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Doing Uncrossing Rituals---Part 4---How to tell if you've been crossed~~

How to tell if you’ve been crossed either intentionally or un-intentionally.

Dear Ms. Q,

“I’ve been having a lot of bad luck”  “My man has been taken by another woman and he’s blind to it”  “It’s like someone doesn’t want me to have a job” (or love, or good health, or peace, or my family)

Spiritually we go through periods of what is called “Peaks and Valleys” of living and situations,  for example my Husband was sad when his  Mom (a good woman) passed away but then was joyful when his beloved nephew’s wife gave birth to a healthy baby girl ---the Valley of despair and the Peak of joy.

That is normal in anyone’s life.

But for some people there are times when it seems that things never seem to go the way they hope it would go.  

For example, a younger friend of mine has always had bad luck in love, even when she made the right choices in meeting men, and having a relationship with them, but after a short while through no apparent fault of her own it would go “sour”, the men would go off with someone else, or cheat on her, or simply disappear from her life, even when all the signs seemed to indicate that they really care about her. 

It made her miserable, but she is a determined person and never gave up, but it happened time and time again, even when it seemed they were perfect for one another, something would happen.   It got so that she even went into consuling to see if there was anything in her personality that would drive them away or is she was choosing the wrong type of man.   But even her consoler was baffled, she went to group therapy and the folks there were baffled because for all intents and purposes, she was a nice person that any man would be happy to date and get serious about. 

Finally in desperation she burned a candle to Yemaya asking for help in love, not for any particular person but love, but for someone who would be just right for her.  The candle burned strangely, my friend made daily notes about how the flame was acting and how it was burning, any smoke etc.   and after she burned the candle she showed it and her notes to me, and all the signs were there that negative energy was working against her, but to be sure, I had her once again burn a candle to Yemaya with all the same petitions and I had her burn at the same time a control candle, no petition just to burn to see if there were any drafts or anything. 

The 2nd Yemaya candle burned the same way as the first but the control candle burned cleanly.     

Because I was not feeling well at the time I said for her to go to a reader that I recommended and to ask the reader if she had been Crossed.   The reading said she had been, from several areas and by several people.

She showed me the 2nd candle and the control candle and her notes and told me what the reader said.   
So I asked her “Do you know of anyone who would wish you to not find love, anyone who would have been jealous of you being free to find love or finding love and happiness in general, anyone you know either here or in spirit? “

Knowing how negative her Mom’s family was to her and her Mom and her Mom’s very loving and good boyfriend , sometimes a group of people will focus and can create negative situations without them realizing it, if they were unhappy with her Mom and her Mom’s decisions, they also projected that negative energy on to my friend when she was a child.   But they as individuals didn’t know or realize that they were in gestalt in doing that.  But since many of them that had been the instigators of such negative energy have passed away that energy can be broken in time

Provided that she did not hold onto it in any way, she remembered how they treated her and her Mom and it was humiliating and hurtful in the worst possible way, it made her angry because her Mom and her Mom’s boyfriend were loving and caring people, but the reason that they didn’t marry is that her Mom would have lost all her late husband’s benefits and inheritance because of the way her Mother’s late husband had selfishly wrote out his will.   So her Mom could not get married.   And both her late husband’s family and even her family resented the fact that her Mom had a boyfriend living with her Mom, who treated my friend as a child and as an adult, even better than her own deceased father.  

I knew that she had been angry at both sides of her family but over the years she had been working that anger out, it took time but she thought she had it worked out, I told her that even though it would be possible to break the old energy, even if she held on to even the tiniest bit of resentment that keeps it in place and make it difficult to break down and dissipate.   I said that once she becomes completely neutral to those events, then the way will be completely open.  

Now that’s looking at it as a group gestalt, but there is also individual jealousy that with enough internal energy can be just as bad, but easier to break through.   

So I also told her think about any individual someone who may have wished her ill or would make negative remarks but then try to pass it off as a joke.   She remembered two people who pretended to be friends but weren’t and she broke off contact with them.   

But she knew of one of them who did do practices, and after she broke off contact with her things seemed to go worse in her love life.     We looked around her home to see if there was anything unusual on her property,  I also had her do a bashing ritual and a 13 herb Uncrossing bath, followed by cleansing her home and putting up her protections, and in doing that to return all negativity back to its sources.

