Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Doing Uncrossings Rituals --- Part 1

Dear Ms. Q,

“Do I need to do an Uncrossing ritual after I do Banishing work?  Will an Uncrossing ritual help me?   How do I do an Uncrossing Ritual?”

Of late I have been getting this question a lot,  So first we need to address what it is:

Brother Moloch considers an uncrossing ritual to be one of the most important rituals for those who live a magical life, be it Wiccan, Pagan, Hoodoo or Folk Magic, and I agree with him, but because I do it so naturally and fairly often (and now with the help of my niece) that I, in my old age, forget that it is that important. 

An Uncrossing ritual can help deal with a number of situations you may encounter the more you delve into doing folk magic, for me it has become a part of many rituals and a part of my life.   If you don't remove the blockages in your life, you will keep hitting a brick wall.   Now this is in addition to whatever other ritual you may be doing

Uncrossing unblocks and re-directs your energy into a positive life situation. In magic, a crossed condition is seen as a spiritual problem. The difference between a Hex and a Crossed Condition is that a Hex is a sudden sharp bombardment (or attack) while a Crossed Condition is something that appears to go unnoticed for years and may be considered as a simple but more permanent problem.  It can be subtle, like a person having breathing difficulty for years not knowing they may have been crossed, then once an uncrossing ritual is done, the answers to the breathing problem is discovered and either cured or the right medication is given to improve one’s health.

A Crossed Condition occurs when one finds themselves unable to correct a situation even when everything points that it can be corrected or that you make the wrong choices in life even though you realize you are making the wrong choices. Unlike hexes that are sent to you by others directly (or even indirectly), a Crossed Condition can appeared to be a sort of self-imposed handicap that you feel you have no control over like having a crossed wire in an electric device.

Hexed and Crossed Conditions involve the body and the mind,  usually  the central nervous system is attacked and this can cause illness of all types, mostly tensions, migraine headaches, even leading to eye strain problems and heart palpitations.  

 If you’ve seen those movies where someone is being Hexed or crossed (although in the movies they say cursed) you’ll see the actor or actress putting their hands to their head to indicated that something is attacking their mind with a headache pain or feeling tense It’s an old dramatic cliché to demonstrate how the attack is being done.

So first you must not only Uncross yourself from the problem, but the situation that caused the problem in the first place, which usually means doing a  banishing ritual or spell first and then the Uncrossing ritual next.

Now some of my readers are now doing banishing rituals at the moment, and the Uncrossing ritual can be done anytime during the Banishing ritual or the “positive ritual”.

 Some magical workers who work with a Pagan/Wiccan form of magic prefer to do it during the hour of Venus or the Sun or Jupiter, and doing it with a white skull candle and setting up an altar doing it for 7 days etc., etc. Blah, Blah, Blah but in Folk magic that is just too fancy and complicated.

There are many varied ways of doing an uncrossing ritual, sometimes it just requires a simple bath, sometimes a combination of ritual bath as well as a candle ritual.  

To cover the entire variations would take a good size booklet, but I’m going to give the most common ones that I know have worked for me and for various folks, even among my Granny’s group.

A lot of it requires finding out if you have been “crossed” that in itself is a form of detective work and I will post that part separately as it would take up too much space here, then after you do the Uncrossing ritual it should be followed with a compete cleansing not only of yourself(the uncrossing) but also your house, so to explain this right this will have to be posted in 3-4 separate sections

To do a complete Uncrossing ritual there are several major steps you need to do:

First you need to know if you’ve been crossed, sometimes it is as simple as another woman or man taking away your husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend   or it could be something to bring difficulty or discord or illness into your home, personal or work life.

This is done either by a physical object being placed near or in your home or work place, or you’ve been Hoodooed with foot track magic or done at a distance.    I will post on a separate post what you need to do to find out if you’ve been crossed, but right now there are several readers who think they are crossed and want to do this ritual.

These three steps to Uncrossing are:
          Removal (banishment):
This is doing a banishing ritual to get rid of the problem which is a separate ritual or spell that you need to do first.

2.       Healing
This is the Uncrossing ritual itself

3.       Refocusing & protection
This requires the spiritual cleansing of your home as well as setting up defenses for protection as well as doing a positive ritual or spell to bring into your life what you want, or refocusing.

And it is an involved process.  

So I’m going to post two types of Uncrossing rituals a simple one and in my next post a more complex one.

The simple one is fairly easy, for example there are days when you’re feeling a bit “off”, you don’t know why but you know you’re not feeling your usually self.  It’s almost like you think a cold is coming on but it’s not a cold, nor for women it’s not your period, but you feel “off”.  This is when you need to take what Granny called a little uncrossing bath.  When you feel like that prepare this herbal infusion  and do this bath in the evening, after the children are asleep, the phone is turned off and you are not going to be distrubed.

