Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chapter 6 A ~~~ an addendum to Sacred circle

Dear Ms. Q,

You will notice that I did not have you use incense, or color candles or any special equipment or ritual items for your first circle.

That is because you are introducing your self to the invisible energies that are out there and calling upon them to aid you, they need to know that you are just starting out and because you are being presented with nothing (in essence), they will know that you are starting down your path.

Over time you will start to use items to build up your mind energies especially when doing spell and ritual work but we are taking it slow.

It's like a person getting into photography and buying a real fancy camera with all kinds of gadgets yet not knowing the basics of photography.

We are starting with the basics. First your witch bottle, then the sage water and making the bowl to catch rain water, now your first circle.

With the major holidays I will not ask you to do ritual work, but I will explain what was done within those holidays---you can celebrate them, but we will not do ritual work within them during this first year, baby steps first.

Your Assignment.....

Get a flu shot to protect your health, and buy cold/cough medicine, aspirin or Tylenol, nasal spray, and a couple of boxes of Kleenex, and soup, chicken, pumpkin, veggie beef and any that sounds good.

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