Thursday, January 12, 2017

Honey Jar to attract a new Love

 Yes Everyone I’m back with honey jars, or for want of a better word jar spells to sweeten someone or a situation.

Bottle, jar or Honey jars can be done for various reasons of a positive sort, to sweeten a disposition, to attract money or prosperity, to bring about harmony, to spiritually aid in healing, for protection as well as cursing.   But I’ll talk about those in another post. 

In another post I mention how an acquaintance of mine did a jar or honey jar spell for 3 things, Love, prosperity and peace or harmony, and she has worked that honey jar for all the years of her marriage and even after the passing of her husband.   I’ve never been in a home that has so much positive vibration in it and hers does.

To differentiate the different focuses of each time one depends upon what is put into the jar, honey or sugar, Karo syrup to start to improve a situation, your urine or vinegar for protection or cursing, plus various objects, then the various herbs and oils associated with what is asked in the petition, because not all the same herbs and oils are used for the same reasons, and the various color candles for the type of working.  There are other bottle or jar spells like the old witches bottle which I will see if I’ve posted that and if not I’ll post it.

So let’s start with the candles: 

The most obvious color candle is pink for love, Red for passion, green for money or prosperity, blue for peace, brown for Justice,  white for healing or protection, black for cursing or hexing.

But I will talk about the other subjects another time.    

This post is going to be about how to build a honey jar or bottle jar for love, specifically for a new love.  

Recently I’ve had several people do honey jars to get their Ex back, but with each one they did something a little wrong, messed up the petition paper, wrong herbs or stuff put into the honey, even the wrong color candles,  you don’t use yellow for reconciliation.   

In one case the spell worked but because the wrong things were done the Ex came back but didn’t reconcile but only wanted a “bed partner”, now we know in this day and age “Free Love” went out the window with flowers in one’s hair, beads, painted and torn jeans and burning Nag Champa to hide the smell of Marijuana.  It’s not the 1960’s and Woodstock anymore and I thank God I was not into that.  The truth I swear, I was not into that, back then I could get into and out of my head without drugs and I didn’t need to hear Sitar music either.

Now a days we know that most people want to be with one person to emotionally support them, be there for them, have a life together with them---you know--- Marriage!

But what do you do if you know reconciliation is not going to work,  well you first clear yourself of the previous relationship,  think of it as doing an uncrossing ritual, the herb baths that I have posted will help with that. 

So now once your head is clear you may ask yourself  “now what do I do”, well I say take a vacation first, learn to be your own person, enjoy the freedom, go to Disneyland!  Learn to be independent first, so that way no matter what, you will know how to stand on your own two feet.

But eventually it happens, you want someone, someone special in your life, hopefully the right person and that there is commitment between the two of you.

So how do you draw someone to you because you want true love (besides from a dog or cat).

You do a Honey Jar, now I’ve posted about a Honey Jar before, on January 3, 2016, or you can find it under Honey Jar Spell in the archive.

But that was to attract someone you know or to even reconcile if possible with them. 

But we are going to do it a little different, not by much but a little different,  Now Follow the instructions on my first post to assemble what you need,   But remember this one is to find and draw a new love instead.

Get a half pint canning jar or a clean jar with a metal lid, you can sometimes find these in the Dollar Stores or Dollar City Stores,  if not then find a jar with a metal lid either old or new wash it and the lid with lemon scented dish-washing soap to spiritually clean it.

Get 7 pink candles the 4 inch high ones, add a pair of magnets that attract and cling to each other, then put in only your personal concerns.

And then a 3 x 3  square of brown paper with the edges neatly torn, not cut with scissors, (scissors in hoodoo represent cutting something out of your life).  Write your full name first middle and last (if you have a middle name that helps) write it on the brown paper square in pencil and odd number of times (3, 5, 7, 9) one line under the other like this:

Your name
Your  name
Your name
(I did it three times just to show you how it looks but 7 or 9 times is best)

Turn the paper ¼ of a turn to the right. Write the words “My True Love” the same number of times one line under the next, just like you did with your name, but this ON TOP of your name.  It should look like a grid.

In the next step  turn your paper right side up and with a red ink pen around the outside of your name and the words My True Love in a complete circle WITHOUT lifting your pen, in cursive writing, write out this command “I want true love to come to me”

Be very careful this has to be one continuous word , DO NOT cross the t’s or dot any i’s until you have completed this circle around your name and joining the last letter of the last word to the first letter of the first word. THEN you can lift the pen to cross t’s and dot i’s. If you lift the pen too early before finishing the circle you will have to start a new petition paper all over again----This is the hard part because it is instinctive to lift the pen to want to cross “t’s and dot “I’s”  so remember keep that pen to paper until the circle is complete.    Take your time to do this, do not rush

Fold the petition paper towards you apply Come to Me oil to it and put it into the jar with the magnets and your personal concerns.

