Monday, June 5, 2017

A reply to a question "how does one understand a situation?"

Hello Everyone,

I had one of my readers ask me this question, I tried to post my original answer in reply but for some reason my blog system kept saying I had too many letters or characters and it would not post.   Then I began to think that this is a question that many people think and ask, so I decided to post both the question and reply here as a post.

Here is the question:

“I think some of us are in rather hopeless situations. I guess best question is without know how, skill power or ability be better able understand a situation? To see outcomes one is not thinking of or is hidden and not obvious. This question is for magical and non magic situations alike. How do I do this when so much has been taken away from me? Maybe this should be final lesson so folks can fend for selves?”

Hello My Dear,

Nothing has been taken from you, you have it with you all the time,  if you are referring to matters of the heart, that is only emotion,  you have a good cry and then get mad at yourself for being deceived, then you pull yourself together and carry on.

There is no Final lesson, just continuous lessons to build up our life experiences so that we can live better and fuller lives.

Many people operate from the emotional level, not the logical level, by using logic you have the skills, it just needs to be trained, one can do that by going to one’s local library and getting books and reading magazine articles on how to better one’s self.  It applies to all levels of life.

Sometimes one has to be stripped of everything to get down to the essence of oneself.   I’ve read and seen in interviews a lot of people, young and old who have lost or been stripped of everything, but what they do is cry first, then say to themselves “I’m mad as hell and am not going to take it anymore!” 

The one thing you have not been stripped of is your mind, logic.

Mae West once said “The story is so old it should have been put to music a long time ago”,  everyone goes through difficult times, everyone goes through heart-ache, everyone has times of struggle working to make ends meet.   But if you set aside the emotional and work with logic and reason you can find the answers, the skills and the know-how.

A good part of it, in non-magical workings as well as magical workings is using the power of your mind as well as studying various scenarios.  When you use your mind, and read, learn from others, then skill, know-how and power will develop within you.

I didn’t know how to discern things or read the cards when I was a small child, but I learned, and it took time and even at my advanced age I’m still learning---I’m learning from what I read, from what I hear, from what others have experienced, from sound advice from experts, I remain calm and keep on learning.  

On a metaphysical level we all have those abilities to discern, to either a greater or lesser degree, the trick is to not be distracted by other things especially material things that only please for the moment, not for everlasting.   It’s important to not allow yourself to be cut off from human interaction, and observation by the latest technology,  all those cellphones and Ipads and even the internet cuts us off, we cease to observe the human condition as well as nature and the subtle psychic warnings.   And that is not healthy.

Most people are re-active instead of being pro-active, being pro-active is what makes a person successful, or taking care of things before they happen or seeing an opportunity that could be profitable, that is where you’ll find the millionaires and billionaires.  Unfortunately most people only react when a situation happens, by then it could be too late. 

Our younger generation are not observant, only re-active, they operate from emotions, not logic.   They don’t stop and say “wait a minute,   let’s look at this more closely”  Of course that is difficult to do if a bomb has been set off in a concert, but the greater part of those deaths and injuries was from being trampled,  only a small portion was from the bomb.   But it did its work, to cause panic, to cause a reaction.

A few years ago my husband and I went to a “Gun Show”,  now at this show it was not only guns, but antiques, jewelry, books, and security systems----- yes at “Gun Shows” there is more than guns.   At this show as well as at other’s I’ve been to, there were families with young children looking for security devices, security cameras, wall safes, nanny cams and those were being offered as well. 

As we were there looking around there was a loud explosion,  no one panic, they all looked up in the direction of the sound,  father’s picked up their smallest children, mother’s grabbed the hands of the older one’s but no one moved  Everyone stood still looking in the direction of the sound, everyone was trying to determine what was happening, and what struck me was that before the explosion there was a buzz of talk and activity,  with the explosion there was complete silence, no one screamed, no one yelled, no one said anything, no one moved.   

Then a police officer came in, went to the microphone and announced that it was a huge heavy duty truck tire that exploded, that everything was fine, my husband checked it out and it was true.   When the announcement was made, everyone applauded and then went back to looking at things.   No sign of panic at all, people were operating from logic, being pro-active.   Even I out of habit was looking for the nearest exit, just in case.

