit harder.
First doing one room at a time move all the furniture out of the room, roll up the carpet, take the drapes down and have them cleaned, wash the curtains, be prepared to be roughing it for at least a week or more, you will be physically cleaning the house, but it will take longer. 

Once you have all your funiture, appliances, rugs, curtains, drapes cleaned, then toss out all your used sponges, replace you shower curtains with new ones the same with your dish cloths that you use for drying your dishes, and have everything organized, then you can do the major spiritual house cleaning.

If you have a yard, clean out all the debrie, and weeds, if you have a patio include it as part of your ritual house cleansing as I describe if you were doing the driveway and/or walkways,  Bless your yard with holy water, and light a candle in a glass container and burn sage in a fireproof safe container.

Then you can follow up with using Iron spikes to nail down your property (see other postings) and include a holy water font to bless yourself each time you go out to work, visiting or running errands and upon your return.  Once your house is cleansed and you've used firey Wall of Protection you are in the process of warding your home, the spikes, holy water font and other things that I have mentioned in previous posts will be far more effective.  This would include crystals and mirrors placed in windows to reflect back negativity.

See my other posts on that.

And once I recover I will post how to do a minor house cleansing.

Blessings Ms. Q