Then put in at least nine (9) of these herbs Rose Petals or buds, Catnip, Red Clover, Lavender, Damiana, Cubeb Berries, Juniper Berries, Gentian Root, Deer's Tongue (its an herb) , Orange Peel, patchouli, ginger, Blue Flag it has to be an odd number of herbs,  I know this list may be a little different from the previous post on Honey jars but you are looking for a new love, a true love.

Add a piece of rose quartz,  if you can find a polish rose quartz that’s in the shape of a heart (and sometimes one does find them) that would be perfect.  Some heart shape glitter would be nice since Valentine ’s Day is coming.

Fill the jar 3/4’s of the way with the sweetener (please no artificial sweetener like Truvia) yes organic honey is fine.

Then add a few drops of each of these 9 oils, Attraction, Bewitching, Come To Me, Dixie Love, Fire of Love, Kiss Me Now!, Love Me, Marriage, and Stay With Me to the honey.

Seal the jar that is put the lid on it tight, before you start to light your candle shake the jar, this is for two reasons the first to make sure everything is mixed up well, and second to start activating the energy.

Burn the first of the pink candles on top of the jar starting on a Friday on the Waxing (getting bigger) moon, and pray over it psalm 138 (King James Version)

I will praise thee with my whole heart: before the gods will I sing praise unto thee.

 I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy loving kindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.

3 In the day when I cried thou answeredst me, and strengthenedst me with strength in my soul.

4 All the kings of the earth shall praise thee, O Lord, when they hear the words of thy mouth.

5 Yea, they shall sing in the ways of the Lord: for great is the glory of the Lord.

6 Though the Lord be high, yet hath he respect unto the lowly: but the proud he knoweth afar off.

7 Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me.

8 The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord, endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands.  Amen.

 Do that for 7 days in a row one pink candle per evening or day, then after that just work the jar, shake it up, now you can burn a tea light on it three (3) times a week Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 

During that time and afterwards make yourself look pretty all the time, you can always wear lipstick and have neat hair while doing the laundry at the laundromat.

If you’ve broken up with an Ex Do NOT write your Ex’s name, because you want to be open to new love coming to you, who will be honest and respect you, not someone who is a “player”.

Continue working that jar even when your true love arrives for 3 months after, then you can let it rest and see how things go on its own, Do Not put in the refrigerator otherwise things may cool down, put it somewhere in the kitchen where you can see it, if he wants to drift away then shake that jar and start working that same Honey jar again starting with the 7 pink candles to heat things up again.

Some folks will bury their Honey Jar but many that I know keep it in a “place of honor” for as long as their love is around.  But if it goes sour for any reason you can always dismantle it to let that lover go.

I will talk/post later on about other types of bottle or jar spells later on and that will also include what to do with it including dismantling a jar spell if need be.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q


  1. Hello,

    I am searching for a reader that I trust, and as I've read your blog and your comments to others, you seem very honest and direct. I know you are limiting the amount of readings you do, but if you'd consider giving me a reading (about my son's father), I would be incredibly grateful! I desperately need some insight. I have a five year old with him and we get along really well after a rough start. We've known each other 20 years. I am pretty intuitive, but want an opinion from someone whose life has been dedicated to these gifts.


    1. Dear Andalusia,
      I’ve found both your comments, and I’ve combined your information together, I do not do private readings via e-mail any more as my old computer got a virus and was hacked, had to toss it out, I will respond with an answer on your other post. Please check there.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  2. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog this week and I very much enjoy everything you talk about and your approach to spell work. I have a question regarding the ingredients to the honey jar, as I hear different things about how to make one. Do I have to include all [9] ingredients for herbs and oils, or can it just be an odd number of things? I have enough to include 3 or 5 of each herb/oil listed, but I wanted to know if it specifically had to be 9 of anything on the list. And are there more things I can add that are more personal to help my case? Thank you!

    1. Hello Magaly,

      This was a debate that I use to have with Granny and her ladies, some of them were traditionalists in their formulations, if it works this way why change it?

      And to a certain extent Granny thought so too, because like baking a loaf of bread you do need flour, yeast, salt and water, basic bread.

      But what happens if something else is added to it, as in the case of sourdough bread, the basic formula was left out but a natural bacterium got into it and fermented it, and once it was baked a differently flavored loaf of bread was created.

      She also felt that if something inspires you to try something a little different----why not?

      In conjure work, or Hoodoo or witchcraft it is always in flux, developing, changing because we are no longer in the 18th, 19th or even early 20th century, we are now in the 21st century. Why?

      Because it is not a religious working as in Wicca, Voodoo, Santeria etc. where it is known that certain rites and offerings are prescribed and must be followed to not upset the spiritual entities being called. High Magik is very strict on that as well.

      “The Work” as I call it, is akin to formula’s or for a better word, recipes that work but based upon personal experience can be altered to a certain or limited extent.

      That is why you see so many different approaches to making a particular item (Honey Jar, Mojo Bag, Bottle Spell etc.) it’s all based on personal experience and what is available.

