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Chapter 5 Making Sage Water~~~


Dear Ms. Q,

"I'd like to smudge or sage my place but it will set off the fire alarms and upset my room mates.  What do I do?"

"I'd like to smudge my work cubicle but I can't burn any sage, can you suggest something?"

There are times when you want to “cleans” or “purify” a space but are unable to do so because it would be a violation of fire laws or it is impractical to use incense and candles..

Such places would include your work space at your place of employment, a Hotel or Motel room, a relative’s guest room or a space that you share such as a dorm room.

Dorm rooms are difficult because it is possible that your dorm room partner may not share the same beliefs that you have.

When that happens you can do this substitution by making sage water, and avoid those problems.

What you will need is:

a pot that is not made of metal or aluminum, an enamel pot or one of those corning ware pots, is very good.

A glass or plastic bottle with a sprayer on it like an atomizer bottle if you can’t find one then a regular bottle with a cap or lid, glass is preferable but plastic will do if you’re traveling.

Rain water, or river water that has been filtered to get out the debris (you can filter water by using a plain white cloth or several layers of muslin or cheese cloth that you can buy in a grocery store and carefully pouring the water through it into a glass or ceramic container), or Holy Water from a church or religious supply store.

A pinch of sea salt.

A small bundle of fresh sage.

A small wooden spoon if possible if not then use a plastic one.

You can add a bit of tap water to the rain/river/holy water, and then add the pinch of sea salt into your pot, stir to help disolve.

Hold both your hands (palms down) over the salted water and say this prayer: “I exorcise thee oh creature of water and salt from all evil and negativity, and call upon the arch angels to bless thee and be purified.”

Make the sign of the cross over the water saying “as I will it so shall it be”.

Next Holding both your hands (palms down) over the bundle of sage, repeat the same prayer substituting the words “oh creature sage of the earth” and finish making the sign of the cross with the final words.

Next pluck the leaves and put them into the water, put the pot of water and sage leaves on the burner and boil until the water takes on a slightly green tint.

If you only have a microwave, heat for 5 minutes, making sure the container is microwaveable---in that case DO NOT USE AN ENAMLE POT as it will short out and cause a fire in your microwave.

Turn off the burner or carefully take vessel out of the microwave, gently stir the sage leaves in the water to finish releasing the oils in the sage and to mix the salt properly.

Pour the water into your atomizer bottle or into a bottle that you can cap or seal, make sure that only 1 leaf of sage goes into the bottle---this will tell you what it is.

Allow the water to cool a bit so you can handle the bottle.

Then holding the bottle in both hands you say a blessing prayer and infuse the bottle with white light protection energy---the blessing prayer my Granny use to say went something like this:

Bless this water oh Divine Creator, that it may create a shield to protect me and mine from all negativity, that it creates sacred and protected space where I live, sleep, work, where it’s energy calls upon the Angles and the Saints to protect me, where its power will send away all evils and banishes them far from me and creates a haven of light and protection around me. By its use I invoke your divine presence and protection, in your name. Amen”

Envision the power of the white light coming down and infusing the water.

To keep it preserved keep it in the refrigerator, it should be good for at least a month if not longer.

You can then use it to spritz or sprinkle or with a paper towel wipe down the area you are working, sleeping or staying in.

Now technically speaking this should be done within a full ritual circle of protection preferably in your kitchen so you would have to do the whole ritual in your kitchen.

But if you are unable to, then do a very simple warding circle can be created so the exorcism of the items can be done in the kitchen and then once it is prepared and the bottle is filled to do the blessing.

This can be a simple warding circle not necessarily a full ritual circle, this is if you live in a dorm or shared room.

A simple warding circle can be done by taking your right index finger and pointing it to the ground walking clock wise in a circle with you inside, envision a stream of white-gold light coming from your finger and burning the circle into the ground and that a white-gold light lights the circle. Then in the center of the circle do your blessing, afterwards, take your right hand, kneel down and touch the ground to ground your energy, then walk counter clock-wise again with your right index finger pointing to the ground envision the white-gold light being drawn back into yourself.

However sometimes a Kitchen must be shared, if that is the case, then create a circle of protection in the privacy of your sleeping area to exorcise the items, then with your index finger, imaging cutting a door way through the circle to walk though, then reseal the circle after you exit out of the circle, cover the pot of sage water with a white cloth or white paper towel. Remove it before putting it on the burner or microwave, continue to envision a white ball of light surrounding the pot while it’s heating up, continue that envisioning after you remove the pot and carefully pour the water into your bottle, continue envisioning the white light around the bottle or bottles while you take it back to your circle. Repeat cutting the door way in the circle and closing it and resealing the circle once you enter the circle and then proceed with your blessing.

After you have done the blessing and felt the energy go into the water, you can deconstruct your circle and put the bottled water away safely.

If you live in your own home or apartment, then you can do a full ritual for the sage water within your kitchen area---making sure you are not interrupted---send the kiddies on a over night at a friends house.

Since you are not yet fully on the path, I will, in a future post show you how to set up your first circle so that you will come to know the energies, even though you do not have all the “tools” you think you may need.

My Granny never did use a fancy athame or knife, or a fancy wand, even the candles didn’t have colors but she did it with things that could be bought in the old Five and Dime stores or Woolworths or your grocery store, sometimes it would just be found. These were things that were used and lots of times, some of those things were simply right there in front of everyone but no one thought they might have a significant purpose.

Now a days a lot of people would call that kitchen witchcraft----but it was witchcraft pure and simple and just as powerful as any of that so called “High Magic”.

Until later Ms Q.

Bright Blessings.

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