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EDITORIAL #2, the difference between Ghosts, Spirits and Residual Hauntings



Dear Ms. Q,

Because I know you've been coming to different events lately that talk about ghosts I know that this is one question that has been on your mind, permit me to do my best to answer it.

Many Ghost Hunters and even the common layperson will use the words ghosts and spirits interchangeably without regard as to what they are really focusing on. They will use the term ‘ghost’ to describe any type of spirit being or activity, but there is a difference between ghosts and those spirits that are earth bound and I have been asked what is the difference --- the difference is really quiet simple:

Ghosts are not really people or an individual person. It is the psychic imprint left behind in a particular place or location by someone who lived or existed there or traumatically died there. Their spirit or soul if you prefer, which is their real essence will have passed on to a higher dimension. Ghosts will not interact with a living person, but instead will repeat what they were doing over and over again and again, because of the trauma they’ve experience, or their focused intense energy, until finally the energy that created that trauma or intensity has faded away, this could take years or centuries.

In the case of the “Brown Lady of Radham Hall” for nearly 400 years like clockwork her ghost would always descend the grand stair case at a certain time, when one day she didn’t---why?? The energy finally faded away.

In some cases a person might see a ghost doing something mundane, like carrying a tray, or putting something away, what has happened is at that moment for some reason a burst of energy created an imprint because of whatever emotion caused it.

Case in point, I was asked to sense why there was always a sense or fear of falling upon a particular set of stairs, I immediately saw a woman carrying a load of laundry down the stairs and being tripped by the pet cat, the woman fell and broke her neck killing her, her spirit or conscious essence was Not there, she had passed over into the spirit world, but the emotional burst of energy of the fear of falling, the trauma of it remain imprinted upon that area, by using a house cleansing ritual we were able to dissipate the energy into the ether and that sensation of fear of falling ceased.

Ghosts can be removed if need be, but if they are not frightening or disturbing the current residents, they can be left alone because they do no harm, eventually they will fade away over time as the energy dissipates.

A spirit however is a conscious entity that is trapped upon the earthy plane and can, even in a confused mental state, will communicate or inter act with a living person.

In the case of an interacting spirit they are usually two types, one is earthbound for whatever reason, while the other is just visiting and can leave anytime they want.

In the case of the former it is best to refer to them as an Earthbound Spirit and they are usually a man or woman who has died but who has not moved on or crossed over to the higher dimension after death as they should have done, they become stuck on the earthly plane.

These earthbound spirits will still retain the same personalities that they had when they were alive and will continue to feel human emotions the most dominant is pain, anger, fear, and frustration or a sense of not completing something important to them, whatever it was that was important to them.

In the case of the visiting spirits they too are deceased persons, but their spirit has crossed over into the higher realms, but they do come back to visit, especially on important occasions such as a wedding, an engagement, when a baby is born, or a family celebration or holiday gatherings and they come in Love and with Love to see and enjoy all that is happening.

They will come too to offer support and love when a person is sad or feeling depressed, and in some cases inspire within a living person an idea that can help them. In this case we have to relax and be open to their love and inspiration, they never abandon us and are with us in spirit, but we must be quiet and relaxed to sense them. These spirits can come and go from the higher realms or heaven if you wish, at will and will sometimes make their presence known by a touch, a scent or sending an object to us, like a bird or butterfly, or the action of the kindness of a stranger. When that happens, thank them and send to them your love.

Getting back to earthbound spirits---why do they become earthbound?

First you have to realize that of all the millions of death that occur everyday world-wide, many, many do make the transition and cross over, the passing is smooth and effortless, the dying or dead person lifts or rises out of their body and is met by loved ones who have passed over who will take them to the higher realms which is a place of light, love, healing and learning.

But there is a small percentage that do not make this change successfully, and they remain behind for whatever reason, trapped or tied to the physical world and the reasons are endless---for example they were attacked and died from a violent death, a sense of justice not fulfilled, too attached to physical possessions they are unwilling to leave behind, guilt, or unfinished business or fear.

Most of these are easy to understand, but in the case of fear that is a little harder.

Case in point: I had to deal with the ghost of a child who died of smoke inhalation because he played with a bic lighter when told not too, he had fallen unconscious and died from the smoke, but he didn’t know he died and because he knew he’d done wrong he was afraid of being punished. I tried to reason with this child spirit but it was hard, I informed another sensitive about this situation since I did not live in the area to return to work with this spirit, the other sensitive was able to make contact and unite the child with its Grandmother who was in spirit, who took the child into the spirit world.

