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Using the Liquid Fire of the Perseids

Hello everyone,

I’m still pulling myself together and I will get to the rest of your questions that you have asked as soon as I can, but I needed to answer this one since we are now experiencing the Perseid Meteor shower right now.

I got a question from one of my blog readers asking about meteor showers and this person wrote:
“Dear Ms. Q,
I read that we are going to be having a really big meteor shower in August, is there anything magical that we can do with this?”

Well yes we can, meteor showers happen fairly frequently, about a year or two ago a meteor crash into a lake in Russia and caused earthquake conditions when it passed over head, I don’t know if geologists found it, but it is considered by the ancients to be something mystical, something coming from the heavens, from the Gods or God if you will, and a meteorite stone was considered sacred. 

We seem to have a meteor shower at least once a month

January-- Quadrantids,  Around the March equinox … fireball season, April-- Lyrids, May Eta --Aquarids, July Delta --Aquarids, August-- Perseid, October--Draconids, October--- Orionids, November ---South Taurids and North Taurids  and Leonids and rounding off in December Geminids.

They take their names from the constellation where they appear to emanate from. 

Even though we have several meteor showers throughout the year the Geminids, the Leonids, the Draconids,  to my Granny the Perseids was considered by her to be the most potent.  Maybe because we’d see a lot of meteors with the Perseids, perhaps because it was/is more showy.

Either way Granny would put out several bottles of spring water and at least 6 white candles to “absorb” the energy of the Perseid meteor shower.   She’d call it “Liquid Fire”, now this is to not be confused with flammable liquids like gasoline or kerosene or even hard whisky or moonshine which one of my uncles use to do during Prohibition (and the police knew about it but his stuff was clean, not poisonous and it was mostly for local indulgence, ah yes a few of those cops on the beat would stop by my uncle’s place and ask if he had any medical liquid to take care of the aches and pains---well I better stop going down memory lane)

So why are they called the Perseids? Because they appear to fall from the constellation Perseus. The name derives in part from the word Perseides (a term found in Greek mythology referring to the sons of Perseus. (Wikipedia; Perseids).  In Greek mythology, Perseus was known as a hero. He slayed the gorgon Medusa and rescued the beautiful Andromeda from the sea monster Cetus. Perseus took the head of Medusa to Olympus to become the powerful shield of Goddess Athena. Perseus was believed to ride the magnificent winged horse, Pegasus. Perseus was also the son of Zeus and a mortal woman named Danaë, whom he impregnated while in the form of a shower of gold – similar to the shower of fiery gold that will cross the skies on those nights.

Legend has it that Perseid Meteor shower is literally magical fire and this concept continued into the Catholic beliefs in regards to St. Lawrence.   Some Catholics refer to the Perseids as the "tears of Saint Lawrence" who was burnt alive,  he defied authority and for that he was put on a grill and slowly roasted to death, so it is believe that his spirit is suspended in the sky but returning to earth once a year.  It was and is not unusual for the early Christians to grab onto a pagan idea of belief and add it to their belief that is why when someone tells me they are a Catholic or Christian Witch (not Wiccan) I don’t dispute it.

Even the Eastern Pomo Indian (North Central California) thought meteors were fire dropping from heaven.  And some Native American Shamans if they found a piece of a meteor would keep it as a powerful magical charm.

Many ancient Greek and Roman temples would have a meteor rock embedded in their altars since it came from the heavens there for it came from the Gods, much like the Catholic Church would have relics of a Saint embedded into their altars to sanctify the church.

As I said my Granny preferred the Perseids because it would show up better and also because it occurred during the hot month of August (Northern Hemisphere) or astrological sign of  Leo (not to be confused with the Lionied meteor shower), there for to her it was water as Sacred Fire in liquid form for blessing (but not for getting burned).

