Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chapter 3 Your First Protection---Making a Witchbottle~~~~

One of the first things a person who is beginning their path upon the “Craft” is to set up protections.

It may seem superstitious but we are working with energies; thoughts both good and bad are energies, and a person who opens themselves up to the “Craft” opens their personal energy to others.

I often refer to this as a Neon Sign, with a blinking arrow pointing to one’s self. This is true when you open yourself to tapping into Spirit, whether to do card readings, or being a spiritualist or trying to sense ghosts, but it is especially important to protect yourself when “walking between the planes” when you start on the path of the “Craft”.

So before you even learn the moon phases, color correspondences, oils, incense, spells, etc. We are going to start you with protections.

And you are going to be doing A LOT of them.

First we are going to start with what is called a “Witch Bottle”.

O.K. so what is a “Witch Bottle”?

Wikipedia has a nice short explanation of the witch bottle and it states that it goes back as far as the 1500 hundreds or 14th century, but then the bottles were made out of clay or what was called “salt glazed” pottery.

My Granny said that it’s older than that, and that it was originally made out of cloth or large nut shells hollowed out and then filled up with what it was suppose to have and then resealed with wax from honey bee combs or some sort of straw that could be tied, because way back then it would disintegrate being buried in the ground so it had to be renewed every year, but now with glass and pottery one does not have to do it every year, unless it gets broken somehow.

The idea around a witch bottle is that any energies/thoughts/entities that set out to do you harm or those entities that become interested in your “Light” because you are opening up to the path, will become “entangled” with the ingredients in a witch bottle and will have it sent back to the originator, leaving you free and clear from harm.

In the old days it would be sealed underneath the hearth or fireplace where one does cooking, because that usually was the center of the household and if a house should ever fall down, the fireplace would be the very last place to deteriorate.

In modern times it would be buried underneath a house or up in the rafters of the attic or in the farthest corner of one’s property. If one lived in an apartment then it would be buried in a remote location far away from any development, but almost always it would have to be renewed every year for apartment dwellers, because one could never be sure if it was found or broken.

From time to time I would see my Granny make a witch bottle for one of the neighbor ladies or their friends….

These were the ingredients

1 mayonnaise jar or a glass jar 6 to 8 ozs in size, with a metal screw-on top.

Pieces of thread in black and red, not much over 3 inches long, if it’s thread that you’ve trimmed from clothing you have worn even better.

Your own hair trimmings and nail clippings.

Rusty nails, coffin nails are best you can order them on line or buy them from a new age shop or botanica. But rusty nails that you find at a site were a place was torn down works just as well.

Rusty razor blades, rose thorns or any thorns from a prickly plant, even cactus thorns, bits of broken glass or mirror, pine needles, bent pins, open safety pins any or all of these things.

Plus these herbs

Rosemary, rue, basil, mint, sage, garlic (in larger grocery i.e. Safeway, Lucky stores that have a Hispanic population, if you go to the ethnic dried spices you’ll find Rue as Ruda) the rest you can buy fresh.

Plus sea or kosher salt, not iodized.

Then from a new age store you’ll need to get frankincense, sandalwood, rowan berries or powder wood, mistletoe, yarrow, myrrh, you don’t need to get much of each, and you don’t need every item, but Frankincense is very important.

One candle either red, black or white that drips when burning or sealing wax, plus some tape.

Then some gross stuff, a bit of your urine, a few drops of your blood, you can put it on toilet paper if you want but if you’re willing to go for it, you can pee into the jar at least half way.

Now in some cases a photo of yourself is fine, but Granny would have the ladies write out their full name, first, middle, maiden and married name on a piece of brown paper bag in place of a photo.

