Sunday, January 3, 2016

Honey Jar spell for Love~~~~

Dear Ms. Q,

I am back.

A bit worse for wear and still not completely recovered but I am back.  The pneumonia  has aggravated my heart condition, so I do need to take serious care of myself.

I do have to thank my niece whose love and unselfish caring to make sure I do get better has been the instrument towards my healing. She helped take a tremendous worry off of my children's shoulders.

Just as I know the prayers from my family and friends and my friends who read my blog have also helped me get much better.

When one get's older and even when you're young, a person does need an advocate who can see things far more clearly than the person who is ill, and my niece has been that as well as in consultation with my children.  

And she has taken it a step further, she is retired from her job.   Her children are grown, she is a widow, and she gave up her apartment to move in with me in my home to make sure I will stay well. 

And I cannot argue with that, as a matter of fact she is the only one who was in the perfect position to become my caregiver, well I can do things myself but I'm not as spry as I use to be, so I consider this a blessing.

Fortunately my children have no problem with the arrangements as their jobs have forced them to live some distance from me and although they do frequently visit me, they are wise enough to see that it's the best arrangement.  

Now on to the Honey Jar Spell~~~~

Honey jars are also called Sweetening jars, they are a type of   jar or bottle spell that is used to sweeten someone up to you, sweeten their mind to you, become nicer, loving, willing, or offer kindness to you.

In some situations they are used to sweeten the situation that you maybe in such as a court or legal case, or to bring money to you.  Now those spells to be used for court or legal cases in which you want the judge and lawyers to take your side over the opponent’s side are a very good aid.

You can use a jar spell to get a new job,  to sweeten your boss, or get accepted in a new program in college.

They are simple jar spells; but you have to remember they can be slow to start working for you.  Especially if a difficult situation has been going for a long time.   Once they get going then it a matter of keeping them hot with continuous burning of candles on top of the jar, this is quite favorable in pressing cases.

The beauty of these little jars is that you can work one jar for months or even a year later successfully. And when you are  finished with the jar, such as getting the job, or winning the case then  give it a proper burial in the front yard in an easterly  direction, or if you don’t have a yard then  in a potted plant.

These jar spells can be used to reconcile with a lover, friend, or family member. You can use them to sweeten a new guy or gal towards you.   But you also have to remember you cannot interfere with someone’s karmic path either, so in using these spells you have to give very serious consideration.

Sometimes a honey or sweetening jar or bottle spell (yes I did say bottle) can be used to make a home life very happy and cozy.    I have one friend who did use a honey jar spell, but instead of a jar she used a bottle.   

Have you ever seen those bottles with a round bottom with wicker around it and a candle stuck in the neck of the bottle and it would melt and run down the bottle like in those Italian type restaurants from the 1930 to 1950’s very cliché looking, but my friend who is Italian keeps one burning all the time on the family dinning room table to prevent accidents she keeps a large Hurricane glass shade around it to prevent fires and has it sitting on an old plate to catch the excess wax, the color of the candles she burns different color candles alternating between blue, pink and green for a peaceful home, love and money.  

Her home has never been without money, has always been peaceful no fighting, and love just radiates throughout the place.   She told me many years ago she did a honey spell for those same things, but first she started with love because she was having problems with her then new husband, then she burned a green candle for him to have a good job and money would come in, and then blue so the home would be peaceful and loving,   she put all of that into her jar and then by burning the candles one at a time that would happen and ever since then she has alternated the candles and it has been going for over 40 years,  when she was in the hospital she had her daughters make sure the candles were lit and only in those colors.     

And it will most likely continue until the day she dies, she told her daughters about the bottle and the candles and they have done the same thing as well so they understand.

So now most of the time when someone wants to do a Honey or sweetening jar it is most always for love especially to bring a love one back.    The spell is easy but it is also a bit difficult as well.

Now you can use maple syrup, karo syrup, brown sugars, or white sugars instead of honey, but the best kind of honey is local honey from a farmers market I feel that local honey is more potent and pure verses watered down imported honey that is sold in supermarkets.

Your jar should be glass and have a metal lid, you will be burning candles on top and a plastic lid will melt as well as being dangerous.

The type of candle that goes on top is not important as much as what goes on the candle and inside of the jar. Tea lights, vigil lights, tapers, pillars, are all good choices depending on your style and the kind of work you are doing as well as the size of the lid of your jar.   

Choose the appropriate color for your working, or if you live in an area where resources are limited, use white candles, the whole idea is to get the energy going and the flame of the candle is the kick off so to speak.

Petition papers, photos, personal items from the target and yourself go inside of the jar. If you do not have personal items with their DNA, such as a strip of tissue, cotton tip, clothing, etc. with bodily fluids on them, then use a photo of them.  If you don’t have that then you have to be clever to get one, cell phones have cameras on them, or if they are on Face Book you can “capture” a picture of them, but something with their DNA is always best,  even a used paper napkin from a bar-b-que.

And then a  3 x 3  square of brown paper with the edges neatly torn, not cut with scissors, (scissors in hoodoo represent cutting something out of your life).  Write the Full name of the  person you want to reconcile with, first middle and last (if you know the middle name that helps) write it on the brown paper square in pencil and odd number of times (3, 5, 7, 9) one line under the other like this:

Their name
Their name
Their name
(I did it three times just to show you how it looks but 7 times is best)

Turn the paper ¼ of a turn to the right. Write your full name the same number of times one line under the next, just like you did with their name, ON TOP of their name.  It should look like a grid.

In the next step  turn your paper right side up how you started their name and with a red ink pen around the outside of the names in a complete circle WITHOUT lifting your pen, in cursive writing, write out a command that matches the type of spell work you are doing, such as  returntomereturntomereturntome.

Be very careful this has to be one continuous word , DO NOT cross the t’s or dot the i’s until you have completed this circle around the names and joining the last letter of the last word to the first letter of the first word. THEN you can lift the pen to cross t’s and dot i’s. If you lift the pen too early before finishing the circle you will have to start a new petition paper all over again----This is the hard part because it is instinctive to lift the pen to want to cross “t’s and dot “I’s”  so remember keep that pen to paper until the circle is complete.    Take your time to do this, do not rush.

Next, anoint the paper with the appropriate oil or oils for love, just a dab will do. Sprinkle the hoodoo  love powder in the paper, add the items you were able to get or the photograph and some herbs to the center, just enough though so the paper will close up, if you find the paper to be too small make a larger squared paper. 

Speak your intention out loud and then fold the paper towards you in half, turn the paper, and fold again towards you, turn and fold a third time towards you. Spoon out some honey and eat it and chant  “so and so’s heart and mind will be  as sweet to me as this honey is to my mouth”

Put your petition paper in the honey jar, put in the herbs, powders, or curios into the jar pour in the honey and close the lid.

Get a colored candle appropriate to the work, pink for love, red for passions but white will do if you can’t find those,  put a few drops of oil on the candle and stroke the candle towards you covering the entire candle, use some of the hoodoo powder to sprinkle the candle.

The oils to use to anoint the petition paper and the candle  can be a love oil like Adam and Eve oil, Fires of Love oil, Reconciliation love oil, Return to Me oil depending upon the situation.

The type of hoodoo power should be the same as the oils.

The herbs can be any one of these but it must be an odd number with the Honey or sweetening syrup as number 1

So use any odd number of combination of the follow herbs according to your intentions:

Lovage Lucky in love and sexual passion
Rose buds promotes loving conditions
Lavender promotes luck in love affairs of married couples and love affairs of same sex partners
Balm of Gilead heals the heart and emotions
Ginger spices of a love life
Damiana to draw in a lover close and to spice of a love affair
Deer’s tongue leaf to speak with kindness, love, and passion
Cubeb berries to increase passion or draw in a new lover
Catnip to attract and draw in someone close or follow you
Violet promotes luck in love from increasing passion, drawing a lover closer, and healing a old heartbreak
Tonka beans

And two load stones male and female  two Matching lodestones that you will name as you and your desired one, these are male and female matched pairs taking into account same sex relationships you can substitute male/male or female/female stones.

Just remember it does not have to be all these herb just those that would apply to your situation but it should be an odd number such as for example:
Rose buds
Balm of Gilead
Deer’s tongue

But the first one should always be the sweetener Honey.

The load stones and some of these herbs can be found in a good metaphysical shop.  

Once you have filled the container with prayer/petition papers, herbs, personal items, etc. close the lid, shake and swirl the jar or bottle, heat it up by melting wax over the top and light your candle on it. Some folks will heat that jar up on the stove then burn candles on it be careful so it doesn’t explode.

After you have anointed the candle light the bottom of the candle while holding it over the jar to drip some wax on the lid of the jar and stick the candle on top of the lid in the wax drippings so it will adhere to the surface.

 Focus, visualize, and speak the intention as you Burn the candle completely down, the next day repeat the candle process.

 Do this for 7 consecutive days to jump start the energy of the honey jar, heating up the energy. After the first week, you can move it down to three times a week for the next 3-6 weeks, once the energy is flowing nicely maintain the energy that is flowing by speaking, focusing and visualizing your intention to once a week.

 IF you need to heat up the honey jar to get the energy flowing quicker, go back to three times a week.

The results could start slowly; more times it will start slow, but pay attention to them. Like any spell, be patient, the spells aren’t a quick fix, magick is a lifestyle, a new way of seeing the universe, a new way of working in your universe.

Don’t lust after a result, the result might come to you in a way that is unfamiliar Believe in yourself, believe in your spirits, and believe in your universe.

More people fail at attempts to magick because they give up too soon before they see real results, because they either doubted the work would happen OR they expected a certain sign from the universe and didn’t give it enough time to manifest, so that is their own fault do to their own  unrealistic expectations or wanting it now.  It doesn’t work that way.

Now about the wax that will be dripping over the jar, after you have done it then set the jar inside of a bowl or large plate to catch the wax run over from candles.

Over time when the plate or bowl becomes full of wax you will take the excess wax and wrap it up in a brown paper bag and bury either in the yard, under a tree, or at a crossroads.  Thank the tree, or crossroads, pay the crossroads or tree with some coins such as 3 pennies.

Sometimes, the buildup of wax on the jar will keep a wick burning too long, causing the honey inside to be too hot and seep out of the jar, so make sure to periodically check the size of the wick and trim it.

Sometimes it’s unavoidable though, and you will get some seeping honey from your jar, you should change your jar to a better fitted lid on it, and continue working the jar.

For Money Spells, Legal cases etc. the process is the same but the oils and herbs and powders are different as well as the color of the candle Green for Money for example, check my color candle list for other situations.  But always use honey or a sweetener as your first ingredient.  


And remember you are burning candles, if you have pets or young children put the jar and candle in a safe place away from anything flammable and away from curious children and pets,  if possible get one of those hurricane lamp shades, it looks like an oversize oil lamp glass shade, put this over the jar and candle and make sure nothing touches it,   Cats are notoriously curious creatures as well as little children, so especially at night be careful 

Blessings to all of you and may 2016 be sweet, loving and prosperous, Ms. Q


  1. Nice post about these jars. And, nice to see you feeling better and getting a little extra help around the house.

    1. Thank You Malcolm,

      My niece has been very helpful and very patient with me, and my children are glad she is here with me.