Mix together in a 2 quart pitcher
    1 tbsp Hyssop
    1 tbsp Rue
    1 tbsp Salt (plain, kosher or sea salt)

 Pour boiling water over them.  Stir and then leave to steep for at least 15 minutes.  Allow time to cool and then strain out the herbs before use.  Pour most of this infusion (minus the herbs) into your bath which should be only ankle deep, pour the remainder into a spray bottle.

Write in pencil on a small piece of brown paper that has not been cut with a scissors (only torn) that you want the Crossed condition lifted and the one who sent it be struck down.

Next light Uncrossing incense to burn (carefully in the sink away from anything flammable) while you are doing this ritual.   Burn the brown piece of paper in the incense if possible or lite it with a match, carefully have it fall into the incense.

Then  lite two white candles that have had Uncrossing Oil anointed in them,   in your bathroom (glass encased  candles is best and safest) have them placed on either end of your bath tub on the floor (but far away from anything flammable including any type of shower curtains especially if you have a tub/shower type bath.) 

Step between the two candles as you get into the tub, pour the water over your head and down your body while doing this recite, the 51 psalm (have it in a water proof plastic).  Recite the 51 psalm 3 times, then step out of the tub stand between the two white candle and then recite the 37th psalm 3 times and allow your body to air dry,  do not towel dry, your hair will take longer.

Once your body is dry get into a fresh clean robe or clothing,   snuff out the candles (do not blow them out) use a candle snuffer or an old plate and put it across the top of the glass container until the flame dies out naturally.

Take your sprayer bottle that is filled with the infusion water and spray your home with it from the back to the front and out the door and down the steps if you have a house with steps. 

 Repeat this each day for 7 days and you should feel a difference.  During this time you should set up protections for your home,  I have on my blog the different types of protections you can do, look at the tags on the left side of my blog for the word “Protections” and you will find those posts.

There is a heavier ritual that is done for 13 days with thirteen herbs and is used in heavy crossed conditions.

Many who do folk magick will do the 3 herb 7 day bath, but when some have been doing a heavily crossed condition they will do the 13 day bath ritual.   This requires far more preparation and in a way is almost a sort of Spring Cleaning.

My Granny and her ladies would do this type of Uncrossing at least twice a year 13 days before the Spring Equinox and 13 days before the Fall Equinox, just as a matter of principal.   And there would be times when it had to be done in-between,  if they were working with heavy crossed conditions.

But for a start for most of you do this simple Uncrossing ritual first.   My next post will be about the Heavy Uncrossing ritual followed by other posts what you need to do before and after the ritual both easy (light) and hard (Heavy)

Blessings, Ms. Q


  1. let's see you want the crossing uncrossed and whoever did it struck down, er, what if you crossed yourself and misdiagnosed this?

    1. Dear Justina,

      I hope you are not “teasing” me, but to “cross” yourself by ritual in my experience is not likely to happen unless one is very clumsy. But then as my Granny use to say “You never know”.

      Or are you referring to crossing yourself when you enter into a church or prayers, I could go into an entire blog post about that, but to simplify if you are crossing yourself during prayers (that is making the sign of the cross on your body) that is a blessing ritual, this goes back as far as Athanasius of Alexandria (269–373 A.D.) Who said “By the signing of the holy and life-giving cross, devils and various scourges are driven away.” In this way a person dedicates the day to God and calls on him for strength in temptations and difficulties. John Vianney said a genuinely made Sign of the Cross "makes all hell tremble." I really like that statement.

      But if you are referring to Hoodoo, Folk Magic or Witchcraft, that is far more complicated.

      What I am puzzled about is your phrasing, “what if you crossed yourself” I would ask you then why do you or why would you put a crossing spell on yourself? Unless you put your name down instead of the person you want crossed, if that is the case then you need to make a “poppet” (i.e. doll) of yourself, put inside of it some of your hair and DNA (like spit or a few drops of urine, and/or minstrel blood) and a few threads of clothing that you like to wear (take it from a hem or side seam) and baptize it in your name and say that whatever evil, hexes, curses, spells against you or reflected back upon you go into that doll, then do an uncrossing ritual for yourself, you don’t have to have it reflect back, but just wash it away.

      Now the next part to your statement is really unclear to me so I’m flying blind here---what do you mean by “misdiagnosed?“

      Did you think it was sent by one person but it was really sent by another? If that is the case are you concerned that it might reflect or bounce back on you? Well yes it could but anyone worth their salt will have wards and protections set up to act as shields (this would include the poppet) to absorb, something like that.

      I really need a bit more clarity on what you mean.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q