Put into the jar, three each of the solid items, 3 threads or have the threads in a ball, 3 leaves of each of the herbs, 3 pinches of salt, three pinches of each of the stuff from the new age store, the paper with your name or a photo of you, a few drops of your blood and some of your urine, if the idea of urine turns you off you can use wine, it is nearly effective, but my Granny said that to be most effective it had to come from the person the bottle is intended for. Add 3 coffin or rusty nails, rusty razor blades, broken mirror, thorns, bent pins, needles etc. Don’t worry if you don’t have everything here that is listed, what is important is the herbs, threads, rusty nails, bent pins, urine and blood and the paper with your name and hair and nail clippings, I’ve known people to use (and this is a bit gross) public hair and belly-button lint as well. But that is a preference.

Now the time to make the bottle needs to be on the evening of the full moon before All Hallow’s eve, for 2010 it will be 1:38 a.m. Saturday, October 23rd.

Make sure that your phone is off, no radio, no television and make sure no one is going to bother you, just say you need some alone time and don’t want to be bothered.

Have all of your ingredients ready on a table in the area you will be working, carefully light 4 glass encased candles, place them one in each direction, sprinkle a light sprinkle of sea salt, in a circle around the area you will be working, making sure that the circle will enclose your working table, light some frankincense (make sure that everything is safely away from catching anything on fire, create a circle of protection by walking in a clock wise direction in a circle using your index finger of your right hand to outline the circle that you’ve already formed with the salt , call upon the arch angles, Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, to protect you from the 4 directions (north, south, east, west), call upon the 4 elements Air, Earth, Fire, Water to protect you from all elements, call upon the Cherubim and Seraphim to protect you from above and from below.

Inform the angles and elements that you call upon them to observe the witch bottle that you are making and ask them to infuse the bottle and it’s contents with their spiritual protection, then as each item is put into the bottle you need to say, “I call upon you to protect me and mine, from all harm, for all time, as I will it so will it be, to protect me and mine from all enemies”

After you put in the last item whether it’s an object or liquid, seal the bottle with the metal screw-on cap, shake it 9 times, then seal it further first with tape then light the candle and drip the wax all around the metal cap and glass to seal it further.

The location of the bottle now becomes important, if you want to bury it, and you own a home, then in the farthest corner of your property, near a tree or a rose bush, or up in the rafters of your attic away from where you have things stored and where it can’t be seen by inquisitive children.

If you live in an apartment, then put the bottle into a box temporarily behind your front door, until you can decide on a remote location to bury it although what some apartment dwellers do now a days is put it into a sealed decorative box behind the front door and leave it there or buy a large potted plant and bury the bottle with the plant.

Now if you move from your old house or apartment retrieve the bottle, then hide it at the new place for a while until it’s the full moon on or before All Hallows, then you can make a new one and destroy the old one, what some people do is take the old bottle to some place remote, have it in a plastic bag and then smash it with a hammer with the pieces inside the bag and then throw it away. But this can only be done after you have made a new witches bottle.

This is the first of what will be many protections needed to protect you on your journey.

Brightest of Blessings.


  1. Hello, Mrs Q,

    I made the witch bottle and buried it into a pot.The flower pot was placed on my balcony.The same night I dreamed of my mother-in-law. Until today, she comes to my dream every night.I haven't got any contact with her since my divorce which was 25 years ago and I've never dreamed of her.

    When I was living with her she used the art of magic and foremost the art of death. Her former husband and his wife died in a horrible way. The weird thing is that my mother-in-law had described exactly how they would suffer before they die. Even her mother died in a very bad car accident.The car passed over her. They had differences about inheritance. The night before the car accident, I dreamed she would die. I told my dream to my mother in law and she told me not to talk to anyone about it.

    My mother in law was and still is an awful person. She was sleeping with her son like a couple for 18 years.She was a nurse and has been practicing the art of magic on dead bodies that she found in the morgue.

    From the moment I did the witch bottle I started seeing her in my dreams trying to harm my children. I have never seen her in my dreams before so I'm wondering what is the meaning of this and whether I'm supposed to do something about it.