      I'm still not completely well, the cold weather doesn't help, but I'm glad to be feeling much better and having help.

      Blessings to you.

    2. Hello, I'm new to this Blog. I find it very informative and helpful. I'm writing because I need help. I saw your Blog about Goofers Dust and I understand the seriousness of using it. I have a husband who has evil in his soul. He has verbally and physically abused me and my three children for 22 years. I can't deal with this life any longer. My youngest is still at home but all three of my children hate thier father, and so do I. I need to get him out of our lives. I have Goofer Dust but I'm afraid of using it due to is decree. I know how to use it but my fear is that it will affect my children, me or my pets. I don't care what happens to him, as sad as that sounds. However, I know that what you put out there, can come back to me times three. Is this true if it's done to rid of an evil being? And what would be my best way of using it since he works from home? Please, I need serious help and attention. My children and I are at wits end.

    3. Dear Overstressed,

      I'm Ms. Q's Niece, currently she is having family visiting today, I will inform her of your concerns, and have her reply in your post under "the deadly use of Goofer Dust" as that would be the most appropriate place to reply.

      Please be patient as I know she will understand your concerns.

      In Ms. Q's words "Blessings to you"

    4. Dear Overstressed,

      Please read my remark to you Under the Goofer Dust posting.

      Blessings to you, Ms. Q

    5. Hi my name is Mrs.jay me and my husband is separated do to other womens/men I have a order of protection against him,i just need something to make him begging for me crying for love from me.

    6. Hello Mrs. Jay,

      If you have an order of protection against him, that means you are in fear for your safety and well-being because he may be or is abusive, what you may want to do since he goes around with other women/men is to do a ritual to “tie up his ‘nature’ “ so that he wants only you, if that is what you want.

      Look in my archives for the tag “tie up a man ritual” that might do what you want to have done.

      But if he has been abusive to you, maybe it might be better to divorce him, get alimony and look for a much better and loyal/loving man.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  2. I'm glad that you are feeling better Mrs. Q. Take care and blessings for a full recovery. Thank you so much for this blog.

    1. Thank you Sonny,

      Many blessings to you.

  3. Dear Mrs. Q, thank you for sharing the honey jar spell. I am intrigued by the example of your Italian friend who used the same bottle for three different purposes: love, peaceful home and money. It's certainly more convenient than having to work on three different jars at the same time.

    I have some questions on how to work it though. Would you add three different petition packets with the appropriate herbs inside? The ones for Love and Peaceful home would have the name of the wife crossed over the husband's and circled by commands like Love me or Peace and Harmony? What about the Money petition? Would it still contain both names or just the husband's name circled by commands like Prosperity or Financial Success?

    When burning candles on the jar, are you only allowed to repeat vocally the exact command on the petition? Or can you say a more elaborate prayer? I was taught that droning the short command over and over helps to pierce the veil and bug Spirit until they decide Fine, I'll grant your wish so you'll shut up! But I wonder if the petition is Love me and I anoint the candle with both Love me and Stay with me oils, can I say a more detailed prayer such as Love me and cherish me, stay with me faithfully?

    1. Dear Inquisitive,

      I’ve never done what my friend did with her as I call it “Italian style Honey Jar” but as I understood it from her it was three different petition packets each with the right herbs. Yes her name would be over the husbands in writing the petition, one was love between them and the children, the other was they’re names and then always peace and harmony in our home, the money one she told me had both their names because sometimes she would work part time so both their names would be circled by whatever she indicated for money as a matter of fact she told me the words she wrote was always a job, money comes in, prosperity, well-being.

      But when they sat down to discuss finances, she’d always let him take the lead on things but give her comments and opinions which he listened to carefully and would act on them. She told me that way he would not appear to be dominated by her, but would say “Let me talk it over with the Missus.

      I thought that adding well-being was odd, but over the years I saw how it would work out as respect for them. And the sequence was pink for love, blue for peace, green for prosperity always in that order and she’d buy the correct fitting candles by the dozen 12 of each color each in their own box. It took her 3 weeks to complete it, the entire sequence but it worked, it took a bit of time but over the next few months it worked. Sometimes the wax would build up so she’d remove some of it, wrap it up in a tissue and bury it in her garden in the East corner where she had a statue of Mother Mary.

      In saying your intention over the jar keeping it short is always best, provided that your focus when you make them is correct. On the love one if you say “Love me, stay with me, cherish me, be faithful to me” over and over again it becomes a chant and chanting does pierce the veil to reach Spirit. And it is important for that person to be faithful because a person can stay with one, yet not be faithful. Those oils are fine to use.

      Blessings to you,
      Ms. Q

    2. Hi Hoodoo Queen,

      I did a spell to see things out because a honey jar goes far. I placed 3 white candles; the first one I etched, "As the moon waxes, so will", the second one, "(name of target)'s interest for", and the third one, "(my name)" from left to right. I put lavender oil on all of these candles and on each paper piece, every one is written with the whole request and let them burn with wicklights.
      All three candles had high flames. The left one had a flame that at one time looked like a staircase, the middle one had the tallest and slimmest flame of the three (compared to the other candles) and has flickered on the side of its high flame, and the right one with my name had a high flame and was the first to burn out. Does this mean that my target's interest for me has burned out? There was a lot of black soot surrounding what was my candle as well, such to say that there are blockages around me that could possibly be an obstacle I have yet to undermine. During my wicklight, I had a small flame that ignited by, maybe a part of, but apart of my high flame. That flame died away shortly afterwards. This coming from a candle etched with my name, what does this mean? My candle was sprinkling droplets of fire while burning to one side.
      The middle candle burned black smoke at the top, so I think it well, like getting rid of negativity. The last candle, the right one, burned off white smoke while its fire is low and coming to an end. There is black soot, but less of course, on the first one. The second candle has the least black soot, if there is any anything sooty.

      Can you tell me what should be the best route around? Please? I am thinking from my spell that my target's interest for me has burned out, so how can I do a honey jar without love's initial foundation? Should I proceed to making a honey ja I want to make something like a honey jar worthwhile and honey jars are kept awhile.

      I did not have pink candles and I always thought white to be multipurpose.

      Enjoy the West Coast. Not only did the moon waxing help my spell, but I want to believe that doing it before sunshine will as make my target's interest of me "rise and shine" and be fulfilled as is the Sun and its light.

      Okay. The End. Your answers will help me better understand my spellcasting on Friday.

    3. Hello Lindsey,

      With all that soot you have encountered obstacles. Using white candles as a substitute is fine, that always works in a pinch.

      But what you wrote on the candles could have spirit a bit confused, “As the moon waxes” the targets name then your name. The last two is o.k. but what exactly do you mean by “As the moon waxes” do you want them to get fat, get rich, get healthy, their love increase?

      It would have been better if on the first candle you wrote “as the moon waxes so does” then on the 2nd candle “targets name love for” then on the 3rd candle your name.

      That way it’s clear to spirit what you want---as they say “the devil is in the details”. Even if you wrote out the complete request on the petition you sort of “short-circuit” it on the candles.

      This accounts for the black soot, and your candle burning out quicker than the others.

      Lavender is good but Rose is much better if this is for love, I’ve always equated Lavender for peace.

      The high flames also means that spirit was reaching for clear understanding of what you want as well.

      The second flame on one of the candles was it on your candle? If so that means that something was working against you, not a good sign.

      The fact that one candle burnt out faster than the rest means that although the work will go well it won’t last long or be permanent, you may have to repeat the working again at a later date.

      If the 2nd candle had the highest flame and was named for your target it means your targets energy is dominate and the work may not have gotten through your target’s natural spiritual defenses. The flickering indicates his guardians are protecting your target.

      From what I can tell I do not feel that the working has done its job. I would hold off doing the honey jar and repeat the spell with those corrections.

      Take notes of how the candles burns during the 2nd round and it will tell you if it will be worth doing a honey jar or not.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    4. Hi Hoodoo Queen,

      I redid the spell; three white candles with lavender oil, which was also on paper pieces added to wicklights. The first etched, "As the moon waxes, so does", the second, "(name of target)'s interest in", the third, "(my name)". My wicklight was the strongest at the beginning; all flames were high and tall, cooling down to covering the whole top of these candles. The "As the moon waxes, so does" candle has split its flame into two, though not completely separate. This went on during its burning and the splited-from-one flame was there for most of the time. This wicklight leaned to the right, towards the "(name of target)'s interest in" candle's wicklight. Both these flames were almost joining, while the candle with my name at times leaned left, towards the "(name of target)'s interest in" candle. The first two candles had a white fog or whatever that would be over or on top of their wax pools, melted with lavender oil. My candle had no white fog; it burned with its paper piece in and atop of the melted pool that has a yellow tint. My (name of target)'s candle might look like its flame was beginning to make a shoulder, but ended up not. My name's candle's wicklight made a valley, so I could say that it's splitting into two flames. This is different from what happened during Friday's spell; then did a flame appeared and disappeared on my candle. It was some competition between my target's and my candle to have our wicklights. There is black soot after each candle was done burning. My candle had the most black soot, but comparable to the first candle, which my target didn't have much of black soot. My target's interest wicklight went out first, with white smoke flying up upwards. The waxing candle let out white smoke to the southeast and to the east. My candle burned out last. One time during the burning, the wicklight with my name's flame leaned towards me. The middle candle is pretty strong in matters of flame and doesn't split like the moon's wicklight and my name's wicklight .
      There was a crackling earlier on, but from which wicklight I could not tell. Regardless, I am concerned of whether or not someone is working against me and until I can get a better understanding will I know more of how to better react. But as for now, have a good breakfast and a nice day.

    5. Hi Hoodoo Queen,

      I did my honey jar before the full moon. I didn't have much honey, so filled most of it (of course leaving space) with sugar-dissolved water. Added were the usual (herbs, lavender oil, personals,..) I didn't have rose petals with me like I planned to add, which I realized while finishing up the jar. But I thought something like, "Hey, I started it. Let's finish it." So... there goes my petal-less jar. I did consider using onion blossom, but dismissed it.

      I burned a red candle on top of my honey jar. It had lavender oil. No paper pieces burned; I just let it be.

      I don't have rose oil. I have a natural rose fragrance spray, with aloe vera and rose oil (I recall that there were other ingredients, all natural as well). Do you suggest using this?

      My wicklight of the red candle did not really move in directions as I expected and hoped for for a better reading.

      Take care and stay fair. ~Lindley

    6. Hello i was wondering if would tell me what is the best candle to burn to remove anger from ex for more communication?

    7. Dear Shun,

      You are asking for 2 possibly 3 candles really, One candle is Road Opener to help open the lines of communication, then a Peace Candle so that there is peace in your ex’s heart and mind and finally (if you want) A Love drawing candle to draw your ex back to you.

      Those candles would be separate from those candles you'd burn on your Honey Jar.