This other situation happened to me in my younger days, my parents warned me if I go to a strange place always look for the emergency exit, use my eyes, watch other people’s behavior, never trust their motives, it pays to be suspicious.

I was taught this, well I was invited to a club to hear a local band perform, this was in the days of pre-early rock and roll “Bill Haley and the Comets” period,  I went with friends, but Mom gave me the warning “Look for the exits, be on the watch”.    I tempered down my excitement,  when we got to the club I looked around and noticed that there were crepe paper streamers draped around, I was well over 21 and liquor was being served, the band was playing I saw things were very crowded, that told me something could happen.   

We were there for a few hours, dancing and listening to the band, but I was also people watching.  There was one guy showing off his new gold lighter, flicking it on and off, behaving in a ridiculous manner with his friends waving the lighter a bit too close to the paper streamers and they were doing nothing to stop him.  I saw that and That was a ‘red flag’.  

I said to my date that I needed to get some fresh air, and headed to the main door, as I was exiting I heard someone yell “You (foul words here) what are you doing?”   My date said “He lit one of the streamers!”   By the time he said that I was out the door and on the side walk.   The club had caught fire.  People panic. Most of my friends made it out o.k., a couple of them were hurt in the fire, and people died as well.  Being observant and remembering the warnings that had been instilled into me saved me.

Living life is like playing Chess, you have to think 10 moves ahead,   all those cautionary magazine articles and news stories about living and saving money, are important.   One can learn from that.

In doing “the work” one needs to first set up protections, wards, and shielding and it can be done ‘on a budget’.   It’s all baby steps.

It is wise to learn from the old folks, learn from their mistakes, and experiences, their successes, never live beyond your means, keep things simple, don’t keep up with your friends or neighbors, it only brings grief.

My family has a saying “Use it up, fix it, make do, or do without, save up for it, recycle it, re-purpose it”   I say to my younger family members, “You don’t need $200 Michael Jordan tennis shoes, when $29 dollar Dr. Sholles tennis shoes does the same thing.”

In doing the work, the first thing is protection, the 2nd thing is being observant, the 3rd thing is to learn either by educating oneself or learning from the experience of others.   And above all to remember ‘you may not live the life you want to live, but you will live the life you need to live.’ Because all of life is a learning lesson.  Be proactive not re-active.

If someone walks out of your life, be thankful, if they were not willing to work it out then they are not worth trying to keep and you’re better off.   I learned that, with the several boyfriends,  1 ex-fiancĂ©, and 1 ex-husband, now I have a husband in my life for more than 30 years who is a keeper.  That is what the non-magical and magical life is all about.   

But as I said it pays to be pro-active, instead of re-active, it’s like keeping your 10 year old car in good shape so the “check engine” light doesn’t comes on.   And if it does then to already have the money saved up for those emergencies.

The one thing I’ve learned when things appear to go wrong is to not despair, the answers are there, we may not see it right away but they are there, and we will discover them, it doesn’t pay to wallow in misery.  

One can learn from Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone with the Wind”, she had a good cry, then pulled herself together, and she managed to get through and re-build her life.  

And we should do the same.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q


  1. I mean both magical and mundane.

    Glad you're well. Even your set backs are blessings it seems

    1. Hello My Dear,

      I am glad that I am getting better.

      Yes, if one looks at it that way they are. My period of enforced rest gave me time to think as well as time to re-connect with many people, family and friends.

      This does indeed apply to both the magical and the mundane, for in my life they are intertwined, what works in the mundane world works in the magical and the reverse is also true.

      My Dad use to keep an old placard over his dresser, it said: " Why Worry? In life you have two things to worry about, whether you get sick or stay well.

      If you stay well you have nothing to worry about, if you get sick you have two things to worry about getting better or getting worse.

      If you get better you have nothing to worry about, if you get worse you have two things to worry about if you live or if you die.

      If you live you have nothing to worry about, if you die you have two things to worry about if you go to heaven or if you go to hell.

      If you go to heaven you have nothing to worry about, if you go to hell you'll be so damn busy shaking hands with friends you won't have time to worry."

      My Dad said it helped him keep a perspective on life.

      In magic as well as in the mundane one has to be logical, even old Dumbledore in the Harry Potter books worked from the logical even if it meant a serious choice.

      And I prefer to look at life that way.

      Bright Blessings,
      Ms. Q