    Any help or advice on how to proceed would be highly appreciated. Best regards. Mary.

    1. Dear Mary,

      The witch bottle opened up your personal psychic center to let you know her intentions towards you, it revealed things and her to you.

      She herself has psychic abilities so what you can do is this put a picture of Jesus and Mother Mary over your bed to guard you while you sleep. Do the same for the children, you can print them out from the internet.

      Also start wearing either a blessed St. Michael the arch angel medal, if your children are old enough to wear one without losing it have them wear one as well.

      Then read my articles that I have listed in the Archives under Protection, Wards, Shielding, psychic vampires, railroad spikes, house cleansing.

      Also do an egg cleansing spell and an uncrossing bath on yourself, her focus is more on you.

      I mean any mother that sleeps with her son well after he is capable of sleeping on his own is “sick”.

      Once you have set up your “wards or shields” you should be fine. But do refresh them by sprinkling with Holy water every 3 months.

      And do a house (or apartment) cleansing at least once a year.

      Once you call (pray to) upon St. Michael, Jesus and Mother Mary for protection you will be fine, just repeat the petition to them at least once every two weeks.

      Once she has passed on you will have nothing to fear, even at her age her power is slowly weakening in doing dark death magic because it drains the life essence. You can keep her at bay.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q

    2. My dear Ms Q,
      thank you for your kindness to help me. I have start to following your advice.
      I send you all my love from my heart and I hope the best for you.
      Sincerely yours.
      Mary K.

  2. Hello, Mrs Q,
    I gonna have a new house soon with my wife,if i decide to make a witch bottle for our protection does it mean i need to put personnals concerns from me & her in the bootle ?

    1. Hello,

      This is Ms. Q's niece. She is on vacation visiting family, but I talked to her about your question.

      She said that usually it is the home owner who does the bottle but you could put personal concerns from both of you into one bottle.

      But she recommend that you do two separate bottles. That way you both will be equally protected.

      Then if you two divorce you can decide whether to allow her bottle to be preserved or destroy it.

      If you are doing it without her knowing a few strands of her hair from her comb or brush or a used Kleenex that she used to wipe lipstick will work.

      In Ms. Q's words "Bright Blessings"

  3. Hi
    This blog is amazing
    I’m having some issues lately and was looking at making a witch bottle is it that it can only be made on the eve of halloween ? If so what can I do in the mean time to protect my house , my finances and relationship ?

    1. Hello Victoria,

      This is Ms. Q's niece, she is slowly recovering from her heart attack, but yesterday she was feeling a bit better.

      I read your question to her and she said that you can also make it on the night of the Full Moon, any full moon. But the full moon on the eve of Halloween is the most powerful.

      Many witches do it because for them Halloween is the beginning of the Witches year.

      But you can also do it on the night of a full moon as a stop gap measure to start protecting you. Then come the Full Moon prior to Halloween you can make a 2nd one, for extra powerful protection.

      There will be a full Moon on Jan. 2 2018, and then the one prior to Halloween will be on Oct. 24, 2018, however there is going to be a Super Full Blood Moon on Jan. 31, 2018 which will be very powerful.

      So you have several choices.

      In Ms. Q's words Bright Blessings

      In Ms. Q's words Bright Blessings

  4. I was making my witch's jar and a couple of drop of my blood escaped the jar. I tried resealing them with wax but they keep bubbling to the surface. What should I do?

    1. Dear Amethyst,

      This is Ms. Q’s niece.

      If you’ve read the latest post you’d be aware that Ms. Q has suffered a very serious heart attack and has retired from writing her blog or answering in depth any questions or comments or doing any readings or interpretations. And with family visiting for the Holidays it’s important to conserve her strength.

      I did read your question to her and her thoughts were that you might have it too close to a heat source for it to bubble, but to not worry, it’s doing what it is supposed to do to protect you.

      In Ms. Q’s words Bright Blessings and Happy New Year