      Now if this for candles to be burned on a Honey Jar, I would start with a white candle and then when that burns down do a pink candle, and alternate those colors while working on your Honey jar.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  4. Ms.Q
    I hope all is well I have a question. Does how the candle melt make a difference on a honey jar? Am I looking for certain tell tail signs as I was with the love candles? Also the honey I placed in the does not completely coverr everything. Should I open it and add more?

    1. Dear Endless love,

      In regards to adding more honey, I would not. I was taught that to open the jar to add something after it has been "activated" would release the energy and you'd have to start all over again.

      In reading "signs" not so much from the candle but from the results, that is the universe "talking" to you.

      If you are seeing results, even slowly that is a sign.

      Just be sure to burn the candle safely and if there is too much candle wax build up (this is if your using a taper or non-glass enclosed candle) remove some of the wax, the whole idea is for the wax to cover the jar to seal it but not so much that the jar itself becomes a candle.

      That is why it's best to set the whole thing on a plate or in a bowl that you don't need.

      With the excess wax, take the wax and wrap it up in some brown paper from a bag and then bury it in your yard (if you have one),or under a tree, or at a crossroads. Be sure to thank the tree, or the crossroads and in addition at the crossroads pay the crossroads with some coins,either 3 nickles or 3 pennies.

      I am doing well if I follow my doctor's orders, the fact that the rain is stopping for a while is also nice. Thank you.

      Blessings to you,
      Ms. Q

  5. I asked this question On another board, but how long do u suggest burning candles on top of a honey jar

    1. Dear Angelfire,

      Please read my reply to your question on the Other board, you will have your answer.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  6. Ms. Q
    I read that it was okay to use the honey within the jar, as it would bring whatever the jar's purpose was into the body (like if you baked with it or cooked with it). And for the way the candle burns, I have mine set up on a makeshift 4-way crossroad on my altar, and the points correspond to elements--wherever the wax begins to drip down in to, that is the element currently taking precedence. I feel that how I'm going about it is pretty good, and the flame is usually a steady one, which leads me to believe that the magick is, as well. Do others use the honey within the jar from time to time?

    1. Dear Kiah,

      I really do like the idea of setting up a honey jar as a 4-way crossroad, with each point of the crossroad as one of the four elements, very clever. I need to talk to one or two of my friends about that idea. Thank you.

      Now about using the honey within the made honey jar for whatever particular situation one needs to work on.

      I have never known anyone among my friends and acquaintances do what you describe.

      Traditionally once the honey jar is made with the candle of choice on top it must remain sealed otherwise the magic could leak out and be less effective. But since you have it surrounded by the 4 elements as represented by the candles that may not be a problem.

      But there is a problem health wise, believe it or not although pure organic honey or natural honey can be healing, once it’s used in a magikcal situation it changes, so to in anyway eat that honey that’s inside the magical honey jar leaves you open to food poisoning.

      However, if you use a bit of that honey from the original jar that you got it from (the store or farmers market) before you put the rest of it into your honey jar, then you’re safe because it has not been contaminated. And your intent on how you are going to use that honey for the jar, with the amount that you set aside to ingest makes it part of the ritual and therefore you can have it be a part of of you. I prefer herbal tea that works best.

      So do not use the honey inside the magical honey jar, you need to keep it sealed so the magic keeps working. (and to avoid food poisoning).

      I have no idea what article you read that said it’s o.k. to use the honey in the magic honey jar, but it’s possible that the author did not explain themselves clearly.

      Again Thank You for the idea of the Crossroads set up.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  7. Ms.Q,
    Making a honey jar was my first attempt at a spell/magick.
    After reading your post I realize that I made mistakes. Such as lifting my pen on the petition, I might not have used an odd number of herbs, and I was thinking my intent while eating the honey.
    I need to start over. Can I reuse any of the content of the current jar? If not, how should I dispose of the contents in the current jar? The content seems special and I don’t want to throw it away if that can create negative vibes.
    Is it ok to use herbs and oils that I have on hand? I have fresh catmint, wild oregano, lavender, and roses – all from our yard? I have a lot of essential oils and some have the properties that I want for the honey jar but I don’t have any special blends (such as Adam and Eve oil). Also, do I need to use an odd number of oils?
    Thank you for any advice you can offer.

    1. Dear Dawn,

      You will have to do your Honey jar over again, but what you can reuse is either the photo or the item that had the essence (aka DNA) of the person, that would also include a sample of their hand writing. And any solid items like load stones or crystals, the other items you will have to dispose of, usually by burying them under a tree or plant.

      With stones or crystals or solid objects clean them as best you can, any herbs would be useless, if you have growing in your yard or have in your kitchen cabinet the herbs as listed that would be fine and anything that you find in the wild that is of that list.

      You could substitute a few drops of essential oils for some of the herbs. The items you include must be an odd number 3, 7, 9, 13 are considered power numbers (herbs and/or oils) so for example 4 types of herbs and 3 oils for a total of 7 items or if you are using all oils, that is essential oils, it must be an odd number.

      I have here a basic love oil recipe if you have these items you can make your own all purpose Love Oil

      Love oil recipe
      To a clean jar that is more than large enough to hold these items
      Put in 2 ounces of a base oil, usually almond, but pure olive oil will do, if you have Vitamin E capsules add one Vit. E
      Then 7 drops of Rose oil
      3 drops Jasmine oil
      3 drops of Patchouli oil
      7 drops of Dragon’s Blood resin oil or 7 very tiny chips of Dragon’s blood resin
      3 very small Rose quarts chips
      Finally 3 Pink or Red rose buds or petals into this “master bottle” allow to marinate for 3 days. Then keep in refrigerator to prevent spoilage,

      Otherwise buy the type of oil you need from one of the shops that I have listed on my links section. Several of them do mail order.

      And start it again on the new moon if you want to bring something into your life, if you want to banish something out of your then start on the Full Moon.

      Good Luck and Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  8. Mrs Q,
    I just started my honey jar and the candle burnt without leaving even a drip of wax. Can you tell me what does that mean?
    Thank you very much in advance.


    1. Dear DS,

      Not to sound facetious but it seems you had a good quality drip-less candle, but usually when a candle burns so clean that it literally uses up the wax it means that it’s working hard on your spell, but you need to keep it going, which means you have to keep burning another candle of the same color on top of your Honey jar.

      It is not just done for as long as one candle burns, it has to have a candle burning until results happen, it could take a week, a month or more.

      Sometimes the results are in the negative, which means that what the spell was meant to have happen will not happen because of a different, and I’m going to use that word, Karmic or life path of the other person. And that life path is very strong.

      Or, someone is working a spell or has worked a spell against the spell you’re doing on the same person.

      Either way burn another candle on your honey jar of the same color with the same intent or purpose. If you do not see even the beginning of a smidgen of results after one to two months, something else is going against your work.

      Or you may have done it wrong. So think carefully as you burn your second candle, think if you did it correctly, think if there is the possibility of someone else also interested in the person or situation that you are focused on.

      But continue to work it (that is continue burning candles on your honey jar) until you get an answer and one should begin to develop within two months.

      If you don’t see an answer then you will need to do a reading to find out why.

      Good Luck and Bright Blessings to you,
      Ms. Q

  9. Dear Mrs Q,
    The honey jar spell which I used for reconciliation was done in an old garlic jar. I ended up fighting with I threw the contents of the jar and did a new one. I got this as the candle was dripling. Can you tell me what does it mean? There is lines of was dripping. On 2 sides of the jar and a small heart on the right side, a big circle with a half moon kind below the circle and a heart under it. I wish I could upload the picture and get your opinion on it.

    1. My Dear,

      You used a Garlic Jar? Oh My! No wonder it developed into a fight, garlic lingers even if you wash out the glass with lemon juice and pine sol, the effect lingers, because garlic repels “vampires” as well as mosquitoes, in this case it repelled any hope of reconciliation at least for this time.

      Garlic Jars are good for banishings, so don't discount their uses.

      I’ve found that glass jars for jam or marmalade, even instant coffee works well, although if it’s got a plastic lid that could melt and catch on fire (personal experience).

      Doing it all over again is the best thing.

      O.K. about reading the drippings, lines of wax dripping means tears , a small heart means friendship, a half-moon means some money will come to you, but above it is a circle with a heart underneath it, a circle means reconciliation but the heart means again friendship.

      Let’s deal with the Tears--- they denote that someone will cry before the spell succeeds. If the tears melt away and are gone by the time the candle is finished, the sorrow will pass in due time. If the tears persist after the candle is finished and either hang down like icicles or form tall columns or spires of unburned wax tears, the sorrow will be of long effect.

      The hearts--- they usually mean that a friendship will turn into love, and there are two of them, the one that is by itself I think is someone in the future who will be a friend but in time you’ll discover their true feelings, the other heart is with the circle but under the circle which means that after a lot of tears you will reconcile but it’s not going to be quiet the same, the two of you will be more like friends than lovers.

      The moon---if this was a full moon I’d say that money is going to be coming to you but it’s only a half moon, I’d say be careful loaning money because you will not get the full amount back, if you loan money get a contract in writing that it’s a loan, otherwise you won’t get the full amount returned and I think this will be with the person you will reconcile with.

      The main thing is the “tears”, it will give a time line and an indication of how this may turn out.

      Continue working the spell, keep it going until you see the full results with the person you want to reconcile with, you should have your answer by the next full moon in October.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  10. Dear miss Q,
    I have been working on a reconciliation honey jar.recently I ordered balm of gilead buds and opened the jar to put them in. Was I supposed to open the jar or should I have done a new jar?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Dear D,

      Technically speaking, you are suppose to have everything that you need already, in advance before putting your honey jar together.

      Technically if you put the jar together and then later open it to add something that lets the energy out and you'd have to do a new jar.

      But since you've opened it the "damage" is done.

      But I don't think all is lost, sometimes one has to open the jar if the honey is too much and the heat of the candle causes it to over flow and some honey must be removed.

      I would say this continue praying over the jar, lighting the candles for your intent, but because the jar has been opened, it may take longer because the energy needs to be built up again.

      Think of it like baking a cake, you have to have everything before you bake it, a cake without sugar or eggs goes flat.

      In this case it will take a little longer for the spell to work.

      That is why it's important to have everything you think you'll need in one's magic cupboard.

      But don't be downcast about this, if all goes well and there are no counter magicks being done to off-set the honey jar, it should work.

      Good Luck and Bright Blessings,

    2. Dear Ms. Q,
      I have started a new reconciliation jar and have been working on it. I was using red candle before but right now I have been using white candle. I am unable to find pink candle. Whenever I use pillar white candles, it burns fully without leaving anything, no wax remains at all. Can you tell me what is happening? Am I doing it right? I have used balm of gilead buds, apple, ginger, rose buds, oregano, honey and cinnamon as the herbs.

    3. Dear D, (I hope this is D)

      It depends on what what happening with the red candle, was the red candle unfolding like a flower? Burning lopsided? That give me an idea of what was happening previously.

      On the white pillar candles, white is in essence purity, and they are burning cleanly down to nothing, that means that the spell is working very well, but it also depends on how fast it's burning.

