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Doing Uncrossing Rituals--Part 2---13 Herb bath

Dear Ms. Q,

“Is there a more extensive Uncrossing bath?  What is it used for?”

There is an extensive and intensive Uncrossing bath ritual, because the bath and prayers must be repeated for 13 days, in succession.   And this is hard to do especially if one has to work nights or every day, you have children, people drop over unexpectedly, so this has to be planned out very carefully.

Uncrossing is a psychic cleansing, part of the cleansing is the actual cleaning of the external body. The protective mixture in the Uncrossing bath will clean your aura and etheric body of all negative energies.  If you are around negative or difficult people or are in a difficult or negative situation you need to take this bath. The psychic garbage and demonic influences will affect you if you do not cleanse yourself.

Traditionally it should be done just before dawn, but because of working conditions and schedules that is not always possible, so if you are going to do it, it should be at the same time each day, and all family and friends need to be made aware that you are not available during that time.  All electronics are turned off, no contact with the outside world at all.   If possible have someone take care of the children for that many days at that time, but have the children taken out of the house that is important.

For those with an addiction or troubled situation that is Crossed Conditions and that does  affect their physical health and mental well-being to overcome it or see a clear way or path out of the situation,  the bath is a great time to meditate and channel the healing energies which are affecting you the most. 

The bath relaxes you allows the healing energies to flow better. By adding the proper mixture to the baths, people have totally changed their life around, but it takes commitment, and if you or the one you are trying to help are not committed then all the spells and all the rituals you do will not work, or if they do it will only be for a short time.

The basics are the same as in the simple 7 day ritual but here is the difference---  You need to make  up 13 bundles of 13 Herb Spiritual Bath and take a bath every morning for a total of 13 days.
The 13 Herb bundles contains hyssop and12 other uncrossing herbs.   Hyssop is what is recommended in the Bible for spiritual cleansing.

 You also need 2 white offertory candles (glass enclosed) and some Uncrossing Oil to dress them.  

You will need 13 envelopes or bundles  of Uncrossing Incense to burn while you work is said to increase the efficiency of the job as well.   That also means 13 charcoal briquettes such as Three Kings---Do Not use the kind for bar-be-quing as that has some poisonous materials that is harmful.   

 Even when you use a Three Kings charcoal (this is also used in the church) be sure to have a window open for ventilation, and also to let all the negative energy fly out. You can buy this type of charcoal either at a metaphysical shop or through

Each evening before you take your bath you need to  mix your herbs in equal parts, a teaspoon of each is probably adequate, and boil the herbs together in water to make a strong liquid infusion.  To save time it helps if you make up your 13 bundles ahead of your planned usage, that way you do not waste any time measuring it out on the nights when you start your ritual.

I have been told that people like to traditionally  boil the herbs for 13 minutes, but I have found if you want maximum potency boiling for 30 minutes helps. Let the mixture cool and strain the herbs out, you can use several layers of cheese cloth to do that as that will help strain out all but the minutest partials. You are left with an herbal water which you must add to your plain bath water.

 Do not add any other soaps or perfumes to a spiritual bath (take a separate shower before you do the Uncrossing bath if you need to shampoo your hair or anything of that sort.)

 If you don't have a bathtub only a shower then you can either wash yourself out of a pan of the herb water with a washcloth, or you can use a foot soak instead of a full bath -- but you must be certain in either case to wet your head with the herbal water.

Once you have the herbal mixture prepared and strained, pour it into your bath water, then light the two dressed white offertory candles (glass enclosed is best) place them on the floor (away from anything flammable) so that you must step between them when you get into and out of the tub or shower, think of them as opening a portal of Spiritual light that leads you to a spiritual place.

Light the incense, step into the tub or shower, make sure you wet your head and scrub your body in a down ward direction, and pray the Psalm 51, 3 times as you bathe.   In between reciting the Psalm think and focus on what you want to clear up to uncross, be it an addiction, a negative person, a stressful situation (like trying to find a good job), turning back any negativity, you will know what it is.   