How she used it depended upon the magical working she was doing,  I know one time when I was a little girl I was afraid of a bully at school, so my Granny bought a stuffed animal in the shape of a dog, and she blessed it with the Meteor water, to give it fiery protective energy, she named it “Wolf” and ever since then that bully never bothered me, although I had to leave “Wolf” at home when I went to school he was with me the rest of the time, Granny told me to think of him in his most fierce look, and if the bully came near me I thought of “Wolf” and I’d be left alone.   I still have “Wolf” he’s a bit worn out with some bare spots but he sits next to me on my nightstand and continues to protect me.   Later on I found out that my spirit animal is the wolf. 

So she used it to infuse “life” into something inanimate to become a guardian, she also would sprinkle a bit of this water at all four corners of her property to keep away any kind of fiery accidents, which nearly happened,  one day one of  Granny’s next door neighbor’s house caught on fire for some reason and the wind was blowing the flames towards my Granny’s house, but it never caught fire, now I’m not saying that this worked but on a spiritual level it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Wishing Candles
Now about the Wishing Candles, Granny based this on the belief that if you saw a falling star (ie meteor) you should make a wish on it,  Granny would put out at night no less than 6 white candles and use the same Perseid Meteor Shower energy of these “falling Stars” to infused the candles with wishing energy, the candles would be white, that way by using herbs or oils for the type of wish you want the candles “falling star wishing energy” would be directed to that wish.  She would then bring the candles in just before dawn, so the sun’s rays would not soften the candle as well as “wash away” the energy.

Now when is the Meteor showers occurring, well it’s happening right now till about August 22, but the height of the showers which is the best time to put out your candles and water is between August 11 to the 12th being the highest peak time.  

Best way to see them, well a very clear night,  between midnight and just before dawn, don’t bother using a telescope or binoculars because they will be like fireflies quick and fleeting, look up on the internet the Perseid Meteor shower to find out what location to look at to see them and the best time for viewing.   With luck you may even see an “earth grazer” which is a meteor that comes so close to the earth that it leaves a shimmering trail of sparks.

The holy day of prayer for St. Lawrence happens to be on August 10th, which coincides with the meteor shower. 

Should you happen to be able to purchase a tiny piece of a meteorite then spiritually speaking (even a tiny piece) meteorites are considered a gift from another world. Many cultures consider the Meteorite to be sacred and are considered to have supernatural powers. It provides introspection to the thoughts of enlightened beings and promotes the reality of all that is. Meteorite is an excellent stone for walk-ins; providing them with a stabilizing effect with respect to unfamiliar behavior patterns and new environments, because most meteorites are made of nickel and iron it has serious grounding properties.

  Associated Crystals: Iron pyrite, hematite and lodestone.
    Candle Color: Gold.
    Chakra: All.
    Element: Spirit but primarily Fire and Earth
    Flowers & Plants: Lotus, madonna lily and papyrus.
    Herbs - Incenses - Oils: Blessed thistle, frankincense, hyssop and myrrh.
    Planet: All - The universe.
    Zodiac: All.
    Works with the Root, Solar Plexus, Third Eye, Crown, and Heart Chakras
 CHARACTERISTICS: Inner vision, spiritual awakening, interdimensional and extraterrestrial communication

Metaphysical Properties & Uses:
Do not use a meteorite on:
    Animals: Meteorite should not be used with animals.
    Children: Meteorite should not be used with children.
Since most meteorites are composed mostly of nickel and iron it would be to heavy an element to use on children and animals.  This is to not be confused with tektites.
  It can be used for: 
    Health & Healing: Meteorite can be used for distance healing but is also very good for helping addictions, bad habits and phobias.
    Home: It will help to protect your home. Meteorite will also help you with any life transformation.
    Protection: It is protective against fire. In modern times it has also been used to protect against bombings and hijackings.
    Psychic: Meteorite is a magical stone containing unique energies. It is very good for channeling, dream work and meditation. It will also help astrologers to be more accurate.
    It Is The Stone Of: Astrologers and healers. Talisman for all.
     Work: It will help protect your workplace.
Keep it in a red or gold color bag so it won’t get lost.

Even if you do not put out water or candles to gather the “liquid fire” just seeing this outer space event is something that everyone should see at least once in their life.

Bright Blessings,
Ms.  Q

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