      If it's burning (the white candle) too fast it means that the spell will go well, but it may not last long or be permanent.

      So the speed in which it burns as well what the flame is doing, if there is smoke or not also comes into play.

      I would say you're doing it right but the spirits are trying to give you a message.

      Do you remember what the red candle was doing? That would help.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  11. Thank you so much for this. I started mine last night after an argument over the weekend with my husband of 10 yrs. I didn't want to end it and he was lost so to speak and sleeping on the couch for 3 days refusing to sleep in the bed with me or even talk to me. After starting my jar last night he snuck into bed about an hour after the candle went out and has been talking to me alday so far.

    1. Dear Joslyn,

      That is so good I'm happy that your husband is talking to you.

      You may want to light another candle on your jar to keep the positive vibes going, It doesn't hurt to do that at least once a week.

      Bright Blessings,

  12. Replies
    1. Dear Love,

      You're welcome, I'm glad you are enjoying it.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  13. Hello, so far this blog helped me so much. I've made my own honey jar a month ago, it didn't start manifesting yet but I have faith. I did not use personal items or pictures, I only have a smoked cigarette of the person I want to sweeten and I don't know if using it would be ok (I should open the jar and put it inside, at this point).
    I don't have condition oils either and always use Ginger Oil, herbs and spices (I anointed the candle with catnip and cinnamon).
    I used Red Rose Petals, Lavender, Parsley, Rosemary, Ginger, Cinnamon, White Sugar, Coffee, Vanilla Beans and Star Anise for the inside of the jar and written my petition paper with red ink.
    What I wish to do is to get an ex lover back, is this correct? should I open the jar and put the cigarette and my hair inside?
    Thank you!

    1. Dear Marika,

      Well “personal concerns” would include a smoked cigarette since it would have the DNA, but it should have been put in along with your hair immediately when you made the jar, putting it in now will seriously delay any results, but you can try.

      You have to remember when you make a Honey Jar, you also must put in that which belongs to the person you want to sweeten up as well at the time you make the jar, as I said this could delay results.

      I have never used parsley, coffee or Star Anise in a Honey jar, so I’m not sure if adding those to the mix will boost the results, so I do have concerns about the effectiveness of it.

      And I always worry about doing a Honey Jar to bring an ex-lover back, sometimes it works but a lot of times it doesn’t, they just become friends (without benefits).

      Please read again my post on Honey Jars carefully especially on ingredients.

      I recommend to wait and see if anything happens, if it’s going to work you should know by the next Full Moon in December, not this month but next month.

      If nothing happens do the jar over again but do not use coffee.

      I also want you to read my post “Do Reconciliation Spells Work?” I posted it on September 19, 2016, because they are the hardest to do and are the ones that fail the most because of certain elements, so please do read that post.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  14. Made honey jar image with horns looks like devil in jar. Is this normal for honey jar.

  15. My honey jar is for serious court case.

  16. Did honey jar got a ugly image in it from th ingrediants is this normal

    1. Dear Naomi,

      When the items in the jar congeal because of the honey, images can emerge and our mind wants to make sense of what it sees. Some people call it Matrixing, some call it imagination.

      When doing a honey jar, we really have to read what the candle is doing because it is spirit working on the situation.

      But because this is a serious court case, I’m incline to say that this is going to be a very difficult one to have come to a successful conclusion, it’s possible that the opposing person is involved in something very evil and the Honey Jar is revealing how evil and how difficult this situation is.

      It’s possible that by doing the honey jar you have captured some of that evil and may have trapped it or a portion of it. Either way, it does mean that this will not be an easy case with a happy resolution. I recommend doing a Novena to St. Jude to help out in this matter.

      When this case is over and some resolution has come about (it doesn't matter which way) take that jar and bury it far, far, far away from your home, at a little used crossroads, so the energy will not know which way to go.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  17. Miss Q,
    Good morning.
    I have two honey jars going.
    The wax from the candles on my honey jars just pools on top of the lid. There is barely any wax left after the candles burn. Now that I've burned several candles there is some build up on the lids but nothing has flown over the jar. It's almost as if all the wax is being consumed by the flame. That being said, one of the jars is definitely working. The other one may be working too but it is slow, perhaps the desired result is more complex...
    I'm just curious about the wax patterns and their meaning.
    Thank you,

    1. Dear Dawn,

      Sometimes to read wax patterns is like reading tea leaves, the meanings are pretty much the same, but of course it is in a different medium.

      Since there is no wax flowing down like tears, I would say and it appears to be obvious that things are working and working well. The fact that the wax is consumed or used up tells me that spirit is working very hard for you.

      Sometimes to get more definitive results or readings you may have to use the 4 inch candles, the only drawback is you do have to use a small holder to keep it in place, or you can use what is called “Earthquake wax” to hold the candle, people use that to hold their china or glass wear in place due to any earthquakes, Museums use them especially.

      But I would say that spirit is working because of so little wax left over, now with the one that you feel is going slow, the situation or request being complex is a very good reason to not see quick results, just keep working the jar and try using the 4 inch candles, they can be found on line and in most metaphysical shops.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Dear Ms. Q
      So around the beginning of December like December 4th I got into a huge fight with my boyfriend (ex now) it ended very traumatic, like no one in my family likes him now and his mother doesn't want us to be togwyher. He did want to talk to me at all then I cast the honey jar spell using red candles with his full name carved into them.i made my own love oil boiling olive oil cinnamon and black lavender tea . I put black lavender tea, cloves and a cinnamon stick inside my petition. I messed up at first doing the petition so I turned it over and wrote it correctly on the back of the same paper,Will that have messed with the spell ? A week after I cast and we started to talk again. he's sweeter to me, and comes to stay the night days in a row and we have sex . But he still doesn't want a relationship with me .
      Sincerely keeks

    3. Dear Ms. Keeks,

      In a way the spell did get a bit messed up, and you used the wrong color candles, if you wanted reconciliation, you should have completely done over the petition, put in rose buds or petals, and used pink candles. What you have done is for passion (that is sex), not relationship.

      And he’s getting Sex, but it’s on his terms because you want him so bad, it’s no wonder your family and his Mom don’t want the two of you to be together, because now you are being used.

      The break up worked to his advantage, the spell woke up the fact that he can play upon your emotions and he gets all the sex he wants, thinking you’d not be the wiser for it.

      Now you are in a difficult position, because it means he is free to go and have sex with other women, when that happens and he comes back to have sex with you, you don’t realize that you are having sex not just with him but with all the other women and their men that your ex has bedded, that leaves you in a dangerous position to contract an STD, and other problems.

      So now you have to make a decision, do you want just Sex and be at risk? Or do you want a commitment from him and him be faithful to you? Or do you want to review what went wrong and break up with him again?

      Considering the fact that the break up was traumatic, you have not had a chance to heal from the event, and look at everything clearly. So you went from the frying pan into the fire and it will not, in the end, be satisfactory for you. I do hope you have not become a “Baby Mama” because that makes things more difficult for you.

      You need to take a break from him and the sex, and center yourself, then with one of your family members you need to do a list of Positives and Negatives about him, remove the rose-colored glasses and be brutally honest with yourself about the relationship before, during and after the break up.

      Look at what caused the breakup and if those problems are still there, be realistic, because now he maybe in your life but now he’s “Playing you”.

      And if it comes up as more Negatives, even by one, then you can have the pleasure of “dumping him”.

      Then fix yourself up, smile and have a really good life.

      If you want to do a Honey jar to find a new love instead, then set up everything like before using new stuff, BUT here’s the difference, put in only your personal concerns, use pink candles, get 7 of the 4 inch high ones, add a pair of magnets that attract and cling to each other, write on the petition paper “I want True Love to Come to ME” then turn the paper ¼ and write your name, just your name, over it, put in at least nine (9) of these herbs Rose Petals or buds, Catnip, , Red Clover, Lavender (not Lavender Tea) , Damiana, Cubeb Berries, Juniper Berries, Gentian Root, Deer's Tongue (its an herb) , Orange Peel, patchouli, ginger.

      Then add a few drops of these 9 oils, Attraction, Bewitching, Come To Me, Dixie Love, Fire of Love, Kiss Me Now!, Love Me, Marriage, and Stay With Me to the honey.

      Burn the first of the pink candles starting on a Friday on the Waxing (getting bigger) moon, and pray over it, do that for 7 days in a row, then after that just work the jar, you can burn a tea light on it three (3) times a week Monday, Wednesday, Friday. And make yourself look pretty all the time.

      Do NOT write your Ex’s name, because you want to be open to new love coming to you, someone that even your family will like who is not a “player”.

      You will find that you are better off and your life will improve.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  18. Ms. Q,
       I hope that you are continuing feeling better. I like to think that time is a remedy; it has its own solutions. I look forward to hearing of your good health and responses. I know that I ask a lot of questions regarding the process of making a honey jar; sorry that it might seem to drag on. Answering any would be helpful.
    1. If I put any of my oils and light the candle, will the candle eventually catch on fire? I don't have any powders.
    2. Because I want to use both rosemary and cinnamon, and I can only use 1 herb to go with the honey, are these both herbs or an her and a powder? If they are both herbs, which would be better? I heard that rosemary symbolizes love and death (hopefully not death yet) and cinnamon spices things up. The cinnamon powder does not match with any of the oils.
    3. Are blurry photos acceptable? (I am actually concerned about printing a photo because I don't have a printer.)
    4. If I don't have any of his personal belongings, can I write down facts about him and/or his life on small, torn pieces of paper and add them into the honey jar on the behalf of his belongings?
    5. How effective is adding things that he didn't touch, but was involved in or reminded of the time we were together? Does that substitute for either his or my personal belongings or is that additional?
    5. If I use tealights, should I remove them from their holders before lighting it in the process? Or what happens if I light them in their holders on top of the jar? In that case, the wax will melt and solidify, so should I reuse the tealight(s) the following day(s) or bury each one each day?
    6. I can't find most of the unique herbs nor flowers you've listed in the comments/post. Would Tazo Iced Passion Tea (I think it's of hibiscus and rosehips) work if added to the honey and how would that affect the honey jar?
    7. Ingredients approved? North American Honey, brown paper, cinnamon, dried rosemary herb, lavender oil, rose otto oil in jojoba oil, lemongrass oil, sea glass, mason jar, apple cinnamon votive candles (reconsidering to doing tealights instead), red ink pen.
    The local natural store doesn't carry vervain, verbena, patchouli, etc. oils. Am I able to make do with what I have? I am planning on doing a spell later on if necessary, but time seems to race and I can't keep up with its pace, so I want to start ASAP.
    8. Also, LuckyMojo says that votive candles are for making vows with a deity, but I am not vowing to any deity, so is it of appropriate use? (Just making sure I'm not unintentionally vowing.)
    9. I am planning on using lavender oil, but read that it is to attract same-sex gender, which is not what I intend; can it be used without having that applied?
    10. Are rose buds necessary? What about rose petals? In the list of herbs/ingredients, you recommended honey and secondly, rose buds. If I use both, will it ruin the odd number?
    11. Should I leave or scrape the wax on or on top of the life of the jar for each new day?
    12. He and I are interested in/working in the marine/freshwater field, so can I replace two matching lodestones with two sea glasses? (These are added into the honey?)
    13. How effective is doing more than one honey jar at a time?
    14. Do honey jars and reconciliation spells just complement each other or if done at around the same time, do they affect each other? If one fails, how likely will the other succeed?
    15.   Given the situation I am in, I will have to do the honey jar secretly, but I am worried that I cannot do it continuously. If I don't do it continuously (ex. 5 out of 7 days) because I can't make suspiciously secret time for myself, will I have to start the honey jar again?
    16. Chanting; with intention/goals spoken, are there any side effects that I should know of? (Ex. Wish granted, but you or someone falls ill; the bartering idea.) I wrote a little chant; there are no rules to it, is there?