After you say it the third time relax and meditate for a minute or two.  This is a good time to visualize your aura being cleansed and purified by white light. Only think positive and healing thoughts. The bath should last at least 15-25 minutes and should be as hot as you can stand it, but not so hot that you burn yourself.

WARNING:  If you are doing this with a child of any age, the bath should be mildly warm, children’s skin is much too tender for very hot baths, you could scald them by accident.

Then after that step out of the tub or shower, allow your body to air dry, while that is happening recite 3 times Psalm 37, in between again focus on what you want to uncross,  after saying it the third time meditate again for several minutes.

Then carefully snuff out the two white candles, allow the incense to burn out completely, dress in clean dry clothes or what I prefer to do is wrap myself in the bigger white bath towel one can buy they are usually called bath sheets, now some will have thin band of a color strip, light blue is best as blue is a spiritual color but all white is preferred.

Then lie down for 5 or 10 minutes and empty your mind of all the worries and concerns that you have. 

After 10 minutes or so dress in clean dry clothes, collect some of the water into a plastic bottle, and let the tub drain.   Then go to a crossroads, toss the water over your shoulder onto the crossroads with your back facing west, leave the place and do not look back.  

When you return home, put away the candles you will be using them for the remaining nights, if they burn out before the 13 days are up, use two new ones and dress with Uncrossing oil.   Clean up the burn residue from the incense, dry the towel and clean anything remaining in the tub or shower.

During the 13 days you are doing this ritual, mix together the same mixture that you used for your cleansing bath, and you will also need:  The Uncrossing Cleansing Bath mixture, Uncrossing incense, a small white candle for each room in your home (white birthday candles will work best), broom and a mop and dust cloths plus a  spritzer bottle and  for your home frankincense resin to burn.

Simply add some of the Uncrossing Bath mixture to a bucket of water that you will use to clean with.

Starting  at the back of your home work your way towards the front door. Clean your floors – if you have tile you can mop, if you’d rather sweep then dip the bristles of the broom into the cleansing water, if you have carpet you can put some of the mixture into a spritzer bottle and spay it over the carpets after you vacuum, or you can use the broom method.

If you have a lot of curtains and upholstery, use the spritz bottle lightly on them. Wipe down all your surfaces with some of the mixture as well. Don’t forget baseboards, window sills, door-frames, and walls as much as you can manage. Burn your uncrossing incense while you do this, and keep the windows open so the smoke and negative energy can escape.

Pray the 51st Psalm, or otherwise concentrate and pray your intent as you clean. Imagine all negative energy being pushed out of the room by the cleaning. Visualize bright White Light filling the space. When you are finished in a room, say a prayer of thanks over a white candle and light it. 

Allow it to burn out, get those birthday candle holders as well and stick it into children’s clay on a plate to hold it. You will need 1 candle per room.  Be sure to open closets as well as negative energy loves to hide in them clean them out as well,  trust me when little children say “there’s a monster in my closet” or under the bed, They are NOT joking they can feel that negative energy.  

The last room you clean should be the one that has the front door. Have your final sweeping go out the front door of your house. Make sure to wipe down the door-frame, too. Light your final candle, and then put on some frankincense resin to burn.

By burning the Frankincense resin it will help bring in positive energy into your home, to fill the void that was left by the negative energy.

You should feel a lightness in your home then continue with your cleansing baths for the next 12 days.

You might want to burn some or frankincense resin daily to maintain the positive atmosphere. You can also always add some of the spiritual cleansing mixture to your regular cleansing products so that every time you clean your house you are also spiritually cleansing it.

By doing that it will help keep negativity from being able to build up into crossed conditions again. If your workplace is also affected by the negative energy, bring in some of the cleansing mixture mixed with water to wipe down your work area, putting some of the mixture into a spritz bottle to spray around your office, even yourself will be helpful if you feel being effected by any stressful energies there.