In 4 months she gradually felt better, and lighter in heart and mind, and she eventually met a very nice man and after 4 years they are still dating, marriage is not in store for them at this time but she doesn’t feel any need to rush it.   But I always see a very happy and forgiving, compassionate woman when I see her.

This was a double example of people unknowingly and knowingly putting a Crossing on a person. 

In the first instance this was done by a group of like-minded folks who were unhappy about the situation that my friends Mother was able to work out to be able to have benefits to help her and her children and also have a loving person in her life, so the mental focus of the relatives went to the youngest and most vulnerable child, my friend. 

This in turn later on was fed by the two so-called friends of which one of them did do practices, my friend remembered that the person in question did shake down some powder saying it was to kill ants and my friend had to cross over it.    She also remembered that her hair brush in her bath room was not in the same place where she left it and that same person had asked to use her bathroom. 

So we knew what had to be done.

So for others, how do you determine if you’ve been Crossed or an in a condition where an Uncrossing ritual may be required.  Well you may not know if you are or who did it, but you may suspect and even be able to remember how it was done.

That is where divination is very important because not everyone who thinks they are crossed or jinxed really suffers from that condition. Sometimes people believe that they have been, but they are not. They may be suffering from depression, or physically ill or are mentally ill and in their mentally reduced state wrongly believe that an enemy is the cause of their suffering.    

This is where it is best to go to a practitioner with a trusted friend or family member who will just be a listener to the reading, sitting behind the person (not the reader) and taking notes.   This will help determine the exact state.

If a person has been crossed one  common way to cross a person is to sprinkle Crossing Powder, Hot Foot Powder,   or Goofer Dust across their trackway or doorstep a path where no matter what they must cross that spot to go to or from anywhere , or if possible,  dress their socks or shoes.

Another way is to get something personal of the person they want to cross and put it in a bottle with roots or herbs, nails, pins, or needles. One’s hair may have been gotten this way, or a piece of one’s clothing, even a few threads snipped from a pants or dress hem, or any personal concerns, this would even be a used tissue or discarded band-aid, yes it can get yucky.

This trick may be done to you by an enemy or a jealous person to control you, dominate you, or get revenge on you by destroying your happiness in love and money matters.

One of the first clues is if you have been having bad luck for a long time or are suffering from an unnatural illness   but you don’t know if you have a known enemy nor no one has ever openly declared that they hate you or are jealous of you, then this can be hard.

The best thing is to check around your home and see if you can find something that anyone could have secretly hid there to cross you, do it like you are doing an old-fashion through spring cleaning inside your home, after that if you have a garden look for areas that appear to have been dug up, especially near your front steps   like burying something in your front yard.   If you live in an apartment, check any potted plants especially those that may have been given to you as a gift. 

Lots of time something will be found, a small box, a paper packet or bag even a bottle.   If you find something, like any of those things containing personal effects, roots, herbs or hairs in it, dig it up and burn it or throw it away in running water. 

In the movie “Burn Witch, Burn” the heroine knows she’s been crossed with something, and it happened that evening when their friends had gathered to play bridge at the hero and heroine’s house, she searches frantically for it, finding it pinned to the fringe of a lamp shade, in an ash tray she pulled it apart and burns it, undoing quickly the attempted Crossing.

If you can't find such a thing, you may have been crossed with something sprinkled, either sprinkled on your food or on your shoes or even “accidentally” spilt on you.   My friend remembered the powder that had been brazenly sprinkled in front of her by her alleged friend claiming it was powder to kill ants. 

But if you cannot find anything and you do not remember anyone doing something out of the ordinary, then it means the perpetrator keeps a bottle spell hidden somewhere in their home and periodically shakes it up to cause trouble.

Then the uncrossing ritual will need to be worked and may need to be repeated  either 3, 7, 9 or 13 times along with a reversing or banishing  spell aimed at sending the bad work back onto the perpetrator. The now uncrossed person then does protection work after the final cleansing has been worked.

But the best thing to hope for is to find the item that they put down whether that be powders, a doll, or a bottle spell.  Once you find it burn it all up or throw it into running water. Not only will this take the working off of you, it will send it back to the one who sent it, but you still need to do the rest of it the Uncrossing baths and cleansing the home as well as doing protections.