    Thanks for answering my questions, Ms. Q! You are quite informative throughout your blog.

  19. P.S. I took a look at the apple cinnamon tealights at a local store and they look kind of plum-colored... not the same color as the votives I bought, which is strange. How would that affect my honey jar? Knowing that the color has a significant role to the honey jar.

    How will red sugar affect my honey jar if added/mixed in?

    Further update: I have 6 pink tealight candles and 6 "red" tealight candles. The "red" ones look like a dark pink, kind of. What is the effect of these^?

    I also bought a medium-sized, white, gardenia scented candle with a pink holder. Will the candle holder affect anything?

    It's okay to switch candles' colors throughout the 7 consecutive days and from thereon, is it?

    Much gratitude!

    1. Whoooo Weeeeee!!!!!

      Dear Lightningale, or should I say Lightningal,

      That is a lot of questions and depending upon how much space the reply section will allow me I may have to do this in sections.

      So let's get started~~~~

      1.If the jar has a metal lid and you’ve made sure that no oil dripped onto the outside of the jar you should be fine.

      2. You can use cinnamon powder and rosemary the herb, because rosemary is also for remembrance as well. It's not unusual to use both and oil and a herb example: oil of cinnamon, herb of rosemary.

      3. You can and it is acceptable. Just circle his image.

      4. Write down his full name if you know it, and his birthday if you know it and where he lives if you know it, that should be fine.

      5. the photo of him, and the information I suggested will be fine, because no personal items are in there it means it will take a bit longer.

      6. ? Let tealights burn in their holders its safer, usually the tea lights that I use if I allow them to burn for the full amount of time (about 4 hours) they burn to nothing, so just recycle the empty tealight cups, don’t bury them. If you have to put the flame out before it burns out relighting is fine.

      6 B. If it also includes regular tea as well as the hibiscus and rosehips you may have a problem I would not use it.

      7. I do not see a problem with them except possibly the lavender oil.

      7 B. You can do it without those oils or herbs, but it doesn’t hurt to find an on-line internet source to get those oils to build up your magical cabinet for future use.

      8. Votive candles especially those with a picture of a saint or to Jesus or one’s guardian angle is vowing to a diety or praying to a deity, it’s best to use plain (that is without a picture or wording) candles or tea lights.

      In the Catholic belief A votive candle or prayer candle is a small candle, typically white or beeswax yellow, intended to be burnt as a votive offering in an act of Christian prayer, especially within the Anglican and Roman Catholic Christian denominations, among others they are designed to be burned in a voltive holder and do not have the metal cups like tea lights. A typical votive will burn for 10 hours while a tealight will burn 3-5 hours. A votive candle must be burned in a votive holder to achieve the full burn time so don’t forget to use a holder with a votive. Your time to do the working is short, a tealight is your best option. For safety sake a tea light is better, because burning a voltive without it being in a glass holder might invite danger since they do have an oil in their mixture.

      I'm going to continue this in the next reply post below.

    2. O.k. to continue:

      9. If you are concerned about same-sex being attracted to you then avoid it. I have used lavender oil but usually for peaceful home use or to relax.

      10. Rose buds and rose petals would be considered two ingredients, use either one or the other. Honey is important.

      11. Leave the wax alone, eventually it will build up thickly where it will break off on its own, that is if you have wax melting on your jar.

      12. Add the seas glasses with the load stones.

      13. It can be effective but it depends upon how much intent you put into it, if your own energy tires, then the effectiveness lessens.

      14. Honey jars are for the long haul, reconciliation spells are to obtain results quickly, but if the reconciliation spell does not work, then it’s best to get a reading to see if it’s worthwhile continuing the honey jar.

      If the reading says it's not going to work, then it’s best to abandon doing the jar and realize you need to move on with your life without the intended person or "target".

      15. No, just pick up where you left off, it’s just that things will take longer.

      16. Chanting is fine, it’s like a prayer or mantra that one repeats like doing the rosary.

      O.K. now to answer your extra questions.

      Tealights--- I don’t think they would adversely affect the jar.

      Adding red sugar? it's fine, sugar is sugar

      On the “red” tealights there should not be any adverse effects. Red is passion and pink is for love.

      Candle holder: No it’s only a holder

      Switching out candles: Only after each candle has burnt out.

      I do have to inform you Lightngal, you are doing a lot of substitution given your circumstances, it should work, but it may take a while.

      But the one cardinal rule that one needs to follow is to do a card reading to see if it is worthwhile putting in all that time, energy and expense into it, or does the Divine Presence have something else worked out for you? That is why a card reading is vital.

      I did a one card reading for you and the card I drew is the Nine of Cups (Happiness), but reversed: it means you may achieve what you always thought you wanted, but it will be a state of joy and abundance that is shallow, fleeting and possibly short-lived.

      It will be a learning experience for you that you will have to grow up from.

      So if you do get together, take major precautions and watch for hidden agenda’s on his part.

      Be safe and keep your eyes open.

      And thank you for the complement.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  20. Your answers were very informative!

    I don't have load stones around me.
    Would the rocks at the railroad tracks work?

    Or would I be better off to procrastinate until I have loadstones from an online order?

    For the reconciliation spell, I made a typo. When I said that I had "Rose Otto oil Jojoba oil," I meant "Rose Otto oil in Jojoba oil". Sorry about that. You replied that Jojoba oil is a carrier oil, but alas, these are mixed and expensive for a tiny bottle aprx. the size of half my thumb.

    It takes me time to get back to you because for whatever reason, I try to comment/reply on my electronics, but it doesn't work, then I went to Target, but to no avail, so I have to go to Best Buy, which I try to at my earliest convenience.

    Do you think that during that short-lived second chance, I will be able to do more spells to extend it or strengthen it?
    I had a spell done already to protect us from anyone else's interference.

    Have a good week, Ms. Q.

    1. Hello Lightningale,

      Well about the Rose Otto in Jojoba oil there is nothing you can do about that especially if you’re doing substitutions, I’d consider the Jojoba oil as a neutral element.

      Do not use the rocks from the railroad tracks, that is inviting a spiritual entity either Chango the god of fire, or Ogun the god of Iron both are warrior gods, and you are doing love work, not war.

      If there is a hardware store near you consider getting two small magnets that will attract each other that is they will stick to each other instead of repelling, that would be a good substitution for the loadstones.

      During that 2nd chance I would first consider doing a reading to see if it will work out, but from my initial one card reading it told me that when the two of you get together you will discover his real personality and you may not be too happy about it. I’d say then to slow down young lady, because if you have to do magic all the time to capture and keep his love, then I would ask myself “Is it really love?” Because you’d be expending a lot of energy doing it, and true love should be effortless, if you have to make all the effort then I’d ask myself again “Is it really true love?” You don’t want that kind of heart-ache.

      Trust me in my wild and younger days I’ve been there, done that, learned a lot and bought the T-shirt.

      When my Hubby came along, I was afraid of loving him, because of all the heart-ache and grief I’d gone though, but it was effortless and here we are nearly 50 years later, he looks at other women but never leaves me, doesn’t even flirt with them, we have our hissy-fits but we always apologize, why? Because our goals are the same and we work effortlessly together, our minds think alike. I didn’t have to do magic on him, still don’t and that is the best kind of love.

      You may want to consider that.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  21. Is a trustworthy website? And the sizes of the lodestones doesn't matter, does it?

    1. Dear Lightningale,

      I’m sorry my Dear, but I have no idea if it is a trustworthy website, I usually get my loadstones from my local metaphysical shop, on the size of the loadstones, in a honey jar I usually get a small size since I usually do small jars, and it depends on what other things are going into the jar. Don’t go overboard in purchasing the loadstones. You can substitute cheap magnets from a hardware store as long as they attract and stick to each other.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  22. Dear Ms. Q,

    Someone that I'm living with caught me with the honey jar after I brought it in and he wanted to open it and I said no. Little argument; doesn't understand what the big deal is. I said I could make one for him to have as kind of a potpourri to compromise (I haven't yet).

    Anyway, I ended up talking about making fragrances and honey jar ingredients (whose purpose is still unknown to others) and thank goodness mine isn't see through (it's like berry jam because of the cinnamon powder) and its herbs float to the top.

    Am I undoing my own magic? Because he saw my honey jar and I talked about its contents.

    You said to chant as the candle burns down, but I took breaks throughout the process that took hours for each candle. Hope it's okay.

    Is microwaving it okay? I've been using the microwave and at times, hot faucet water to rinse the outside of the honey jar to warm it up.

    Because of lack of privacy and trying to hide things outside or elsewhere, am I undoing my own magic or is its energy flow being interrupted?

    As of now, I keep it in a Ziploc bag and in my bag when not in use.

    Does the chanting as the candle burns down work if and when I am not directly in front of the candle?
    For example, if I was in the house or somewhere else and left the candle with honey jar on a table somewhere else.

    I am just concerned and wondering if I have to do another honey jar (because of initiative anecdote^) or I can keep on working on mine.

    Means much to know; every growth is how it's sown,

    1. Dear Lightningale,

      Oh Dear, that is difficult!

      I’m sorry to say that microwaving is Not a good idea, so avoid that. Rinsing with hot water is fine, and is a bit more desirable.

      Taking a break between praying over the candle is o.k. but what further has happened has I fear, messed up the work.
      Yes, the energy flow has been totally disrupted, if you cannot work the candle and the jar, you cannot work it. But talking about it does not disrupt what it might have done, but once found out its almost useless to try to continue to work it.

      Inform him that if the jar is open bad bacteria will get in and it will begin to smell bad, that it’s important to be kept sealed. It much like creating a starter for sour dough bread, one tiny little thing could make an entire batch go bad.

      Lack of privacy is always the biggest hindrance to any magical workings and having a nosy room mate who does not understand magical workings is the worst thing to have happen, but if you want keep the honey jar anyway, don’t work it out loud, just look at it and meditate on what you want, that might help. Keep it in its zip lock bag but you are going to need to find a safe place to put it where it will not be disturbed by your roommate or anyone else.

      If it does get disturbed then pour everything out into a field or empty lot, keep the magnets. Wash out the jar and the magnets with lemon scented dishwashing soap.

      Yes go ahead and show him how to do a honey jar have him put the ingredients together under the guise of potpourri.

