Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Have removed post of "Candle Colors and their Meanings"

Hello Everyone,

I removed the original post of "Candle Colors and their Meanings"   and the only thing listed is the reference guide to Candle Colors which also includes mention of the double action candles which is on my links portion of this Blog.

But I seem to have a problem.

The original post that I deleted is now appearing as a "ghost post" on the internet, which will give me some problems.  And it also means that if anyone finds that post on the internet, I will not be able to respond to anyone who posts a question on it.  

I am not computer savvy to remove it so I will have to hope for the best and trust that those who do post on it by accident are not insulted if I do not reply.

I guess the idea of a "Ghost in the Machine" really does exist.  (Sigh)

And I am almost caught up with all the questions that had been posted while I was at the hospital and care facility.

So now as I teach my family members and have fun with coffee with my fellow practitioners (Marla you make the most wonderful cranberry-orange scones Yum!)  I am making notes to write articles for the blog and hope to have more soon.

Father's Day is coming this weekend and we are planning a bar-be-que as it's going to be toasty warm.   It's a perfect reason for the family to come together.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q

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