People that are crossed for years expect to feel great in a few months. That isn’t so, just as if they have been crossed for a long time it can take months to uncross a person. There is no instant magic!  There is no magic wand to wave and say “Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo” and it’s done, no that does not happen. It takes hard work, time and patience to clear things up.

Surprisingly there are 3 stages of Crossing that can develop:

Stage one:

Slight feeling as if you’re coming down with something like a cold or flu, you become nervous and jumpy, and a feeling of sabotaging yourself in a particular area, such as health or driving, something small.  You being to feel inferior and insecure even anxious, but you’re still capable of functioning in day-to-day activities. The feeling of invisible beings around or watching you. Strange or odd people approaching you on the street. Minor troubles that frequently happen such as getting the wrong change at a store, getting the wrong order at a restaurant, dialing a wrong number.   Then it begins to escalate to little things malfunctioning and you find it hard to concentrate on daily affairs, even watching television or reading a book becomes difficult.

Stage two:

All those little nagging feeling of possible illness is now physical resulting either in frequent illnesses or the contraction of a chronic, long term illness, you're still able to force yourself to function in daily life but now it seems nothing is working out well for you, people close to you are now giving you negative messages.  The nervousness is becoming worse, you feel at odds with everything and you being to realize that if you don’t do something now, that is start taking control then things will become Hell.

However if you don’t do that then you go to~~~~

Stage Three:

You really don’t want to be in Stage Three because then you’re in Big Trouble.  This is where you become totally incapacitated whether through physical illness or psychological.  You have violent fits of temper followed by a total lack of energy. You can’t hold a job, you become paranoid, and are tumbling down a mental tunnel of depression that you think you are losing mind. If you allow yourself to reach this point, you'll have a great deal of work ahead of you to bring yourself back to normal.  But if you don’t, there are very few avenues of help.

Now it does sound like I’m describing PTSD or mental illness, in some ways it can appear to be like that but with for those suffering PTSD and mental illness there is mental health programs to help a person. 

But if nothing, NOTHING bad has ever happened to you, nothing traumatic, no history of mental illness, no drug use or abuse  but all of a sudden you start feeling this way and even a good Doctor or psychiatrists cannot find anything physically or mentally wrong with you.  Then you’ve got some work to do. 

If you are in the First stage, you'll be able to handle the situation fairly easily. Although it will take a little time but usually you’ll start feeling better or seeing improvements around you within a week or two, in some cases almost immediately.

 Some people will remain in the first stage for many years simply accepting it as quirks of life.  But for others it’s not until they get into the second stage do they realize they may have a problem and take steps to get uncrossed.   And in that case it could take months, in a few cases for a couple of folks I’ve known it took several years.

Others who are more unaware of the crossing being done to them, they will fluctuate between Stage two and Stage three which may result in family members intervening thinking the person has a mental condition.   Personally I have found that once a person reaches Stage three it’s always hard to get them cleared of this condition and even if they are, a lot of damage has been done and although they are functional they are never quite the same person they once were. 

One of the best movies I’ve seen and you will see me refer to it frequently, is the film “Burn Witch, Burn”  the British title is “Night of the Eagle  in this film you will see frequent references to various things such as graveyard dirt, herbs, tiny mojo dolls, attempts at crossing someone.   Only someone who knows the work, the practice will see all the tiny little things that the director or whomever was their consultant on the film, have added to the film.  It gives you a good visual idea of what can happen.

Again this  film is based on Fritz Leiber’s book “Conjure Wife” and although a work of fiction because Leiber studied philosophy at the University of Chicago, where he graduated with honors (1928–32). In 1932, he studied at the Anglican-affiliated General Theological Seminary and for a while was a Lay Preacher, because of his studies and research it gave him insight to things that were and are practiced among those workers of the “arts”, and he’s pretty correct in what he wrote about.  Which is why his writings were so effective and that is why I recommend watching this movie.  

If you have HULU or NETFLICKS see if you can down load this film.  And not only this one but also "Night of the Demon" the American title is "Curse of the Demon" but go for the one that runs a bit longer as it includes some scenes that were cut out of the American release. 

Hopefully for many of you, you will only have to do a simple Uncrossing spell and bath, but at least you have this information on what to watch out for and what to do. 

This completes the information on Uncrossing Baths and the ritual. 

I'm next planning on adding to my Pages or Links section a list of herbs that are used in the workings. 

Blessings to you,
Ms. Q

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