      The fact that you were found out and had the work disrupted tells me that what you were hoping for is not going to work, your living arrangements are too disruptive.

      I would say post-pone doing another honey jar for now and if you do another one, use a very small jar like one for baby food, and a little less honey do not fill it to the brim, that might make things a bit easier and also try and find a place where you can live alone without being disrupted.

      In the mean time what you can do if you are hoping to get together with the person you are interest in, burn a pink or pinkish colored candle anoint it lightly with your rose oil, inscribe the name of the person you are interested in on it, burn it for 15 minutes while meditating on getting together with this person.

      And inform your nosy roommate that when that candle is lit you are meditating and do NOT want to be disturbed for 15 minutes. If he asks what are you meditating about tell him that you are trying to relax to unwind.

      Hopefully that will work, and in the meantime you can read my other blog postings as well as the various comments, it should give you an idea of what the work is all about and help prepare you for the future.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  23. Dear Ms. Q,

    I tried to stay after closing at a grocery store in the restroom, was caught, and had to leave immediately. Unlike Thursday, I didn't think about putting it out and I might've blew at it and fanned it before stuffing things away before getting kicked out. I was afraid of getting in possible trouble for having fire. I think I disrupted its energy flow; is that the last straw? Also, the employee who caught me might or might not have seen what I was doing all along as she did see me through the gap(s). So at this point, is it still okay to keep it in its ziplock bag and meditate separately from the candle as recommended or is it finished with? Just asking 'cause I'd like to keep it.

    Usually when I do put it out and relight it , the wick is finished before the wax is and I use another candle.

    A baby food jar is indeed a convenient idea. However, how will I stuff all of my ingredients in it? The papers would take up space when folded, the herbs and petals, magnets... And won't the less ingredients I use, the slower it will take to manifest? I wish I could shrink my ingredients...

    I usually keep it in my bag and take it with me on-the-go, to work and just about anywhere else, with me or close to me. This is also probably why my 3/4 filled jar usually leaks.
    I live with 4 other people (including my landlord and lady from the '30s and '40s and might get kicked out if they ever see me doing magic). With said person from before, I do not even have a separate room.

    I was thinking about meditating with tealight candles. Do I have to put the full name of the person on the tealight candle? (It's easier with just his first name as the candle is small, but I don't want to be too vague.) Can I do this with a pen or better with a just a plain, ink-free sharp blade or tool? Sharpie?
    If the etching is melted, do I have to inscribe it again (if I put it out and it solidifies) or just keep burning it?

    Equally importantly, how long will I have to burn the candle with oil alone apart from or without a honey jar? Ex. 7 days straight, then 3 times each week afterwards. When will this magic manifest? Ex. 4-6 weeks? As long as I don't stress and have hope, how effective is this (knowing it is an alternative to the honey jar and candle, but perhaps the most realistic egress to keep magic in my situation)?

    Thanks for enduring my trails of questions; your patience is kind. I do look through comments and other posts.

    1. Dear Lightingale,

      Sad to say your living and working situation is far too difficult for you to do any kind of candle work, so I would say don’t do it, don’t light any candles.

      If your Landlords are against you doing magic then you have another problem considering the lack of privacy that you have, so skip doing any candle work, but quietly meditating is totally different, just tell anyone that you need those 15 minutes to meditate and quietly de-compress and relax from work or school or how the day went. Most people do not have any trouble with the idea of meditating.

      So keeping it in the zip lock bag and just meditating is fine doing it without the candle. If they ask “what’s with the jar?” Just say it’s symbolic of all the good things you want in life.

      My suggesting a baby food jar is just to give you an idea that your honey jar does not have to be big, the paper that you wrote on can be small as well, think tiny on the herbs and such, just a couple of petals, when you put the “dry” things into a jar it will give you an idea if your jar is too small, if it is then put it into a slightly larger jar, before putting in the honey.

      Lesser size items such as two rose petals, a tiny pinch of cinnamon, a crushed leaf of another herb, etc. does not mean it will take longer to work, the energy is the same.

      The fact that your jar is only 3 /4 th’s full and yet it still leaks tells me that it is not properly sealed, you might have to duc tape it.

      If you were able to do candle work (which at this time I’m suggesting to not do because of your constraints meaning nosy roommate, landlord, co-worker) tea lights would be fine, to write just the first name is o.k. any kind of sharp edge implement to carve the name is fine. You do not have to re-write the name on the candle if it melts.

      This is what I suggest, do not do the work at work you could get into trouble, you can meditate at your home but no candle work either at work or at home.

      If you were able to burn a candle you could do it with the oil alone, but again you have to remember the constraints put on you by your living and working conditions.

      Usually a honey jar will manifest its objective within 4 to 6 weeks, but with all the troubles you are having, there is no guarantee it will work for what you originally intended.

      I drew a card from Tarot on this situation and I drew the Emperor this means that outside forces (meaning your work and living conditions) are preventing you from working this jar or any candle work as it is supposed to be worked. Those in “authority” (the one’s you should not upset) are controlling your environment.

      In that case the only thing you can do is to fall back on using the jar for meditation for what you really want in life, besides the person that you want. It becomes something bigger than just love.

      I recommend that you do Not do the work at work, it will cause problems.

      Usually any kind of magical workings should be done in the privacy of one’s home, but since you do not have that you cannot do it at home either except for the meditating.

      Just have the jar with you in your tote bag at work, keeping it in your bag will be enough, then meditate with it at home. But again as I said its original intent is going to have to shift for what is good for you in life, it’s going to be more than love.

      I hope what I’ve suggested helps, I would hate to see you lose your job or kicked out of where you live. Nothing is worth losing income or a roof over your head.

      If you have any other questions I’ll be happy to answer.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  24. Ms. Q,

    I definitely should broaden my perspectives and wistfully meditate on other objectives as well. I am not too proud of how things are going in life for me at my age... I am even secretly trying to pursue education that should've been finished or finishing, which is perennially being discouraged in my personal life, labelled as worse than drugs.

    The idea of rediscovering love appeared as an egress for me amidst of all the narcissism, to which I've lost much self-identity and have been sinking into apathy. (Not trying to make it about myself here.) I've had counseling with others, but that doesn't change my situation.

    The grocery store that I tried to do magic at wasn't my workplace, but I agree that doing it at work isn't a good idea (my workplace has cameras and after closing, alarms).

    Okay, apart from all that... (Sorry, just had to spill.)

    I have been feeling drained of energy for months, and for the past week or so, drained of energy and had headaches light and heavy despite the fact that I always have enough or more than enough sleep. Do you think that this is due to having a psychic vampire? I felt drained, too, around the time/while working with the honey jar (not sure if it has anything to do with its energy flow). I am feeling okay today, however, due to taking caffeine.
    My flesh by my fingertips have also been splitting, too, and I do not have really dry hands and live in a kind of tropical environment, so I don't have to depend on lotion.
    I am not sure if the flesh splitting has anything to do with the drainage of energy?

    I had an idea struck:
    Can I reuse glass bottles of tea for my honey jars? Should I rinse them out or wash them with lemon scented soap? If I rinse them out, and the tea was of blackberry and sage, apple and ginger, or mint and lemongrass to name a few out of many, would it leave a residue and affect my honey jar?
    Would glass bottles of sparkling water be a good idea (has carbon)?

    You said to keep the magnets after I pour out everything and wash them. Is it a bad idea/what would happen if I kept the old honey jar and started a new one with new magnets? Just wondering...

    I hope I'm not a psychic vampire with my constant questioning... I think that magic should be taken seriously and would like to do things correctly. If an instructor teaches how to solve a problem in a lesson, I will ask of related problems to solve, knowing that the exam or challenge of a journey won't just have one problem. So I always try to absorb for preparation ere venturing.

    Your description of a psychic vampire sounds almost like my aunt though, or so she's becoming... I've been giving us some space for the time being.

    Much Gratitude,

    1. Hello Lightningale,

      Lets take your oldest questions first, Winter Months can cause a sense of draining on a person but if you live in a tropical environment you should be getting lots of sun light, the living environment that you are in especially if people do not go to bed at a normal hour can cause your energy to be sucked away---psychic vampirism, I’d be looking at the daughter if she stays up so late.

      The splitting of the flesh on your finger tips tells me that you might be handling a lot of paper which will suck the moister out of your hands, or you are handling something caustic, I would talk to a doctor about that.
      Headaches can happen from allergens either in the home or work environment, you could also be allergic to any pollen from any tropical plants.

      The glass bottles for tea would be good but you will need to wash them with lemon scented dish-washing soap, lemon is a cleansing agent and will remove any kind of residue the herbs in the tea would affect your honey jar.

      No not sparkling water bottles, but if you’ve read my postings about Chinese Wash or various kinds of water they would be good for that.

      If you start a new honey jar with new magnets then you are working with new energy, fresh energy.

      If I was teaching a class on this yes there would be a lot of related questions, because what I describe is pretty straightforward, but folks want to know what I call the “sideways” questions.

      Now you’ve posted more questions today but it maybe a while before I can answer I have to take care of some other questions asked of me first.

      Please be patient and I would advise you to not do any more workings until I’ve answered all your questions.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  25. Ms. Q,

    Sounds like you had some population density over the weekend.

    Update: I made a honey bottled glass and was able to light candles for both. Of course, my nocturnal roommate somewhat saw the process, so I let him smell it before closing it for good. There's no hiding, but the least I could do was hide its purpose. It felt good and such a relief to be able to meditate with these before the early morning (landlords waking up). I also had to wait for the landlords' almost nocturnal daughter to sleep, which wasn't far from dawn.

    I have been feeling a tad more energized, which is a relief. I hate Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (or psychic vampire energy drain), which I've been having since last Spring...

    Hope things will (continue to) look up for the both of us hereon.

    Here's to good health,

    1. Dear Lightningale,

      If doing it this way with your roommate helped a bit that is good, but I think your energy drain could be from not having enough sleep, and the fact that you are around folks in your living arrangements which drain your energy. That I think is part of your problem.

      You may eventually have to find new living quarters where you will have privacy, it’s important for people to have “a room of their own” a lack of one can cause disruption in one’s energy, you should consider that.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  26. P.S. So I poured a tealight's candle from one atop of the honey jar to the lid of the honey bottled glass (I rinsed out the tea)to secure the tealight there. Not sure if this connects energy between the two.

    On my honey jar, after lifting up the tealight, there was candle wax in the shape of... Well, it was either a stingray or a dog... I'm not sure if I dripped this by accident (most likely), but... can I ask, what does the image(s) mean?

    1. Dear Lightningale,

      Read my latest response to you that’s posted further down, it was more of a stingray and a warning.