      Even in making certain oils, there are different formulas, again based upon personal experience or inspiration, but no matter what there are always basic items that are included.

      Example: St. Clare oil, I’ve seen it made with vanilla and white roses, in other formula’s with Star Anise, it depends on what the person making it has found that works or for what particular intent.

      I have on a number of occasions in doing a spell like the honey jar, have said to my Granny “I don’t have 9 herbs” or “I don’t have all those oils” or “I don’t have….” either because I needed to do it quickly or the item(s) were not available or I didn’t have the time and the funds to purchase it.

      Granny would always say to me “How fast do you want it to work? If time is not a problem then look at what is the same in all the recipes” so we know that it has to be an odd number of herbs, oils etc. But you must remember the number of herbs must also equal the number of oils and vise-versa, if you don’t have honey, use Karo syrup or maple syrup (using sugar was too expensive) they all are sweeteners.

      In Fritz Lieber’s novel “Conjure Wife” the hero reads in the Heroine’s “book of shadows” her notations on what really works next to the original spells.

      The same thing in “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” he has to use a beat up old book for his dark arts class but there are hand written notes by the previous user that describes what works best, not what is told in the class book, so he becomes a better student in that class.

      So I say the same to you, look at all the recipes, see what is the same in all of them, and then see what do you have, if you only have 5 herbs O.k. but make sure you have 5 oils as well.

      However in the petition I still would go with writing your name and desire 9 times to help build up your personal energies for your intent.

      On what you can add to it that would be more personal to you, I really can’t say, not knowing what is your full intent, but if you know of a flower or a pebble, even a line from a poem that you’ve copied that is personal to you and what you want, then you can add it as a personal concern.

      Do what works for you or what inspires you.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. Thank you so much for that! So insightful and extremely helpful. I'd always had trouble figuring out the "right way" of doing things, or wondering if just my energy and intention are enough if I can't get all the ingredients or can't complete certain steps. I noticed the use of odd numbers here, and stuck with that for now (I did write my name 9 times, but some herbs listed I had as oils so I stuck with keeping it odd).
      Last question: if it seems that I messed up somehow on my first try, is it ok to reuse bits like the rose quartz and the same jar?

      Thank you for your reply!


    3. Hello Magaly,

      Yes and No.

      Let me explain----if it’s something solid like a rose quartz Yes you can, but you first need to wash it in lemon scented dish soap to cleans off the effects from the failed attempt.

      If it’s something papery like a photograph, then No as it has already been “eaten up” by the ingredients, and if you attempt to wash it with the lemon scented dish soap it could deteriorate so that would have to be replaced.

      Personal concerns from the other person would be a loss cause, again for the same reason, that is why I’ve always held back some of the personal concerns from another person for just in case.

      But if it’s a personal concern that is solid like a key or key chain or a button from their clothing then do it like as if it were the rose quartz.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    4. Oh I forgot.... Yes you can use the same jar if it has not cracked or chipped but again you will need to thoroughly wash it and the lid with lemon scented dish washing soap, let the Jar have the soap sit in it for at least 1 hour, then finish washing it, if the interior and exterior of the jar and the lid still feel sticky, wash it again, because you must make sure all the previous remains have been removed.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  3. Hi Mrs. Q,

    First of all thank you for all of your wonderful insight and informative commentary. I was wondering if there was anyway that you could post a picture of what the brown paper should look like with the writing (visual learner here)?

    Thank you!

    1. Hello L,

      I have a hard time trying to upload photos maybe because my computer is a bit out of date.

      But all is not lost.

      Briana Saussy has a wonderful post with GREAT photos that show the whole process and how things should look like.

      The only difference is she is using line paper and I prefer the old fashion way of using brown paper torn from a paper bag.

      There are also some other differences that I disagree with, she adds glitter to the candles which I think is a bit too much, and then she suggests tasting the honey from time to time out of the made honey jar. I disagree with that part for 2 reasons, first once something is introduced to the honey bacterium will develop and can make you sick, the 2nd reason is that it’s important to keep the jar sealed otherwise you will let out the energy and defuse the workings and you don’t want to do that.

      But the image is the same.

      Here is her link

      Her ideas on Honey Jars is a bit different than what I’ve written, but then I really do like the photos and generally her take on honey jars as well.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

  4. Thank you so much Ms. Q, this was most helpful! I hope you enjoy your much deserved vacation. Safe travels and safe return. I know you only do readings when moved to, but if you ever get the chance - could you pull a card for me in regards to if I will ever a committed romantic partner? Thank you and many blessings to you!

    1. Dear L,

      This is Ms. Q's niece.

      Ms. Q has suffered a serious heart attack and has retired from doing her blog or answering comments, questions or doing readings.

      We are leaving the blog up as a reference.

      In response to your question she said to be patient, love will come to you when you least expect it, but always lead with your head not your heart to not be taken in by a false lover.

      In Ms. Q's words Bright Blessings