Between the baths and the through house cleaning you should be successfully uncrossed, but after you do all of that you should seriously consider doing some Protection work for yourself and your home to add a further layer of defense against negative conditions being able to take hold again.

As one practitioner has stated “This is especially true if you are still having to deal with the situation or people that contributed to the crossing in the first place! But by taking control of the situation, you can take back your power, and get your life moving in the right direction again, with health, wealth, and love flowing easily into your hands.”

But if the Uncrossing ritual does not work as successfully as you hoped it would then I suggest that you may wish to contact a spiritual practitioner to have a reading and consultation on the matter. Through divination, they will be able to look at your situation in an objective manner, and be able to provide you with a course of action which should prove effective.

However I have found that once this has been done followed by Protective measures (see my postings on Protection) it usually clears up the matter, not right away but in a short period of time.   

Now if you are doing this or aiding another person in uncrossing themselves, the house cleaning should be done at their home after the first day of bathing just as it should be done at yours. 

Now I have done both a 3 bath and a 13 bath herb mixture for when I was just feeling like stuff was “sticking to me” and knowing that my home was fine it would do it for the one evening and that would clear up things. 

But for those of you starting out, then realized this is intense and will need to be done.

In my next post I will post the recipes for the 13 herb bath mixture plus, for the oil, incense and powder.

Ms. Q


  1. Hello,

    Can you please let me know if this will work for even the darkest of spells cast, such as those whose lives are interfered with spirit(s) or energy returned to him or her in an undesirable way for a while already?

    Are there simpler rituals spells as well to undo spells?

    1. Dear Diane,

      I feel that you are telling me only part of the situation, This will work but if you do not have the time or cannot get the necessary herbs, there is another way, it is somewhat time consuming but it can be done in two or three days, depending upon who originally sent out the energy or who is affected by it.

      If this energy was sent out by Him/Her to interfere with someone else especially in a harmful way and the sender did not do anything to protect themselves from a back lash, then it is a very teachable lesson.

      If this is so, then there is no simpler way, one needs then to do a major spiritual house cleaning, both on the person in question and where one lives or at least sleeps. Now if this person is sharing a home with other people such as parents or roommates of course that is much harder.

      However one could use the Psalms to have some relief, get several bottles of Spring water such as Arrowhead (which they say is bottled at the source) or rain water (but first filter out debris using a coffee filter) and the recite Psalm 7 lines 1 through 10 if the person is the original source of sending out the energy which came back to him/her and pour it over their head to wash the energy away. Follow this with Psalm 26 line 6.

      Then take a hot shower with a bag of sea salt and the herb hyssop and recite Psalm 51 line 7, recite that 5 times for your mind, your soul, your senses, your body and your spirit.

      When you dry off recite all of Psalm 30 to keep you safe. And should you feel troubled by any spirit or energy receipt the 23 Psalm.

      Then do a complete Spring Cleaning in the area where you sleep if you are sharing a residence, or if you own your own place (or renting) do a complete spring cleaning, smudge it with sage or frankincense, now this will include washing all your clothing (or dry cleaning if it requires that) and putting on cleanly washed clothing.

      You finish this with using either bottled spring water or rain water in which you’ve put 7 palm leaves, (the smaller leaves) and recite 10 times Psalm 29 over the bowl holding the water and seven palm leaves. Then pour it out at the door of the house or apartment (into the dirt area or parking lot) to cause the spirit to depart.

      After that put up protections or wards in your home (read my postings on protection) and wear a blessed St. Michaels medal.

      No one said that the “cure” would be easy, it never is.

      The next thing is to create a Witch Bottle to capture sendings sent by others or sent out by Him/Her but have come back. You’ll find that in my Archives.

      It’s always best to set up protections before doing the work, much like first one sterilizes a surgery room and it’s equipment before the operation, it’s done to prevent infection.

      Keep me in touch on how it goes.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q