      Bright Blessings.
      Ms. Q

  27. Thanks for responding to me, Ms. Q! Time will tell where patience dwells.


    While I was dining out with a friend, my honey jar was shattered when I released my backpack. Cinnamon honey spilled inside and leaked outside. My friend was the one to drive and didn't want to take its pierced ziploc bag in the car, that being the main source of the spill when I took it out to check it. I had to throw it out although I thought it best be buried. To think of so much lost energy... Yeah, that was the one with the dog or stingray on its lid. Is it bad luck to throw it out?
    The unbroken bottled glass (previously had blackberry and sage) was just rinsed out, but I already turned it into a honey bottled glass...
    Strange occurrence: I saw a couple of scary faces in the clouds, like masks. I haven't seen this occurrence since 2 years ago, when I saw three masks in the clouds in the sky. I remembered when one was a perfectly outlined mask made out of clouds staring down at me. With such artistic accuracy, that was scary. Are these clouds bad luck?
    I skipped meditation on the broken jar night/morning... was super tired and slept earlier than usual then.

    Have a good evening,


    1. Dear Lightninggale,

      I’ve only partly responded to your previous questions but now this one is very important to you and I may have to respond in sections as I don’t know how long my response is going to be.

      I am recommending that you stop working the honey jar, any honey jar. When one breaks like that it means that whatever workings you were doing will no longer be successful. Also stop all candle work as well.

      So cease, desist, just plain stop. What is happening is now they are becoming like crystal balls and you do not want to do scrying when you have not be trained for that. It is now attracting negative influences. By the way the clouds were not bad signs, just creative envisioning and imagination.

      The Honey jar, when one is working it in a positive way, is supposed to be left in one place, not moved all around, that is why I was saying having your privacy is important. By moving it around, keeping it in your bag etc. it was subjecting it to all kinds of forces. Sorry to say the working is done, gone, over. It will not work. So stop. Do not attempt to do another, it will no longer work.

      When I have done a honey jar for myself or for someone, I have always left the jar in one spot where I can work it when it needs to be worked, that is why having an altar that will not be disturbed is so very important. But because you do not have the privacy, any magical workings that you try to do will constantly be disrupted and there for will not work.

      I know that is hard for you to take as you obviously got attracted to it, but sometimes it’s like eating too much candy, you will need to stop.

      To have buried it would have been best but throwing it out is 2nd best, everything was “contaminated” so throwing it out is the only resort.

      Now you say you have a 2nd honey jar that you’ve made? I strongly recommend that you not cart it around with you, leave it in one place where it will be safe, under your bed, on your desk, in your closet again in a zip lock bag for safety. But do not scry it, or try to look into it, just let it be. Do not do any candle work, the whole thing is over and done with. There were too many disruptions, so it cannot be done anymore, not privately nor safely.

      I could not respond to your other questions at first because my old modem died, so I’m condensing everything into this response, it was not a dog, it was a sting ray and it was a warning, cease, stop, do not work it anymore. And take what I’m saying seriously, no more workings young person.

      Until you have a place of your own, a room of your own where you will have privacy do not do anymore workings not for any reason, for now since you are sharing space the only thing you can do is only study about the work, but do not do the work, not until you have that privacy.

      So go back to school, get a degree and a better paying job so you can achieve at least those goals, and you need to keep busy-bodies out of your life as well as those that live a nocturnal life style. That is the only way you’ll get away for all that energy drainage. Where you are at is unhealthy, it may be affordable but it is unhealthy.

      Continued in Part 2

    2. Part 2

      Dear Lightngale,

      If you can, go to a doctor to find out the true cause of your tiredness, is it your work schedule, any disruption in your sleep patterns or to your sleep, lack of vitamins, anemia, not eating properly, drinking too much caffeine as in tea, coffee, soda, even that herbal Tazo tea can cause difficulty in sleeping, meditation is good to keep one’s nerves calm but look at what you are eating and drinking and see a Doctor.

      So for now you have these goals:

      1. Stop doing the work
      2. Only study the work
      3. Go back to school and get a degree
      4. Get a better job
      5. Get a place where you will have a room of your own and privacy
      6. Go to a doctor to find out the source of your fatigue
      7. Eat healthier avoid caffeine
      8. Meditate for 15 minutes a day to relax your nerves

      Now if you want you can print out my blog including comments (because you can learn from that as well, they’re sort of addendum's) keep them in a binder and make notes to them it will become in a way your Basic Grimoire (for want of a better word)

      If you find yourself interested in the work then study anthropology and Folk Lore as well as basic psychology that will give you the basic grounding scholastic platform to understand how the work does works.

      From there it could lead you to research and study and writing about it, I can through my blog only take you just so far, but going back to school getting a degree and a good job will take you further.

      Another thing, I shared your concerns with a couple of my friends who do the work, and one of them asked a very pointed question based on how you write----this is, do you smoke pot to relax? Are you in an environment (like with your roommate or friends) where pot smoke is around you?

      She said that if you do smoke or are with those who do, then stop, it is affecting your thinking as well as your perceptions. Pot has never been good except for those who are dying.

      When one does the work, imagination, and artistry must be left at the door, only logic, a clear head and reality is important.

      Anything read in fiction or seen on T.V. or in the movies is to be taken with a grain of salt, it is only exaggerations of something very subtle and subjective.

      In doing the work one must be objective at all times.

      Two of the best movies that deal with the supernatural that come close to reality were made in England back in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s

      They were “Burn, Witch, Burn” and “Night of the Demon” (also known as “Curse of the Demon”) I have to say that there were some exaggerations because I have yet to see a movie or T.V. program that did not exaggerate, but those two come close, if you can rent those two movies, watch them with your roommate, pop popcorn and enjoy them but also learn from them.

      In my personal experience I have seen and experienced things close to that if you’ve read my blog, but those movies are also warnings to be very careful when you start to do the work.

      With the original intention of your honey jar, it is long gone now, do not try to influence the person you were targeting, at this point in time it was not meant to be.

      So be at peace, and get yourself together and work towards those goals, take care of yourself FIRST, that is your primary objective.

      I say this to you out of concern as a teacher (in a way) who has been doing this for over 70 years, and as a friendly voice on the internet.

      I will always answer your questions but now is the time to get back on track, and I hope I’m doing that for you.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  28. Dear Ms. Q,

    Your answers were very thorough.
    I don't typically hang out with people who do pot because normally I just go to work, home, and sometimes school. I just recently hung out with young adults earlier this week (someone discovered the fiery entertainment outing) who drank and smoked (the joints coming from an anonymous girl who shared joints and disappeared, either blocking phone numbers or changing hers). You know, when people are so chill and want to hang out with you and then when you contact them, they don't really know you and aren't comfortable. I wasn't on drugs nor alcohol and neither was the person I share my room with who attended. We just came because there were fire jugglings and other fire activities.
    I guess I should just let it go, although the whole journey in making and trying was interesting... Maybe in the future, I can make honey jars for different reasons.
    Good thing I saw your responses this evening because this early morning, I did candle work on my honey bottled glass and had two inscribed candles, all three anointed, one lemongrass, one patchouli, and one with rose oil. I had healthy flames that seemed to move, as if by the wind at times. The person I roomed with said that we had to go to sleep and I was scared that he would blow the candles, so I put them all out with the bottom of my honey bottled glass, with the two having little to no wax left.
    The candles didn't want to be put out, it seems, but I put them out anyway lest someone else blows it.
    I did this because it was the waxing gibbous and I thought that my intentions would come closer to being fulfilled. Was I attracting bad luck instead even while working on my second one?
    I should try getting my own place to have more privacy to carry out my future endeavors...

    1. Dear Lightngale,

      I've seen fireworkers, and it can be mesmerizing.

      But even if you were not on drugs or alcohol, 2nd hand smoke can affect you, I'm just warning you about it.

      The flames were just waiting, to see what to do. It is best that they were snuffed out.

      Yes, the negative energy was being attracted.

      Again I repeat, cease all work, until you have privacy and have studied it further.

      When you have privacy you can do a honey jar for a different reason, but be careful you do not want to attract insects because of the sweetness of the honey.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  29. Hello,,please tell me, can i make it in a cocos oil jar and let there a label, to be hide? can I put inside the jar 2 whole nuts, it means something for me, one earrings,lavender, the paper,honey and can I bend her bussines card, with her hand writting on it?It is enought? and when I dont work on it, I mmust hide it.....Thanks!!

    1. Hello My Dear,

      If I understand you correctly you’re asking if you can use a coco oil jar, and yet keeping the label to hide what it is? Yes you can, and if these items can fit into the jar yes that would be fine. If you can hide it some place because of your situation, because of when you can not work on it, yes that’s fine too. But just remember it may take a bit longer to work, that is where you will need patience, and also if there is no one else in her life or her work doesn’t take her away. Remember there can be other factors involved.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  30. Miss Q

    After reading this post, I realized that there were a few things I did differently. I wrote our names 6 times on the petition paper, I had read on a different website that 3 was the main number but you can double it to 6 to get a more powerful result. Also, as the candle was burning a family member hd walked in and asked a question which led to an argument. I started the honey love jar on a waning moon. Will any of these instances affect the outcome and do you suggest starting a new jar altogether?

    Thank you

    - J

    1. Dear J,

      Sadly ---Yes they have affected the outcome--- you need to write the names 3,5,7 or 9 times, do it on a waxing moon (growing bigger), and try and do it where you will get some privacy, arguments fill the energy negatively.

      If there is a future possibility of being interrupted again then do not do the honey jar, you don’t need that kind of problem within your own family.

      As a matter of fact considering the signs that you have told me in both this question and your previous one, I suggest that you abandon doing the Honey Jar all together, it simply won’t work.

      Your Angels and Spirit Guides are advising you to not do it, though the signs, having a family member discover what you are doing and guiding your Ex on the best course of action.

      In my previous post to you under “Art of Candle Talk….” All the signs indicate that the situation would be doomed to failure, it was not meant to be, even your angels and spirit guides are working on keeping you clear of this situation, there is something out there that is better for you, you maybe limiting yourself.

      Your Ex has done you a favor, bless it, heal yourself and then move on.

      I recommend that you burn Lavender scented candles to bring peace and healing to your heart and in your home.

      If you are in school or going to college or plan to go to college get all the education that you can, it will pay off handsomely for you, it will open your mind and your horizons, You cannot cure all the hatred in the world, but from this life experience you will understand it, but you also have to understand why some people cling or hold tight to certain things, too much is breaking down, too much and too fast and for many people it is Chaos, so they cling to what they are sure about.

      And it is a WISE person who will look at both sides of the situation and try to understand what and why is happening, and not force their opinions or ideologies on others.

      When I use to do journalism there were 5 major questions that needed to be asked, what is called the 5 W’s--- they are Who, What, Where, When and Why, the first 4 are easy because they are objective questions, the last one is the hardest because it can be either objective or subjective.

      And even then when one gets answers you find that there are more questions to the WHY part of life.

      Ask you grow older you will always be seeking the “Why” of Life, and you will find there are no clear answers, you will discover you cannot shape your life in the way or direction you want, the Devine Presence has other plans, you won’t know it, but it will happen.

      Do have your goals, make your plans, study, get an education, work, make a good living for yourself, plan for retirement and when you reach my age of nearly 80 years you will look back and realize why you were led to the life you’ve led.

