Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chapter 4 Seasonal times~~~and Rain Water

Dear Ms. Q,

I may have mentioned this before, as I've said to everything there is a season.

Right now it is the end of October and we've been having rain---one thing my Granny told me as part of having a household and also in being prepared in the craft is to look out for your mundane things in this life.

If you own a home or an apartment with a patio, Granny would say that it is best to make sure that anything that can be damaged by rain or made soggy should be indoors by no later than October 15th.

Now why that date, well it seems that here in this area (S.F. Bay Area) the winds change and shift bringing the rains---sometimes we get caught "flat-footed" and the rains can come early.

But for sure after Labor Day and by the Fall Equinox, the easily damaged goods should be stored safely away and the rest of one's house and patio or garden should be prepared for the rains.

Another thing----prepare a bowl to capture rain water---rain water for Blessing water, floor washes etc, it the "purest" water as it comes from above---of course with all the poluntants in the air I would say it's not the purest to drink, but for magical workings it is the best, because it has not flowed through metal pipes.

Now this bowl should be as large as possible, and set away from the roof line of the house, using duct tape, seal the mouth of the bowl with several layers of cheese cloth or thin muslin, this will keep out bugs, and debrie. Keep this rain water (after you have filtered it again through more cheese cloth) in glass bottles---like the bottles that we get for bottled water---I like to use the blue Tynan bottles---if you can lay in a good supply if possible, if you can't then when you are making any blessing water or floor washes or sage water, you can add a bit of tap water or purchased bottled water to build it up.

But really it is best to lay in (that means store) a lot of bottled rain water. So when the bowl is full, empty it out into a bottle and set the bowl out again to catch the next batch of rain.

Then by May 15 or Memorial weekend you should be able to put out those summer things in the Garden or patio, such as your summer Umbrella that would shade your table or cushions.

We are fortunate in this modern age to be able to check on the internet and through Television what the weather reports are going to be, it helps us prepare things a lot better.

Now I have found that I have not properly "chaptered" my articles---so I will be going back to re-edit things so you can follow along in a logical way.

Bright Blessings Ms. Qu

Ms. A.

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