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Replies to questions posted on "Candle Colors and their Meanings" those of you who posted under that please read.

Hello Everyone,

Well it looks like I'm going to have to delete the "Candle Colors and their Meanings" Post because people keep posting questions to that post and Blog Spot will not post their questions because it is maxed out.

I really hate having to do that work,

So now I have 3 questions that were posted that will not come up under that post and I'm going to have to post their questions and my replies here----for everyone to read.

I'm sorry that I have to do that but I have no choice because I don't want to seem as if I am ignoring you,  but sometimes problems do happen.

After I Post this in the next day or two I will delete that post and do a new one. 


Here are the questions that were asked-----

This one is from "Mark"

Hello Blessings, Ms Q 

Compliment of the season i was just checking things about red and black candle then i come across your blog and i have read all that people said but i have my own problem that i have been going through for 5 years now i have an uncle he is evil man i think hes the one that kill my blood sister on accident and also my grandmother and grandfather i have been having many attack since i challenge and confront him he told someone that since i challenge him nothing i put my hands to do will be a blessing to me and i have been suffering hardship for over five years now i dont know why hes after my life and when will all this end please i dont know if you can reply to me here or by email please i seriously need your respond thanks Mark 

on Candle Colors and their Meanings~~~
 Anonymous  on 6/5/17

Dear Mark,

When you openly challenged him you had given some of your personal power to him,  but you can take it back.

It’s an old trick for someone to tell someone else that they’ve done a hex on you so that the other person will tell it to you, then when something difficult or bad happens you then believe that it was the hex or curse put on you by the original person, when really it’s because you’ve lost confidence.  You are going through a bad period in your life, and this knowledge (the hex) has shaken your confidence.

I went through a period of 5 years when I lost 10 family members, it was like every 6 months I was going to a funeral, but when I looked it over I realized that for some members their deaths were inevitable, with others it was their own careless actions.  We all go through difficult times.

So don’t put it entirely on your Uncle, part of it is also you.  And you have got to get that confidence back.

Read my articles on Shield, Warding, Protection, railroad spikes, Cleansing spell, Cleansing your space first part physical cleansing, Egg Spell, 13 herb uncrossing bath, and black destroyer oil.  You will find them listed in my archives section.

Those articles will give you the information you need to protect yourself, and also to reverse things.

Then I want you to make a doll out of cloth, It doesn’t have to be fancy stuff it first with some cotton balls to fill it out then with personal items from you,  hair, a bit of spit and blood on a Kleenex, a few threads from the seams of some clothing that you wear often, put into it these herbs and items for protection a tiny piece of rose quartz, an amethyst, black onyx, Basil herb, patchouli,  fresh dry coffee grounds or beans, rosemary and sage,  then bless the doll giving it your name and ask it to protect you from whatever your Uncle is trying to do.  Wrap the doll in white cloth and put it in a safe place.

You should start to feel better after you make the doll, and do the uncrossing bath and the egg spell.

Your situation has giving me an idea to do an article on making dolls or poppets for protection and other situations.   Watch for it.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q


Here is one from Anonymous in regards to a Love situation

Hi Ms.Q, I hope you are feeling better and recovering. I have been in love with this guy almost for two years now, he always comes back and leaves. I feel we are meant to be together but I am unsure. I just have really bad luck at this and do not know what to do

 on Candle Colors and their Meanings~~~Anonymous  on 4/30/17

Hello my Dear,

Thank you My Dear it is a long an slow process but I'm getting there. 

It’s always best to do a card divination to see if it’s worth pursuing this matter and going through the effort of making the Honey Jar.

I drew a card for you and it was The Moon in reverse, that means that although you love him, he doesn’t love you and never will, his attention to you when he’s around is merely an illusion, his actions speak much louder,  he is all shadow no substance.

To be honest a person, especially a man who acts like a butterfly, (comes back and then leaves, back and leaves) tells me that this person is not serious in having a relationship and maybe a cheater, so I ask you do you really need that kind of heart-break?   Because even if he stays with you he will still cheat on you, the honey jar cannot prevent that if that is the man’s natural nature.   And the Moon card confirms it.

Do not waste your time or efforts in doing a Honey Jar, let him go, his love (if any) is not real and your feelings for him is really not real, only a crush, you can do much better, if he comes around enjoy it for the moment but don’t give up dating other men,  because eventually A Real Man will come into your life who truly loves you.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q


This one is from Natalie who saw a monster--what does it mean. 

Hello and Good Morning To You Ms.Q,
 I really don’t know where to start but here it goes.
My name is Natalie,I am 39,and I was born on May 19,1977. I am lost right now well actually I’ve been lost for a long time. I am an addict and I don’t know who I am, who I was as a child, I only remember very little, but do remember I got into a lot of trouble as a teenager. I don’t know if what I saw when I was spending the night at my dad’s house has meaning but I remember being on couch, all the dogs around started barking throwing a fits, sitting up to look out window to see if I could see anything, what I saw was something walking out of the darkness into the edge of yard light, not being able to move, to scream, or breath. It was a burnt red color, body as a man, walked on hooves, green eyes, and the head was that of a ram horns and all. I can see it so vividly now just as I did then. Truly Terrifying.
Do you have an idea as to what it was I saw, or maybe why I am such as I am? Please help me Ms. Queen

 on Candle Colors and their Meanings~~~Anonymous  on 4/15/17

Dear Natalie, 

I saw something like what you described but it was in a movie that was being shown on T.V. back in the 70’s.  

It is possible that you had what is called a “waking dream” that is you are in a twilight state where you are sort of awake but still dreaming.   The dogs barking brought you out of deep sleep and brought you to the twilight state.

Some people would call it being between two worlds, if anything that dream was a warning to you to change and work on bettering yourself.   You say you are an addict, then it was warning you about how dangerous addiction can be, that it can lead you to a form of “hell.”

Images that we have seen either in the movies or on television have been known to remain implanted in our minds to be brought out later as symbols in our dreams.

I’ve had dreams where the wrestler “The Undertaker” was trying to defend me from some indefinable threat and it turned out to be different medical problems, it was my subconscious trying to tell me through the dream state that something was medically wrong with me and it took the form of that wrestler.

In another dream it was a vampire with a very white egg shape face, and that was a warning about a co-worker, again the subconscious warning through the dream state about a threat.

In your case it took the shape of a beast warning you, now you need to try and understand what it was warning you about, who you are right now is a woman who is trying to get back on track in life.   The fact that this dream has remain so vivid in your memory is your mind still trying to warn you that this devil is still riding your back.

Seek out a group therapy to talk and understand and work with the type of addiction you have, many of them work on the same principals as AA.

I have put you into my prayer circle.  Good Luck!

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q


So now I have not ignored you, it's just that particular post was very popular to post questions, but now in the next day or two I will have to delete it and then later on re-post it.

I'm sorry that I have to do this as well as put your questions out here but I had no choice.

Now there are still many more questions to be answered some still as far back as March after I broke my ankle, please be patient I will get to them, just not as fast as I would like.

Bright Blessings,
An Exhausted Ms. Q

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