      If you are interested in the Work, then please read my Blog from the beginning to the latest post, and do not be afraid to ask questions, even if you think they are dumb, because there are no dumb questions, only the one’s never asked.

      For now work on healing your heart, it will take time, but by Summer you will be in a much brighter place and frame of mind.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

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  32. Hi ive beeb working a jar for a month now (had little movement but seems to have stopped at moment) all of the wax had built up lovely on the lid but tonight it all came off in one huge peice! I stuck it back with a little melted wax will this effect the working of the jar? Or can i just start with a fresh lid and remove the build up. I have not opened the jar as i dont want to release the energy ive built up
    Thanks any advice greatly appreciated!

    1. Hello Amethyst,

      No it won't but should it come off again, just leave it off, you do not have to do a new lid if the current one still has the jar sealed.

      But should it (the wax) build up again do not remove it unless it causes the candle to burn dangerously long and could start a fire.

      Then and only then would I remove the wax.

      But do not open the jar at all.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  33. I am new to witchcraft and spells I have been intrested in it for a few years after meeting with a white witch and hearing her stories. Anyway I'm in a horrible situation that is destroying my family. We have nor seen my beautiful grandson in 5 weeks because of his spiteful parents that have caused us so much pain through their constant abuse and bullying it has been a living nightmare for the past few years . We have looked after that wee boy for the first years of his life at first we had him 4 days a week because my son and his girlfriend couldn't cope and then every weekend until 5 weeks ago. We were told we play with him to much and spoil him and this all transpired because his papa my partner bought him a wee car because he was upset he was going home as he always is when he leaves our house. To be honest it doesn't matter what we do we cannot win they pick on everything we do absolutely everything. I have 2 boys aged 13 who are broken hearted by all this and we were told that we weren't to leave my grandson alone in room with boys playing even when I went to kitchen or toilet? There reasoning being he might bang his head Wtf? How do other families function. We can't win and the viciousness off the texts we get are so full of poisonous abuse it's hard to breath sometimes . She has a deep seated hatred towards me I have know idea why none of us do it is just bizarre . They live in filth smoke dope and we all say nothing because we have been terrified of not seeing my grandson. Her mum is much involved in this bullying campaign as them and so is my son who has made me and my partners life hell on earth since he was 13. And when I say hell I mean hell. I've has to admit to myself a long time ago that he is not a good person and that was hard as he is my child. They only way I've managed to get through the last 5 weeks of not seeing my grandson is I do know they love him even if the way they live is questionable. The lies they have told about us is breaking my heart. My family and friends keep saying it doesn't matter what they say we know the truth but it hard knowing people hate you so much for know effing reason it's destroying me. I'm a young gran I had my son young but always done the best by him but it doesn't matter what I did he was just always abusive it was like being in a abusive relationship. I pulled away from him a couple of years ago as the last straw was when he pushed me and said get out of the way u stupid cow. He is 27 in may he is a grown man. And now I have his girlfriend joining in and her family it's making us all sick. I have paid a 150 pound to have a lawyers letter sent to them last week asking for contact with jack but they have ignored it. Next step would be court and financially this would ruin us. What can I do ? Do you think a honey jar spell is enough to end all this or is it going to have to be something stronger? I have ordered peace oil reconcillation oil rose and lavender herbs and pink and white candles for the jar is this ok. ?Thanks so much for replying I know this is a long read xx

    1. Dear Milly,

      This is Ms. Q’s niece.

      She is so sad for you in regards to this as she calls it “unholy” situation created by your son and his girlfriend, and her family.

      She says that the fact that they love your grandson is a positive thing, even if your son has no moral compass in his relationship to you.

      Technically or legally you could go the court system route but Ms. Q does not see a positive result with that, even if you called Child Protective Services to remove your grandson from your son’s squalor there is no guarantee you would be awarded guardianship and your grandson would be place in Foster Care which would be more harmful.

      You could go the Honey Jar route says Ms. Q using the oil, herbs and candles but she also recommends that in addition to that you also petition St. Expedite for reconciliation as well as visitation, she suggests that you read her post on him to get an idea of how to go about it. And exercise patience as well as St. Expedite does his work.

      You can send letters on your own to your son asking, not pleading but asking to have your Grandson for a day, once a week and having him go home in the evening.

      Do not even hint at going to court or that you are doing any “work”, if your 13 year olds ask what you’re doing say you’re praying to God and his saints for help. Being “church-like” is very protective when doing the work.

      Why they hate you Ms. Q feels is due to jealousy on his part and in his mind ever since most-likely your 13 year olds came into the picture, it’s possible he felt that you no longer cared for him when they were babies, it can happen when there is a large gap in sibling’s ages.

      So he made up stories in his head that now over the years especially with the dope smoking he now believes is true and his girlfriend believes him because he’s convinced himself.

      Ms. Q recommends that you continue doing what you can to maintain contact with your son so you’ll know where your grandson is and let the Honey Jar and St. Expedite do their work, it will take time, especially says Ms. Q, in dealing with dopers.

      She is praying for you.

      Bright Blessings from Ms. Q

  34. I have done a love come back to me Honey jar for about a month and a half now and after 3 days movement he started to come around we hang out communication etc. up until a week ago I would text or call and I haven't heard back from him however we have a mutual lady friend that we both talk with and she would tell me what he says but lately something is off I feel she's not telling me everything what can I do to get his full attention back? And do you think she's interfering in our relationship? Help .

    1. Dear Maria,

      I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you, if you read the posts by my niece I was laid up with a broken ankle and the doctor’s wanted me to be in a care facility to monitor my heart and blood pressure while I was healing.

      I meditated on your question and it is possible that she is not telling you everything for fear of hurting your feelings about things he may have said that were negative about the situation or relationship.

      She may feel that she is doing you a favor by withholding these negative comments by him, and is doing it out of what she feels or thinks is a kindness and not wanting to hurt the friendship between you and her.

      Since it’s been close to 4 months since you’ve posted your question by now you will know if your Honey Jar is working or not and it’s possible somethings have been revealed to you.

      If nothing has happened then he is not interested in getting back to you.

      I then would suggest that you get out there and enjoy the Summer being free to enjoy life.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  35. Is there any reason why the honey would go cloudy inside the jar?

    1. Hello Ashleigh,

      This is Ms. Q's niece.

      She says its not unusual for honey to get cloudy in the jar because of the other elements added to it as well as exposure to the air while putting the honey in the jar. But mostly because of the other ingredients. If you did it right it should work.

      Bright Blessings from Ms. Q

  36. Dear Miss Q,

    Can I make a honey jar to mend a relationship with a family member like a brother or a sister, who is very short tempered and stubborn? Right now, the person doesn't even want to see my face. What herbs or oils would you recommend putting in the jar? Would greatly appreciate your advice!

    1. Hello My Dear,

      Dealing with family members who are so stubborn and feel that they are constantly right (which I suspect is part of their personality) is extremely difficult, I tried that with one family member and nothing in the world could break through their mental block.

      Now that is not to say that nothing will work, I had a friend who was in the same situation so I suggested burning a Road Opener candle to petition for communication and suggested that it be alternated that with a white skull candle so that they would be thinking of communicating with them.

      Now this was in addition to a honey jar to sweeten their disposition and make them more amenable to healing the relationship, it took a year but it finally did work.

      So the candles to burn on the honey jar would be pink for healing and love, besides the honey and a picture of the family member add to it these herbs, pink rose petals for healing and love, Balm of Gilead, Deer’s tongue, Violet flowers to help heal, and add Reconciliation oil into the jar and on the pink candles, on the petition paper do it as one would do it with a love petition but instead write on it, “heal the riff” in a continuous circle.

      If you also to the Road Opener and white skull candles as well anoint them with reconciliation oil and rose oil.

      And above all be very patient, if you do not see any improvement in 6 months then you may have to realize that the riff may never heal and instead be the bigger person, when you talk to other folks then speak well of the family member, always say you’re willing to mend fences, and say it’s their personality that you are willing to talk.

      Sadly my husband has been trying to mend fences with his youngest sister because of an imagined slight that she thinks he did, and it never happened, so he’s always said he’d be happy to talk to her if she’s willing. Her grown children know it, other family members know it, she knows it but she refuses and they all know that she is being foolish. And it’s been 35 years.

      And sadly it happens even in the best of families, so always say "My door is always open" while you do the rituals and even when you stop doing them, and hopefully that family member will come around.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

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  38. Dear Mrs Q
    Could you do a one card love reading for me? I want to do a reconciliation honey jar but you say to do a card reading first. My husvand and I have separated after 22 years. It's been 4 months there us no one else in either of our lives and I want him back and to come home to me and our kids. What would be the best spell to get him to come home? Right now he is not communicating with me. Help?

    1. Dear Melissa,

      He’s left you after 22 years of marriage and several children???

      I suggest that for you to get him to communicate with you is to have a lawyer send a letter to him reminding him that he has financial responsibilities and if he doesn’t comply then you will go to court.

      THAT will get him to communicate.

      Once he does that it would be wise for the both of you to go to marriage counseling to find out why he walked out on you.

      It has to be more than the “7-year itch”, maybe a male “mid-life crisis?” That now he’s in his forties and he’s wondering what has he done with his life?

      Marriage counseling would be the best way to go but I drew a card from Tarot to see if your relationship can be saved and I drew the Six of Swords (Science), but reversed.

      I need to ask you this, is your husband a conceited man? A prideful man?

      Because it seems that he feels his intellect is not being used to its fullest use and he feels stuck in a situation that he doesn’t see an answer that he’s in the same old rat race and is just spinning his wheels.

      This maybe a form of frustration and anxiety on his part, like he wants to get into a “Gypsy Wagon” and travel and see the world but he can’t, because of the responsibilities of having a family, and that is sad.

      Right now he is trying to work things out in his mind and trying to avoid saying the wrong things, but to remain silent for 4 months is wrong for the both of you.

      He needs to say what he needs to say even if his thoughts are a jumble, and marriage counseling would be the best course of action.

      You need to think, maybe he wanted to make changes in his work or where you live and you were resisting it, so he got frustrated and left, instead of seeking a compromise with you.

      So do the Honey Jar to see if reconciliation will work, but get a lawyer to send to him a letter but after he gets in touch offer the “peace pipe” of marriage counseling to work the situation out and come to a compromise.

      But be prepared if he feels divorce is his only choice, if he does tell him that it could put you and the children in a serious financial bind and would be harmful to the children’s security, then see what he says.

      I’ll have you in my prayer circle.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  39. Hello, i would like to ask about sweetening jar..

    I did sweetening jar last night and i forget i still hv another item of the person. May i open the jar after i close it to add the items?

    1. Hello Michelle,

      This is Ms. Q's niece.

      Ms. Q has had a serious heart attack and because of her age and health has retired from writing on her blog.

      She is also unable to properly answer any questions or comments nor do any readings. Again because of her precarious health.

      We are leaving the blog up for reference information.

      I did put your question to Ms. Q and she replied that once the jar is sealed it should remain sealed.

      She says it would be best to hold onto that other item for another ritual, it's best to not use everything up.

      In Ms. Q's words Bright Blessings