Wednesday, June 7, 2017

To the person whose e-mail starts with PRINCE---Please Read!

 To the person whose e-mail starts with PRINCE---

If you read my last post I am pleading with EVERY ONE including you to please STOP posting any comments or questions on the "Candle Colors and their Meanings" Post.

The comment section is maxed out and will NOT post any more.

If you look below it shows that Yes I have received your comment, but it will not go into the comment section and yes I know you inquired 2 times.

Please I ask you to repost your question Here under this post so I can respond to you.

But do not ask me to e-mail you, I value my privacy so I will only respond on this blog.

If you continue to post under "Candle Colors and their Meanings" then I will be forced to delete the entire Post, do not have me do that.

Also if you have "piggy-backed" onto another persons inquiry by accident then your comment will also get lost.

One's question or comment should be separate from the others.

Please re-post your question (minus the e-mail)  here under this post and I will respond in due time.

Bright Blessings,
Ms. Q
Hello Ms Q i sent your message but i have not get any respond from you yet i send a message 2 times one with my email that start with prince and the other i told you what my uncle did and want me to do please can you get back to me please on Candle Colors and their Meanings~~~


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