Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Lunar Eclipse with Full Moon in Aquarius water~~~~

Hello Everyone,

I recently received a question from one of you asking about Lunar Eclipse water for this coming August Lunar Eclipse.

"Dear Ms. Q,

Were going to have an eclipse on the full moon this month, is there anything special about it and should I put out water for it?"

All Lunar Eclipses are special and in what sign they occur in determines it's use.

This one is very special. 

On August 18 we will be experiencing another Lunar Eclipse, and this time the moon will be in the sign of Aquarius, an air sign but this is also a portal for the mind.

As we all know a Lunar Eclipse is the Full Moon but with magnified powerful energies.   Any magical workings done at the time of a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will be extra powerful, especially either protection or dark workings--- since the Lunar Eclipse last for several hours, it gives us time to help build up our protections to our home and ourselves (i.e. shields and wards), or to make oils and powders for protection or to banish someone or something the energy is given extra “oomph”.  

On the down side, this is also the time for any negative workings as well as all magic depends upon the intent of the practitioner.

But this may be a very powerful Lunar Eclipse, since neither the Sun or the moon are in conjunction with any fixed star, so this Lunar Eclipse will be as pure as possible which will be creating an very interesting yet dangerous playing field, because this Eclipse will radiate passion and violence.     

 Any lunar eclipse is also Portal Energy, so if you want to gather water infused with this lunar eclipse this would be a very good one to get because it can lead us other worlds.

Eclipse Magic is considered a very powerful force in doing magical workings, it can create portals and communication with other worlds in order to empower one’s magical workings

It is believed that the Full Moon in August is believed to open a portal or communication to the Fairies. Fairies are nature spirits who can be very powerful and, like humans, some are good some not. If one wishes to establish communication with Fairies one needs to apply wisdom and have inner integrity that is if one wishes to do fairy magic or be in communication with the nature spirits.

As you all know I’m really big on collecting spiritual waters, I myself do not do fairy magic, but I have used this type of water, the last time many years ago, to understand what I needed to do in my garden and to also not upset any nature spirits.  

Centuries ago, up until the beginning of the 20th century independent Farmers and those people who grew gardens of vegetables and flowers would talk to the land, to the nature spirits.  And then would sort of listen to see how to use the land, unfortunately, during the depression of the 1930’s , not understanding the land led to the 1930’s dust bowl conditions in the U.S. and Canada.  

Now those who work the land in their own back yards or do small acre homesteading understand the land and nature much better, and in their own way, listen to the nature spirits.   Even my parents and my Granny did.   

Some years ago when my Husband was working Military Security, he was at a military station that had a lot of forest, every time he got into his vehicle before he step into it he’d say “Little people (meaning nature spirits) I’m just doing my patrol today, please make sure no animal runs out in front of me, and I hope to make sure I don’t hit anything”.   He never had any problems, it got so the other security officers would do the same thing, because sometimes they’d see something that was odd, but one guy got fed up and said he didn’t believe in all that stuff and announced it very loudly when he got into the patrol vehicle,   my husband said, in front of his fellow officers, “It doesn’t pay to piss off the little people.”

Well sure enough about 45 minutes later this guy radio’s in, his vehicle has a flat and he doesn’t have a spare, which was odd because everyone swore there was a spare on the back of the vehicle when he left to start his patrol.    When he was brought in everyone looked at the tire, and a small but very sharp stick almost like an arrow had pierced the side of the tire,  not the tread, but the side of the tire as if a very small person had shot an arrow into it, and there was no spare tire.

My husband said to the guy “See! I told you, don’t piss off the Little People!”   Needless to say that guy and everyone in the Security Unit started their patrols by asking the Little People to help them.

So if you want to do fairy magic workings or communicate with other worlds if you put out water to collect this energy would be good or even better, if you are at a lake or river and the full moon shines down on it during the eclipse that would be good to collect as well.   

Go onto the internet and find out when the Lunar Eclipse will occur in your area.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q

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