Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Powerful Solar Eclipse on September 1, 2016~~~

Dear Reader’s, this is Ms. Q,

Tomorrow on September 1, 2016 we are going to have a powerful, magical Solar Eclipse, which is right on the heels of the August Lunar Eclipse that is going to create a powerful natural yet dangerous energy vortex or matrix, in which the powers of Nature wakes up.

We’ve already started to see the beginnings of it with the Earthquake in Italy and now with hurricanes heading towards Hawaii and Florida here in the U.S.    What is happening is that the powers of the planet is trying to resist what is happening on earth and wake us up to cleanse all evil, this eclipse is occurring in the sign of Virgo who is the Purifying Energy of the Zodiac,  it is during this time that Nature wants to fight back and she is showing this through many unexpected and deadly calamities as we have just seen in the last couple of weeks and it will get worse, until she is finally through which won’t happen until the middle of October after the Earth passes the Fall Equinox, here in the Northern area, and it will be the Spring Equinox in the Southern Area of the Earth.

But just as the Earth cleanses itself so should we who do rituals of cleansing, do the same, because an eclipse in the sign of Virgo says we need to cleans and change the way we live, breathe and react, this is a time when we need to do a Fall cleansing and purification of our homes or where we live, it is similar to a Spring cleaning but it also means we need to refresh the wards and protections around our homes. 

It also means that we should take medical protection to protect ourselves as well as spiritual protection, by that I mean if the Flu vaccine is offered by all means get vaccinated, right now both in North and South America we are being invaded by the Zika Virus, if we live in an area that is prone to that we should take steps to prevent it.  And spiritually we should make sure our hearts and souls are also protected as well, it can be as simple as taking an Uncrossing bath, or to shower with a bag filled with Hyssop and call upon the Divine Presence and the Guardian Angels for protection, going to church or temple and attending a service and dedicating yourself to do good.

Virgo is also represented by the Goddess Persephone, a virgin that was kidnapped and taken down into the Underworld by Hades/Pluto to be his wife,  the Queen of the Underworld, she still remains a pure hearted beautiful maid who can bring both the blossoming of  Spring and the darkness of Autumn.

However this New Moon - Solar eclipse appears to also be defined by more benevolent and lucky aspects which means beneficial changes in your life from a new job, a new place, to a new life. This is a perfect time to do a ritual of your own planning and prayers to bring about your big change, anything you’ve desired for so long you can now make it come true, to start to become reality.

You can plan your own prayers or ritual for this, burn the appropriate candles to reflect that which you want to come into your life and also burn a Gold candle along with it to heighten the power of this change.

If you want to charge candles and water, even amulets with the power of this solar eclipse do it with the focus to bring about powerful change to you or to those you help.

The eclipse will be on September 1st at what time you have to check on line to find out at what time it will occur in your area.   But because it occurs on the 1st of the month a new moon it is all to the good.

Bright Blessings to all of you,
Ms. Q


  1. Thank you for your update and your warnings. I also think that our planet wants to clean itself and that the stars tell us a lot about this process. I am constantly checking out my horoscope on, because I know about how much everything on earth is influenced by the stellar constellation. I am looking forward to your next update.

    Kind regards, Betty

    1. Thank You for your kind words, Betty.

      The website you mentioned is a good one, there are several that I check on as well.

      Yes, in a way we are influenced in a subtle way by the planetary energies. I think if a person made a copy of their horoscope and then at the end of the day wrote down what happened to them or how they felt, they would be surprised at how we are gently influenced.

      Bright Blessings to you,
      Ms. Q