In areas such as hospitals, battlefields, or the scene of an accident the earthbound spirits are in a confused mental state, they do not realize they are dead, because of this they cannot help themselves and will continue to haunt a place because they are afraid to leave it, thinking, in their confused state, that a living family member will come to get them.

Because of this it is best to have a psychic sensitive or medium come and do ‘spirit rescue’. This needs to be done with love and patience, not drive them away or exorcise them, which is not the case.

A wise ghost hunter will realize that a spirit rescue will be the best thing to do and will have a list of dependable, reliable mediums to do that work, in some cases a ghost hunter might at least inform the spirit that they have passed on and go into the light.

In locations where there was an accident or in such areas of gang activity, if it can be safely done, a gathering of loving people meet and do prayers asking for the angels to come and gather up the spirit/soul of the person who has died to take them to heaven so that their soul can be healed and to be in a safe and loving place and to let them know that they will not be forgotten---(this is where doing an “ancestor altar” a week before then on Oct 31, Nov 1 & 2 and saying prayers is a good yearly ritual and doing good works or making a donation in their name to a helping charity will send positive energy to that persons spirit)

But there are also spirits that choose to remain in one spot because they are happy with what they see around them, case in point.

The U.S.S. Hornet (also known as “The Grey Ghost”) and is currently docked in Alameda, California, is haunted by many spirits of which many of them enjoy hanging around and enjoy the positive activity that is happening on the ship, for many of these spirits this is ‘heaven’ to them, where they felt they were doing the most good in their lives, that is not to say they don’t go and visit family, they do as if they were on shore leave, and then they return to their “duty station”.

In other cases, there are spirits that remain in one location because they feel they have a duty to remain there, case in point Shanksville, Pennsylvania, there are spirits there, from the 9/11 cash of Flight 93 that out of duty, are keeping the spirits of the 4 highjackers from going to their supposed spiritual reward and thus keeping those highjackers in spiritual torment. To the spirits of those passengers who are doing this, this is their heaven, they are committed until the spirits of the highjackers repent the action of their destructive deeds.

What can we do for those spirits?? Send to them prayers of positive energy to those who are doing their duty, and send prayers to those who did an evil act so that their spirits be awakened to the harm they tried to do and they ask forgiveness for their karmic acts.

(I will get into Karma later)

So what is a Residual haunting?

Residual hauntings are really re-enactments of an event that can leave behind a ghostly impression in the place there the event occurred, not only in a building but also in a landscape.

Primary spots are battlefields, prisons, a mass grave, people may see or hear the sounds of the event taking place.

The residual hauntings are unpredictable but can be triggered when someone of has psychic energy visits the site of a dramatic event, without realize it they can activate the residual energy as if they had clicked an on switch and like a tape the event is being replayed, they are all ghosts as described above and eventually will fade away.

Case in point---there is a roadway here in California called Pacheco Pass, it’s on Highway 152 near Gilroy, it was the location of a stage stop near the area of Los Banos.

The area surrounding the Pacheco Pass has a tragic history. The native Indians who originally carved the pass were forced into servitude when the Spanish arrived in the area. When they revolted, a bloody massacre of the Indians was the result. From 1860 - 1880 two highwaymen murdered, raped and robbed travelers along the pass. It is said that at the location of the old stage stop a woman lost her child and is still looking for it.

The Pass begins a couple of miles west of Los Banos on Highway 152, at approximately the junction with Interstate 5. Follow 152 west past the San Luis Reservoir, and a few miles beyond. The byway does not terminate in a town or at any other definite stopping point

Because Pacheco Pass has had so many accidents, many of them fatal that its earned the nick-name of “Blood Alley” it is because many drivers claim that along this stretch of highway 152 they are said to become "possessed", overcome with terrible visions and emotions, and overwhelming feelings of impending doom.

Because of the high intensities of imprinted emotions here and it seems to be continually augmented, it may be many centuries before this energy is finally dissipated.

Can ghosts or residual hauntings and earthbound spirits reside in the same local?

The answer is yes, in high intensity places such as ships, battlefield, hospitals, prisons, large castles, even some fancy resorts, you can have a combination of such energy, but it can take an effort to separate one from the other.

In another Editorial I’ll explain how to separate them.

Until the next time,

My Blessings on you Ms. Q.

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